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Epic & Legendary Card Buyback

There are a lot of questions about this process. Here are the details about how the Buyback process works. If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask them here.

You can contact support now!
You will only be able to Buyback cards on the above list.
You must have the dust available to get the card back on your account. E.g. if you want to get an Epic back, you must have at least 30 Arcane Dust on your account, etc.
If you are unsure if you have had any of the listed cards in the past, you can contact support and they will provide you with a list of cards you have salvaged that are eligible.
As a quick check, you can go to the “Card Collection” in game. Cards that are highlighted are cards that you have owned at least one (1) copy of at some point in time. If a card is greyed out that means you have never owned a copy of it.
You will be able to Buyback the above cards starting Friday, November 13th (after the announcement) until Friday, December 4th (two weeks after the buffs go live).
You will get back the exact level and fusion that you salvaged. You must have the Arcane Dust required to do so.
As a general reminder, support response times are slower on the weekend. If you contact support on Saturday or Sunday you will likely not get a response until Monday.
We are expecting a LARGE amount of tickets, so overall support times may not be as fast as they normally are. Please stay patient! We will get to everyone!

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