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Northgard - Multiplayer news + Patch Notes #9: A few important tweaks v0.1.4402 (1 Viewer)

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Apr 16, 2016




Hi everyone!

We're currently working hard on the multiplayer version of the game (more about this below), which is why we've slowed down a little on our patches. We haven't forgotten about the single player version though! So take a look at what we've been up to, we hope you'll like the changes. :)

Watch Tower Upgrade
You can now build a smaller/cheaper watch tower at first, then upgrade it to a more powerful version later in the game.

Your Healers can no longer heal a unit which is inside an area with a fight, as this was a particularly abused feature.

However healers now heal 30% faster, and Medicine will give +50% instead of +100% healing speed.

Various Changes:
And here's a list of other various balancing/improvements:
The Hunters were a little too good at hunting. Their production has been slightly reduced and they no longer get the +30% bonus from the Sharp Weapons Lore.
The Hard Mode has been made a bit easier. Wait until the Very Hard mode is available if you're looking for more of a challenge!
Improving a Tool now costs 50 Kröwns (on top of the Iron that you need)
Marketplaces will now grow their stocks even if there is no Merchant assigned to them
Civilians will stop working at a building when it's burning (too hot)
There is a maximum distance at which a unit can hurt another one (we watched and loved your live reaction to it)
Upgrading a Scout Camp will now give +50% of Scouting speed (+20% just wasn't cutting it)
There is now a -20% production penalty applied to unhappy units.
Villagers will demand more upgraded houses in order to maintain their happiness.
The Wealth Lore will now give +1 Happiness every 300K ( it was previously every 500K)
Raven clan Mercenaries no longer receive your clan attack/defence bonuses
You can now use the TAB key to navigate between similar units/buildings. Use ALT to display map information (was TAB before)

Multiplayer News
We are getting a lot of questions regarding when the multiplayer will be available. It's not there yet but we are working hard on it.

In the past weeks we have completed the technical aspects and integrated the Steam system so you will be able to create/join games, invite your friends, etc. Everything is working quite well now so we should start gameplay tests next week.

Depending on how people react to the version and depending on how we feel about the quality, we will probably have to make adjustments. For instance we are working on a modified map generator to guarantee the same resources for each player on the map.

Only once we're completely satisfied with the initial experience will we release the new mode. Having said that it should be a question of weeks rather than months. We will of course keep you updated on our progress so please hold on just a little longer, in the meantime you can ask your friends to get the game and start training in advance! :)

Thanks again to everyone who is playing and enjoying the game, providing feedback, suggestions, streaming or just popping by to say hi! Talk soon.

The Shiro Games Team

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