No real pull for me this season


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May 2, 2016
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Season 16 has no pull for me. I've been in a few times, but didn't stay too long. I'll be in and out through the season, but not aiming for any goals or achievements as I'd gone after in seasons previous to this one.

I am, however, trying to establish a transportation company, and hope to be a tycoon some day. Yeah, imagine that, me as a 'Transport Tycoon.' heh Openttd has been bringing back some of those good times from days past. Not as far back as having to tweak your 'autoexec.bat' or 'config.sys' to get some programs running without difficulty, but back far enough for me. Hmm, might have to see about the old 'Gold Box' games.

Good hunting, speedy rifts, and remember the early days every now and then. Monochrome monitors, 5 1/4" floppies, 10 meg harddrives, and having to map out the paths in those gold box adventures on graph paper.



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Jan 15, 2016
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I feel there will be some big content coming soon. Maybe Druid? New items?

I look forward to RDR2 when it's released for PC.


May 29, 2016
I'm in the same boat myself. I know part of it is the overwhelming need to study (nursing school doesn't care about qol), but I figured I'd at least make a character...nope, have had no desire to.


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May 2, 2016
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You mean programs and games on C-Cassette tape and computer having 48 KB memory. ;)

Yeah, exactly. Modems, what the hell are those? Checking the TV Guide, and parents, to see that nothing is on they want to watch so we can plug the computer into the TV, which was the only option for monitors, for us, at the time. I do miss listening to the cassette tapes of that saved data though.

I can understand the reason they have seasons. Well, a reason that I think anyway. It can take years to come up with a new twist for a game series, deciding what baddies to keep, what new ones to invent, and so on. How to keep the base core of those players? Maybe have them start all over, more or less, every season. It does the trick now and then. Thing is, for me, it's a new season but no new challenge. No nervousness as you open that bloodied door for the first time, hear that deep, rumbling laugh and then two words that made hair stand on end 'Lunch Meat.' I'd like to see a season where there was, or will be, no legendary or higher items. White, blue, and yellow. White for the purity of your heart as you start out to save a town, blue for the coldness drifting around the dank and dark dungeons as monsters decide how best to slice you up, and yellow, for that one time where you are actually thankful it wasn't real, as you would have left a track behind you that anyone could follow. Ok, that last one might be a little excessive, but you get the idea overall, I hope. I'd be in line for a season like that. I had thought to try it out myself, but my brain soon got to thinking-- 'well, maybe just legendary rings, yeah, just those.' Once the door is opened though, no idea whose other feet might sneak through to the party.

This turned out little longer than planned. Anyway, as always,

Good hunting and speedy rifts,

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