New to POE - LF in-game advice


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Aug 22, 2019
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Hello, all. I am a long-time Diablo player and am new to POE. Just started it two days ago and am enjoying it so far. Perhaps that is because I tried out Wolcen, which seems to have borrowed a lot from this game (extensive skill tree, etc.). I reached the end game of Wolcen and quit, since I did not like how that was playing out. Hopefully, this is different.

I am playing through the story mode, randomly picking passives at the moment. I know this won't be a top-tier build/toon, but I am using it for learning. It is difficult to choose a build without knowing anything about the game. How would I possibly know which one to go for? How do I know which builds are legit? So for my second try, I might be more formalized. I already screwed up the bandit situation, not knowing about options and importance before-hand.

From Diablo and the videos I watched, some stuff is intuitive or I have learned. But there is much I still don't understand (such as whether I should bother wasting crafting materials on low-level gear, or wait till I am more advanced). I would love to be online at the same time as someone else (not looking for a power boost) just to be able to ask questions as I think of them. Is anyone still playing this game? I do see that a new season will start soon, so maybe people are just taking a short break. But I assume that once the new season starts, people will be heavily focused on that and won';t have time to spend on a noob.


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Jun 16, 2020
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Bit of a late reply, but in my opinion, it would be a good idea to look through the forums and some builds. Scroll down to the classes/builds section (Forum - Path of Exile) and have a read through some guides. Usually there is some information given concerning how accessible they are, how expensive they are to gear, etc. Following a build guide for your first couple of characters can really help with understanding passive trees, ascension choices and gearing.

Don't worry about the bandit choices, they can be changed.

Generally you wouldn't waste a huge amount of currency on low level gear. People tend to use what are referred to as "leveling uniques" to level a character through the main acts. I'd be happy to add you in game and answer any questions you have - feel free to DM me and I'll send you my username.


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Nov 18, 2020
Players are in a better situation because computer games are a huge part of the market and are treated more and more seriously. Some of them, like the Path of Exile, got the cult status and are compared to Esport. I usually buy the Path of Exile currency (known and often called DELETED). I believe in a free market and that regulations are better for people, but not in PoE.


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Aug 2, 2015
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I recommend finding a cheap starter build guide and following it through the first time. It will make that skill tree alot easier to manage the first few times you level something. Also be preparred to role something new once you farm some currency as most starter builds aren't good for pushing end game content that far. Honestly it took me like 4 or 5 times to get into this game. Also don't be afraid to talk to the guys in discord. As a new league is starting in a couple weeks it's about to get busier in discord.
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