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Hello everyone I will be organizing a variety of great info here for players new to Warframe. Anything from simple guides, 3rd party sources, useful links, etc!

Free In-Game Items:

First I will start with one time redeemable codes, these are either entered under "Codes" in-game from the Market submenu or at Access Denied


Next are promotions on other websites. Twitch Prime often gives Warframe items every few months such as prebuilt Prime Warframes and weapons (Slots and Catalysts included) If you have Amazon Prime then you have access to Twitch Prime for free. Alternatively, you can do a 30 day trial to get that month's loot if Warframe items are available. Remember to link your Warframe account to your Twitch account. Sometimes official Warframe Dev streams or Partner streams will give viewers free items or chances to win free platinum.

3rd Party Resources:

The Most important link I can provide any of you is THE WIKI, just about any info you may need is here, though it may be cluttered and require some digging to understand.

Next is our Reddit!

They also have a fantastic New or Returning Player section of compiled info and guides:

This site provides a look at time sensitive events such as alerts and bounties along with Plains of Eidolon info:

Trading in this game between players is done in a variety of ways. There is NO auction house system, so be careful of scams, price check trades, use common sense etc. First at a Relay (Floating space station) you may see other Tenno with a raised hand and a picture showing their items available and possibly a platinum price. Next is in the chat box at the bottom left of your screen is a Relay chat and a Trade chat window, these can be filtered with terms such as WTS, WTB, Prime, Riven, etc. Finally are the 3rd party websites created by players for players. These allow players to list items they have along with a price and you as a shopper can click the "Save" icon to copy and paste a pre-rendered /w message that can be pasted in-game. The others listed are for Riven Mod trading and pricing. Rivens have uniquely rolled stats that are particular to only one weapon subtype.

You can start trading with other players when you reach Mastery Rank (MR) 2. You can trade up to and for 5 items per transaction. Both sides will pay a credit npc or clan tax as well. You can only make X trades per day where X = Your MR. Trades can occur in person at a Relay or in the Clan Dojo (Guild Hall) You must craft a clan dojo key to first be able to access your dojo.

What do players usually sell to each other? Mods, especially hard to find or event limited mods are reusable across warframes and make most builds viable. Prime variants of warframes, weapons, and sentinels have the same abilities (usually) as their normal base variants but have increased stats such as high HP, damage, additional polarity slots etc. Mods traditionally drop from certain mission rewards in the game, bosses, npc drops, timed Alert mission rewards, etc. Prime items traditionally have a main blueprint and either 3 component blue prints or 2-4 parts. These come from RNG containers called Void Relics. Various missions or NPC vendors in the game will offer different Tiers and sets of Relics. They have a small loot table of Common (Bronze), Uncommon (Silver), and Rare (Gold) item rewards. Players will grind certain missions just to farm large quantities of a particular relic because of one of the items it may contain. Once you have stockpiled enough you will run Void Fissure missions to crack them open. In addition to completing the mission's objective you must collect 10 Reactant items from slain enemies in the mission, with drops more likely from Eximus enemies (Glowing colored light on enemies when they evolve to eximus) Upon objective/mission completion each player who collected at least 10 reactant will crack their relic open and it will show your reward. At this point you can either keep the item you got out of yours OR get a copy of another party member's loot. For this reason its best to crack relics open as a group so you have 4x the chance to get a valuable prime item. Some groups will even run the same relic to stack the odds greatly in the favor of one particular item dropping. As you complete these style missions and when party members select your relic loot you will be awarded Void Traces, which can be used to upgrade unopened relics to increase the drop chance of rarer items. Due to down time of requeing a new mission players will look for Endless mission types such as Defense, Survival, Interception, and Excavation. These will reward you after each complete set of objectives. (5 Waves, 10 Mins, 100% Capture, 200 Cryotic) The longer you stay in these missions they also award affinity, credit, and resource miniboosters for the duration of that mission. So now you know where to buy/sell but where do you get relics for a particular Prime item? You can look them manually on the Wiki or use this helpful link:

Relics rotate and some items may be vaulted for months at a time before being reintroduced to the game as drops, long investing players will grind the items about to rotate out and sell them a few months later for 2-4x the platinum cost of when they were able to drop due to supply and demand!

Meta or competitive builds change constantly as new content as introduced, don't be afraid to ask your fellow clan members! I often pursue recent Youtube/Streamer videos and follow some Discords to get an idea what others are playing and how. There is no one warframe and weapon that is a must have and will do 100% of this game's content efficiently and easily. Your Warframe arsenal is a toolkit, with each frame and weapons suited to a different task, though some are similar. Of the 3 starter frames Excalibur scales well into late game and is the hardest/most time consuming to farm for later if you don't pick it as your starter frame. Volt is excellent for speeding through content and providing decent crowd control, but is squishy. Mag at this time is not in a good place and requires a depth of understanding of game mechanics and I would not recommend to a new player. Some weapons and warframes are random drops from certain planets/missions as per the Wiki lists, others are Quest rewards and can NEVER be farmed again if destoyed. The Marketplace and Clan Dojo Labs are also sources of blueprints to create such items.

Warframes will often be built to fill roles seen in other RPG's class such as DPS, Tank, Support, etc. Some examples are as follows, but many of these frames can be used in multiple ways:

Ash- DPS. Invisibility, teleport and AoE clear, can strip armor and finish enemies.
Atlas- Brawler. Combo punches, petrify enemies and summon stone golems that fight by your side.
Banshee- DPS/Support. Ragdoll and silence your enemies, increase your teams damage by marking mobs and use huge AoE to kill things.
Chroma- Tank/Support. Powerful auras with 4 different effects depending on your energy color with turret-like ultimate. The more enemies hit you while your vex armor is on, the more damage and survival-ability you get.
Ember- DPS. Cast fireballs, briefly stun enemies to increase fire damage and use AoE ultimate to burn and trip enemies.
Equniox- Support/Dps. Switch between 2 different forms to increase your teams power or put enemies to sleep, decent AoE ultimate that either damages enemies or heals allies.
Excalibur- DPS. Combo your kills, blind enemies around you, and have a shiny sword that sends energy waves at your enemies.
Frost- Support/Tank. Create an ice globe shielding your team from damage or freeze enemies in their steps, for maximum freeze effect use your AoE ultimate.
Gara- Tank/Support. Shield yourself or your allies with glass armor, or create a glass wall to hide behind.
Harrow- Support. Make your team briefly invulnerable to damage, then turn that damage into crit chance. Regenerate energy, stun enemies, heal allies and create overshields.
Hydroid- Utility. Turn into water to suffocate your enemies, or use your kraken tentacles to pick up the mobs and make them drop more loot.
Inaros- Tank. Stun enemies, turn into sandstorm and steal health from mobs affected by scarabs. Sacrifice your health to increase your armor and summon scarabs.
Ivara- DPS. Use your arrows with 4 different effects, become invisible, summon your high damage bow and control flight path of your arrows/bullets.
Khora- Support. Stun enemies, hit them with a whip and summon your cat minion to damage, defend or heal. Then stun enemies some more.
Limbo- Support. Create a zone and stop time for the enemies inside, all while being in another dimension.
Loki- Utility. Become invisible, summon a decoy, disarm your enemies and then teleport out of there.
Mag- DPS. Ragdoll mobs across the room, stop them with power of magnets, steal their shields then pick them up and rip them apart.
Mesa- DPS. Increase damage for you and 1 random ally, then shield yourself from ranged damage, lastly imagine you're in the wild west and start shooting at everything that moves with your pistols.
Mirage- DPS. Increase your damage in light or defenses in shadow, trick enemies into picking up explosive presents, blind everything with disco lights, then summon 4 clones and shred everything apart.
Nekros- Utility. Terrify your enemies, kill them and make them drop more loot, then bring them back to life to fight for you.
Nezha- Tank. Run faster, slide longer, shield yourself from damage, throw a Frisbee to steal health from enemies and impale everything with your AoE ultimate.
Nidus- Tank. Spread infestation in front of you, gain stacks for every enemy hit, pull them all into one place. Buff allies or reduce damage you take, then use your stacks to heal or even revive yourself.
Nova- Support/DPS. Speed up or slow down enemies, create portals to travel faster, lastly create a ball of energy that deals more damage the more you damage it.
Nyx- Support. Mind control mobs, confuse them and make them fight each other, then absorb incoming damage and return it with a blast.
Oberon- Support/Tank. Regenerate health of your team and increase their armor. Pick up the enemies and slam them on the ground.
Octavia- DPS/Support/Utility. Create a ball that absorbs enemy damage and reflects it back, allow your team to become invisible, increase their damage and their speed.
Rhino- Tank/Support. Shield yourself from damage, charge into your enemies, suspend them in the air with your stomp and increase damage of your allies with your roar.
Saryn- DPS/Tank. Spread toxins onto your enemies, create a decoy, regenerate health, use AoE ultimate to deal more damage to poisoned enemies.
Titania- DPS/Utility/Support. Stun enemies, buff your allies, transform into your fairy form, fly around and shred the enemies.
Trinity- Support. Heal your team, regenerate their energy, and reduce damage they take.
Valkyr- Tank. Use your rip line to pull enemies or jump to walls, increase your attack speed, stun everything. Enter berserker rage, become invulnerable and unleash torrent of deadly claw attacks.
Vauban- Utility. Create a vortex that sucks up your enemies, stun them with your bastille and lay 4 different traps everywhere.
Volt- DPS/Support/Utility. Speed up your team, create a shield the increases damage of bullets flying through it, discharge electrical AoE to stun and damage enemies.
Wukong- Tank. Become invulnerable to damage, turn into a cloud to get out of sticky situations, poke enemies with your stick.
Zephyr- Utility/Tank. Create air shield around you, launch yourself into the air and create 4 tornadoes to damage and ragdoll enemies.

Now lets talk about Mods. When you look at a warframe it has at this time of writing 2 card slots at the top (Aura and Exilus), 8 underneath, and 2 Arcane slots to the right. Primary and Secondary weapons will have 8 mod slots, with melee having a Stance mod slot at the top. Mods have a point cost on the top right, a polarity symbol (Like a Suit in playing cards) and Ranks denoted by glowing or empty stars at the bottom of the mod. A warframe or weapons as it is used will level from o to 30 and gain access to up to 30 capacity. Mods take up capacity when installed on an item. Orokin Reactors are used on warframes and companions while Orokin Catalysts are used on weapons as a consumable item that will permanently double the base mod capacity of an item, thus a rank 30 item will now have 60 capacity. When a mod with a polarity of one type is placed in a mod slot of matching polarity the mods will use 1/2 its listed capacity instead of full. Likewise a mod put into a slot with conflicting polarities will use additional capacity, but not double. Aura slots in warframes and Stances in melee weapons will INCREASE mod capacity for their respective item, and when the slot matches polarity of the mod it provide DOUBLE that bonus. So for example we have a rank 30 Excalibur (30 Cap), with an Orokin Reactor installed (60 Cap) and then add a max ranked Steel Charge, an aura that increases melee damage for the whole party, (69 Cap) and have its Aura slot match polarity with our mod (78 Capacity) Another consumable item, called Forma, can be used to make a blank mod slot polarized into the polarity of your choice. However this requires the item to be Rank 30 and will delevel it back to Rank 0. Due to this method highly used and well modded items will often be Formad multiple times requiring a large degree of grinding and releveling a particular item. Forma blueprints can drop from relics and pre-built Forma can be awarded through Dev Stream twitch drops, special Alerts, and unique daily missions along with direct in-game Market purchase individually for 20 platinum or in a 3x bundle for 35 platinum. Auras and Stances can be rare to drop and often have few places to grind instead relying on Alerts that specifically reward them. The Exilus slot on the warframe can only house Exilus mods, however other Exilus mods can go into any of the other 8 lower mod slots as well.

Mods are leveled through spending credits and another hard to farm resource called Endo. Extra mods (duplicates) that aren't worth selling for Platinum to other players can be liquidated into Endo, some enemies may drop small amounts of Endo, and some mission/bounty reward will give Endo. Throughout your gameplay you will find Ayatan Stars and Sculptures. These can be put together in the Mod window and then taken to the NPC Maroo at the Mars relay and sold separately or together for large amounts of Endo, they can also be traded to/from players allowing you to make platinum via these Endo items or spend platinum to quickly gain Endo.

Once every 2 weeks for 48 hours an NPC named Baro Kiteer will visit one of the Relays in system. He will offer special variants of weapons, cosmetics, and Prime mods. Prime mods are expensive higher level variants of normal mods with the capability of reaching a higher rank. For example a max rank Flow gives +150% energy at 9 cap while a Primed Flow is +275 energy at 14 capacity used (Both are same polarity type). If you can afford to buy multiple of what many players would call "must have" or "meta" Primed Mods you can sell them after they rotate away from more than you paid due to their scarcity in only individually appearing after many months. The items cost a combination of Credits and Ducats. Ducats are gained by selling Prime blueprints and items from Relics to the station near Baro Kiteer in the relay. I recommend only selling trash/unwanted prime items for ducats and selling any sought after pieces for platinum. You will see in trade chat players often offer to Buy any 5 Prime "junk" pieces for 10-15 plat.

Finally there are Riven Mods. These special Purple mods are rewarded through end-game PVE content and begin as shrouded (Veiled) "Rifle" "Shotgun" "Secondary" and "Melee" mods with no capacity use or MR requirment. They do however have a special condition that must be met in a mission that you complete/pass. Once done they will "unveil" into a mod for a particular weapon (including all variants such as Prime or faction). They will have 2-4 stats with 1 possibly being negative but that will increase the numbers of the other positive stats. Mods with highly sought after rolls for meta weapons can go for thousands of platinum, while something with terrible rolls on an obscure weapon may only net you 15 plat. Veiled mods can be sold for 40-70 plat if you don't want to gamble. If a Riven mod is of a good weapon but its rolls were lacklaster you can spend an end-game resource called Kuva to reroll its abilities and numerical values. The weapon it is for will not change and the more rolls you attempt on it the more Kuva it will cost.

Further content will be included at my discretion -Dark
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