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Feb 14, 2014




Username: Nelson

Gender Male
Game(s) you actively play: CSGO, Dayz, Ground Branch, NBA 2k, NHL, Battlefield, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, GTA, OSRS, TCR6.
Primary In-Game Username(s) you use:: PapaLace
Do you have a Mic and Discord: Yes
How did you find us?: Search Engine
Have you been in FeverClan before?: Yes
When were you last active?: 07/16
What was your username then?: Nelson
Does anyone else use your computer?: No
Skills or Traits you want to share: Some traits and skills that I'd like to share are open-minded, great communication, and knowledge when it comes to the Military style and structure due to mil background.
What interests you in joining our gaming family?: My time away from the clan has been eventful. I've gone to college and joined the Military so I understand the system. I understand the structure around Fever Now. I want to rejoin because of the memories that were made throughout my 2 years with the clan originally. I had gotten away from gaming from 2016-2020 due to schooling and the Military, Although I am still going through both I want to get back into the gaming world with a structure around it and people to game with.

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