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May 16, 2021




I'm new to the clan and pretty new to the game. Only have a non-Seasonal necro and this Masquerade Bone Spear necro in the current season.

I have all the gear that's required to wear for the three versions and the cubed Legendaries, but I'm struggling with this build. I'm level 70 and 770 Paragon, but even at Torment VII I'm still struggling to clear trash.

I've Enchanted most of my gear, but last night I just got exhausted and irritated with the feeling that the rest of this season is just going to be grinding and gambling. The thrill seems to be gone. I want to continue to build this character, but I have so little experience with the game that I've NO idea how to continue.

I'm in California on PST and usually play between 6pm and 7pm during the week.

Battletag: xenobuzz5669#1166

If you would like to help me out, I would greatly appreciate it!
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