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Jun 27, 2012
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Hey Fever.
MustangPunk here. I need some help. ANY one who used to play Battlefield with me on PC please look at your friends list on Origin. I need to know what name I used. I can't find my little book that I wrote stuff down in. Origin won't help me unless I can get the correct name. I believe I used an email address that I have since closed. They want proof of payment of games. Those emails are probably gone. Also if you find my name please send me any other info on my profile. My biggest problem is that I never put in the correct personal information to protect my identify. I can't remember what birth date I put, I guessed when I was talking to them, and when I was wrong he wouldn't let me guess again.
Thanks to all who read this. You can message me here, on twitter [MENTION=44438]Mustang[/MENTION]_cod or on Fever Discord my name there is Mustang1888#2016. I am also going to post this to the Fever Clan Discord. Thanks ~MusTanG :applause:

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