My Game is no Longer Working. AGAIN!!!


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Jun 24, 2012
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P.S. This is a bitching thread.

I am sick of this happening.

I can load the game right up to Battlelog.

But as soon as i click on Any thing within Battlelog to load a multiplayer game, or single player, Battlelog sits on Matchmaking, or Initializing, for ages, and does not load any further.

This is the fifth time this has happened (Since it was released), each time i was able to fix this issue on a fluke solution every time (I do not know how i fixed it).

I have not even ranked up to second rank since i have started playing.

After each fix, i can play successfully once, but second time i try to play it, it has the same problem again.

I have hit up EA Support, but they have lead me round in circles, claiming that the solution is something i have done 100 or more times already, also they have not posted an actual fix for this issue.

Reading the Battlefield 3 Forums, i can see that i am not alone with this issue, my question is, why is EA not doing anything about it.

I have even brought Battlefield Premium, and have not even seen the new map yet, as i have not been able to run it since.

I have always supported EA, and if you were to go through my complete game collection, you will find that approx 90% of my games, are branded EA, (Both PC, and PS3).

If any member reading this post knows the exact solution to my problem, then i do want to hear it, cause im getting tired of the game not running.

By the time i sort this problem out, BF4 will have been released
I was the same way!!!

Sent from a geeks RAZR in a tractor.

Same, how the heck does that even happen?

Back to what this thread is actually about... I've had a couple different issues with BF3 since it was first in beta, and each time updating something on my end fixed it. Graphics drivers (to a beta version) and bios updates made things work for me, in the off chance you haven't checked recently then an update of some sort might help you out as well.


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Jun 24, 2012
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Its Working now, yay, im pretty sure it was the Nvidia Update 304.79 fixed it.

Also, its running smoother than it ever has, No LAG!!! I actually was able to get a Positive KD Ratio lol.

Thanks for all the Help, [MENTION=280]SycoMage[/MENTION], [MENTION=495]LJCH4E[/MENTION], [MENTION=10]cidiantoby[/MENTION].


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Jun 24, 2012
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I had this problem as well when Bf3 first came out. I completly reformatted my laptop & updated everything. I still had the same problem, I then saw I needed a Bio's flash to the CPU & my GPU. After that everything works just fine. I then put in a SSD & went back to the very same problem. The SSD had to be updated as well for the game to be stable. You may need more room on the hardrive. Just some thoughts, & WOW..... That really looks like it hurt OOOoooooo lol glad it wasn't me

Its Working now, yay, im pretty sure it was the Nvidia Update 304.79 fixed it.

Also, its running smoother than it ever has, No LAG!!! I actually was able to get a Positive KD Ratio lol.

Thanks for all the Help, [MENTION=280]SycoMage[/MENTION], [MENTION=495]LJCH4E[/MENTION], [MENTION=10]cidiantoby[/MENTION].

Glad to hear it is running again, hopefully that lasts. :)
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