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Feb 21, 2015




OKAY, so, let's all put aside the fact that this is the first chunky bit of news since Arena Net went on hiatus for the holidays. For the record, I'm not going to talk about the guild chat where they spent most of the time talking about the music in HoT and then jumped off that place in Orr to show gliding at the end without any real explanation.

So here's the facts about gliding. Yes gliding in central Tyria is going to be a thing. Yes, you need HoT to have access to it. Yes, you do need to go to Maguuma to get the mastery first, so new players aren't going to be able to glide. What does this mean for older players? Well, unless they plan on changing the way that the mastery system currently works. You can create a new character and troll all the free to play or new players with your awesome glider.

So, I really don't think that having a fully open world glider is actually in the games best interest, because you can basically just fly over big chunks of enemies and have really no penalty for doing so. However, I love gliding and as a HoT buyer i will probably be taking apart in that.

Now that I got that out of the way... Updates every 3 months!!!!!!

Yes, you read that right, once every quarter they plan on releasing a HUGE update to the game to add content. They have since said that they aren't planing on adding any new systems to the game, and just plan on expanding on what they currently have as well as polishing it up. (Except for WvW they have a huge update planed for that.) This "Polishing" is going to include world boss revamps and balancing issues. They are also adding some quality of life things along the way. I'm not going to go into detail about everything here, so you should definitly check it out.

So when is the first update going to happen, since its once every 3 months does that mean that they are going to wait til march?

NOPE, the Q1 release date is January 26th, and the big things that this patch is going to cover is a revamp to the Shatterer to make his quest line a bit better, event exp changes to those who don't want to only attack (so for support players), and a bunch of quality of life changes. OH I almost forgot, GLIDING IN CENTRAL TYRIA. Yeah, this patch is when it will be implemented. So, here we go guys!

There is some lore for Living world season 3, but nothing is announced yet, I guess we will find out!

Over all, 2016 looks like a good year for GW2. What do you think?

you can read the full blog post here.

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