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Mar 4, 2014




Hail Protectors and welcome to the Release Notes for the first patch of the March Update! While our big and exciting changes are saved for major monthly updates, we do actually have a big surprise for you in this patch! Gotham Divided, the tri-lane map that you all know and love, is getting an early art update. Lighting, shadows, and the ground textures have been improved with brand new versions. Make sure to check it out and let us know your thoughts!

General Changes

Fixed an issue that was causing champions to spawn back at base after death in a stuck state.
Matchmaking level restrictions will no longer apply to the Practice Mode queue. This should result in queue times for Practice Mode dropping significantly.
Fixed a bug where turrets and dampeners wouldn't switch their aggro from an elite drone to an enemy champion.
Fixed a bug that would cause the /ignore command to not properly ignore Protectors.
Fixed a bug where users were unable to use UltimatePay as a payment option.

Champion Specific Changes

Aquaman: Fixed a bug that caused Aquaman to gain a stack of Rising Tide, even if his skill was interrupted.

Atomic Wonder Woman: Fixed a bug that was causing the damage from her Savage Sweep to be applied towards the direction of her movement, rather than your mouse cursor.

Catwoman & Aquaman: Fixed an issue where if these characters switched basic attack targets during their windup, their attack cooldown would be triggered without the character ever having used a basic attack.

Green Lantern: Changed the health restore he gains from kills from 20/50/80/110 to 5/15/25/35 + 4% of Bonus Will.

Mecha Superman: Fixed an issue where Mecha Superman could get stuck in a basic attack animation loop.

Poison Ivy: Fixed a bug that would cause her to get stuck in her dance emote.

Robin: Fixed an issue where Vault Kick could sometimes do it's Bo Master and non-Bo Master version in the same attack, resulting in unintentional knockbacks.

Star Sapphire: Using Violet Harvest and Crystal Bomb together as Manifest expires will no longer stop Violet Harvest from working for the rest of the match.
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