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Jun 25, 2016




Hey, I'm looking for some people interested in playing ARK: Survival of the Fittest. For those of you who don't play or haven't heard of it, the game is a free stand-alone version of ARK: Survival Evolved. It's an extremely PVP arena game, similar to the Hunger Games. Teams of 1-4 people are dropped into an arena, and told to survive while fighting 40 other people as well as predatory dinosaurs to be the last tribe standing. You tame dinosaurs, level up to tech up, and become the best player in the ARK. Again, it's free-to-play so even if you're not sure there's no risk involved in trying it. I would love to get a few more people together to play. No experience necessary at all, it's fun to learn and be tossed to the sharks right off the bat! (But don't worry, someone'll be happy to teach you, I promise.)

You can always PM me on the forums, or add me on Steam if you're interested :)

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