Looking for GW2 Recruiters


Apr 29, 2016
Hello there! :smile:

I'm currently the coordinator for the RPG section, meaning Guild Wars 2 falls under that as well.
Now, I got two threads that I'd need people to bump in - one is in the official GW2 forums, meaning that I need someone for that, who actually owns the game (as you need that to even register there).

The stuff you would have to do / I would expect of you:
  • Bump the thread(s) you were assigned to; usually they're once a week (with the deadline being saturday evening... so just set yourself a day and write the little bumping message).
  • Don't simply copy/paste some standard messages - write your own stuff, so you don't sound like a robot.
  • Do not spam, and also behave appropriatly and friendly - you're representing Fever as a recruiter, because you're often the first thing they see of our clan.
  • Maintain your thread. Meaning, check it regularly and answer people if they got questions.
  • Asking people to use your name as referral when registering here is forbidden. If you bring them into the clan through your recruiting, then they will either remember your name or we from the Applications Team will ask them during the interview for the thread/person they found us through.
  • Keep in contact with me. If you ever got any questions or need help, you can always PM me or find me on TS, if I am online. Also, if you were to go on a vacation for example, let me know about it beforehand as well, so I can take over your threads for the time being and you won't get a negative score.

What you can get out of it:
  • Every two members referrals will get you a rank-up (as long as you're an enlisted member).
  • If you show effort and dedication to do more work and especially do your work properly, you will get recommendations for rank-ups and officer promotions as well from us.
  • Each referral nets you 500 coins.
  • Not only do you help our clan out, you will also be the starting point for a lot of new members.
  • You can earn special awards for recruiting people and doing your job well.

If you are interested or got any questions, then please comment here in this thread or send me a PM. Or, of course, find me on TeamSpeak (don't rely on that though, I got irregulary times to be on).

All in all, it's a pretty chill job, if I may say so myself. You just bump once a week, if you got such a thread (we got some that are even lower or higher frequency in the other sections though) and that's pretty much it.
The only hard part might be getting into it, because you gotta read up on some of our information threads to get examples for good bumping messages - or just write your own stuff from the scratch. One or two sentences are usually enough (just make sure that it's not every week "Hey, we're still looking for members" :smile:).

Thank you very much for reading and have a nice day~


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Apr 29, 2014
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Sergeant Major

Of the Army

I am going to start playing GW2 again, therefore I do not mind bumping the forums and recruiting members for fever where I can. PM me or find me on TS!! Hope your good my friend.


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Apr 29, 2016

I am going to start playing GW2 again, therefore I do not mind bumping the forums and recruiting members for fever where I can. PM me or find me on TS!! Hope your good my friend.

Holy heck, I completely forgot to send off my PM to you. I'm sorry! Will catch up on this today >.<


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May 13, 2018
west coast
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Staff Sergeant
Hi I think we are going to stay away from TS if possible.. Hector pays for it and is basically a dictator there. so most of us are already using Discord. CC,s need to be done somehow for wvw but which only TS has now . wvw running will probably be with diffrent guilds anyways as there are so many high xp commanders already.. maybe a alliance with WAR my wvw guild can be done . they are mainly wvw.. we can meet on that as most Peeps wont be ready for any wvw to soon.. thx Grimmie
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