Linking origin with xbox live gamertag


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Feb 25, 2013
Hayden, ID
So ea is a giant piece of steaming shit ive found out today, as they advertise that you can in fact link your origin account to your xbox live gamertag, its a pain in the ass to find in the first place, and once you finnaly do, it gives the same message about being linked to another account, please note that there are multiple topics concerning this issue on there forums, and have they replied to any of them? NOPE. also keep in mind these topics date back for 2 years, and still nothing has been done, so if anyone here has found the magic solution please share, because thousands have been trying, so in conclusion: fuck ea, fuck origin, and fuck robots, because thats all youll ever talk to on the support line, :middlefinger: :mad: :sorrow::upset::angry::frown::censored::shoot::dead::frown-new::miserable::confusion::AR15firing::read::grief::cussing::thatsbad::no::wall:

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