Killer Instinct introduces Ranked Leagues with 2.4 update (1 Viewer)

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Apr 29, 2013




Killer Instinct is about to take its ranked online play to the next level, as Iron Galaxy is ready to introduce Ranked Leagues with tomorrow's 2.4 update. Today, the developer offered up some more details on this new feature.
Ranked Leagues are a monthly clash to the top, with participants determining their tournament placement after playing online ranked matches. Players will be placed in a bracket of similarly-skilled players, where they'll fight to reach "Killer" status.
"Every Tier game matches players up with similar skill levels," Iron Galaxy's Kraig Kujawa said on Xbox Wire. "Bronzes play Bronzes, Silvers play Silver, and so on. A shiny, new Player Card banner will show everyone the status you’ve reached. As the battles rage on, you can gain or lose Ladder points and Rank Titles, but once you’ve made to a Tier, you can’t fall out of it. No need to stress out about flubbing a match or two! Occasionally, you’ll even match up with someone outside of your Tier, but bonus Tier Points make it well worth your while for you and your opponent to take the risk. After you reach a certain threshold of Tier points, you graduate to the next Tier."
Upon reaching the Killer rank, Ranked Matches become best two-out-of-three, as is the tournament standard. Reaching this ranking will put those players on the monthly leaderboard, while also unlocking exclusive Player Card PRO stars that will separate them as the best of the best.
The 2.4 update will also introduce Aganos to the game, with Ultra Edition owners of the game able to take him out for a spin. Other changes detailed in the Killer Instinct forums include XP system changes, as well as some new skins.


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