Just bought Star Wars BattleFront for $45 ($15 off)


Aug 28, 2015
Hey guys, Battlefront being a pricey game ($110 once all the DLC comes out) thought some of you might want to save a buck or two. I signed up for Green Man Gaming YEARS ago to get BF3 for $30 (with premium) and they just have/had a sale on Battlefront for $45. This also saved me $20 on BF4 + Premium. If you sign up with this code, it should be $2 off making it $43 for the base game (with no DLC). This gives an Origin code and it -should- still let you play the DLC a week before it comes out, just like BF4.

Use this link to sign up for an extra $2 off! PC Games Download - Green Man Gaming



Thats awsome but it now appears to be only 10 dollars off, sale must be gone

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