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Oct 28, 2014




World vs. World
As part of the June 2017 Competitive Feature Pack, updates to World vs. World will include improved LFG, new rewards, skirmishing updates, and more.


  • Power of the Mists has been disabled and has been replaced with the new Skirmish Reward UI.
  • The Standard Enemy Models option beneath Competitive now functions in WvW.

Skirmish Rewards

  • The WvW Match Overview tab has been reworked to include the new Skirmish reward track.
  • The Skirmish reward track is progressed by earning pips.
  • Pips are earned every tick and are awarded based on the following:
    • Your world’s position during the skirmish (first, second, or third).
    • Your WvW rank.
    • Commanding a squad containing at least five people.
    • Playing on the same world for at least three weeks.
    • Playing on a map in which you are outnumbered.
  • Pips cannot be earned if you have recently transferred or if you do not have enough participation.
    • You must play on a world for an entire match in order to be eligible for earning pips.
  • Crossing tiers and divisions gives various rewards including Skirmish Claim Tickets (which have replaced Tournament Tickets) that can be used at the Skirmish Supervisor Vendor.
  • The Skirmish Supervisor Vendor has replaced the Battle Historian on all WvW maps.
    • This vendor sells ascended and exotic WvW gear, including the brand-new Triumphant Hero’s armor and Mistforged Triumphant Hero’s armor, along with improvements, tactics, siege, siege decorations, tricks, traps, food, and more.

Match History

  • The second tab in the WvW Match Overview now displays the war score, victory points, and kill/death statistics throughout the entire match so it’s easier to track how well your world is doing.

Improved LFG

  • To promote squads and parties in WvW, the party/squad UI will now pop up when entering a WvW map and suggest three squads and three parties to join that are currently listed in World vs. World Squad Play or Party Play. This should make it easier to find other players to play with while in WvW.
  • This can be disabled by unselecting Automatically Expand LFG Preview.

WvW Legendary Backpack

  • The legendary WvW backpack Warbringer is now obtainable.
    • Talk to Commander War Razor in any WvW map to purchase tiers 1 – 4 of the wings.
    • Commander War Razor now sells the Commander’s Compendium.

Structured Player vs. Player

As part of the June 2017 Competitive Feature Pack, structured Player vs. Player will see PvP League Season 7 updates and changes to the Coliseum map.


  • The Shards of Glory Converter can now be used a consistent five times per day.
  • Audio cues have been added to capture points.

League Season 7

  • Season 7 begins June 13.
  • The Mini Princess Llama has been added to the Llama Mini Choice Box given out in the final Byzantium chest for League Season 7. The llama is also available from the League Vendor, but you must have already unlocked the miniature before purchasing additional ones.
  • We have revised the number of Ascended Shards of Glory given out in League chests for Season 7 as follows:
    • Cerulean: 25
    • Jasper: 50
    • Saffron: 75
    • Persimmon: 75
    • Amaranth: 75
    • Byzantium (repeatable): 100
  • The final chests in Persimmon, Amaranth, and Byzantium (not repeatable) now give a box containing one Grandmaster Mark of the player’s choice.
  • In Season 5, we decreased the volatility during placement matches. This had an unintended effect of making it harder to reach Platinum and Legendary. As such, we’ve revised the tiers for each rank:
    |Rank|Min. Rating|Max Rating|

League Vendors

  • Ardent Glorious armor and ascended weapons from PvP League Vendors now include Shards of Glory as part of their cost.
  • Ascended Salvage Tools have had their PvP League Ticket costs reduced.

Eternal Coliseum

  • Eternal Coliseum has received a visual update.
  • Gates have been added around the Sword of Reaping and Shield of Life enhancements that only open after they are captured. This prevents classes with teleports from having too much of an advantage in acquiring the enhancements.
  • Eternal Coliseum will be added to the Ranked map pool.

Revenge of the Capricorn

  • Revenge of the Capricorn will be added to the Ranked map pool.


New Items and Promotions

  • A new Magic Carpet Glider is available in the Style category of the Gem Store for 400 gems.
  • For two weeks, a different dye kit will return to the Gem Store every day. The Bloodstone Dye Kit has returned today and is available in the Special category of the Gem Store for 125 gems.
  • The Mist Herald Back Item Skin Set has returned for a limited time and is found in the Style category of the Gem Store for 500 gems.
  • The Permanent Mystical Dragon Finisher and Permanent Minstrel Finisher have returned for a limited time and are found in the Upgrades category of the Gem Store for 800 gems each.


  • Six new and exclusive eye colors have been added to Total Makeover Kits, which are available in the Services category of the Gem Store.
  • The Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock available inside the Black Lion Chest has been updated with over 700 new items.

Bug Fixes:

  • One piece of the Hellfire achievement armor set snuck into the Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock. It has been kicked back out.
  • Bastion of the Penitent: Players outside of the boss rooms will no longer receive achievement credit when the boss is killed.
  • Fixed an issue in Eternal Coliseum where players could teleport up to the secondary objective while the gate was up.
  • Thief—Quick Pockets: This trait now has an 8-second internal cooldown between activations.
  • Fixed an issue in Eternal Coliseum where players were unable to teleport up the ledge on the red side of the middle point.
  • Further adjustments have been made to the centaur trebuchet targeting in Lake Doric.
World Polish
Adjustments have been made to the Watchtower Cliffs area of Lake Doric. Please refer to this thread for more information.

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