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What's going on everyone and how's y'all doin'!? Hope all is well in love and war on this beautiful day of Friday.

Now I know you love games just as much, perhaps even more than I do. But do you love hearing about a Season Pass for a game about six months before that game is even released?

So here's the thing. With a ranging in price from $79.99 to $149.99 respectively for the collectors edition, publisher 2K Games confirms that there will be a season pass. What?? That's exactly what I wanted for Christmas! A season pass that gets more attention and that's more famous than the game itself. Flip them tables (╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻ . Am I right?

Petroglyph schmetroglyph! Petroglyph's 8-Bit Armies is now finally available for pre-order on the official game site. Might give this one a quick look as I hear pre-orders include a free copy of the original game soundtrack which I absolutely loved, by legendary music composer, Frank Klepacki. 8-Bit Armies anyone?

Console Punch

New Xbox Prototype rumors? As we all know the company is always working on a prototype, but with the attention that Sony is getting on their platform with their recent "Neo" announcement do you think it's possible that Microsoft is actually fighting back and pushing the limit of their console as well? Who knows. Maybe the new Xbox Morpheus is right around the corner. It certainly doesn't take an Oracle to see that one out. See what I did there? No? Aww Ok that was a terrible joke I admit.

In other news: Just in case you missed it

Harriet Tubman Will Now Be On The $20 Bill. Why remove President Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill you may ask? Apparently because of the fact that he was a slave owner and that he passed the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Ok so, what are your thoughts about it? Is it long overdue? Does it empower gender equality? Does the paper look better? Or do you simply not care because money is #gifusmoormunies


1.Season 6 of Game of Thrones is almost upon us. Is John Snow actually dead? The actor says yes. Rumors say otherwise. Which is it?
2. Xena gets a reboot! Well holy guacamole am I excited to hear that. I was a fan of Xena back in the 90's and the 2000's. The sad news is that Lucy Lawless won't be in it but here's hoping she'll at least make a cameo.
3. Power Rangers surprise and Elizabeth Banks's reveal of the iconic character Rita Repulsa hit the front news. I don't know about you guys but anything with Liz Banks in it has got my stamp of approval all over it!

Sad News:

Prince died today at his Paisley Park estate in Minnesota at the age of 57 due to "severe flu"

Alright that's all for now feevs, stay fabulous

RGN out
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