Insane RNG


Oct 15, 2016
Hello everyone! Just thought I would share the insane amounts of RNG I experienced yesterday with Dave, Dimitra and a friend of mine. I was playing with my friend, helping him through his season journey, when I found a bandit shrine. I invited Dave and Dimitra and after clearing it (Gelatinous Sire included), a vault opened. We found another Gelatinous Sire inside! After multiple trips to Haedrig who had been working overtime due to the amount of loot he was scrapping, we continued with doing bounties for my mate's season journey. Approximately within 10 minutes Dimitra found ANOTHER bandit shrine, which dropped ANOTHER Gelatinous Sire and one of the goblins opened ANOTHER vault! Feeling extremely lucky, you can imagine our hopes when we found a rainbow goblin a little while after. Yeah, nothing but shattered hopes and dreams in Whimsydale. Hopefully I inserted the images correctly.

Screenshot007.jpg2 bandit shrines in the same game - Album on Imgur

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Feb 25, 2016
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Yeah I thnk Haedrig must have wanted a holiday after that. The amount stuff I salvaged was insane, let alone adding in three more characters.


Oct 29, 2016
Only thing I can even remotely compare this too is two rainbow goblins doing bounties this morning..So grats on those goblin farming routes!
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