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Apr 7, 2017




Hi I'm Fajitafriday, I've been apart of Fever Clan since early April. I play mostly FPS games, and I know several in the community from those genres of games. With that being said i know they're plenty of members I dont know, but I'm asking everyone for any help possible. I have been out of work since Feb , but on workers comp since then. If you dont know workers comp pays you a significantly less percentage of what you normally make. I have exhausted all savings to keep my home and my vehicle, but time is running out and I have to act now. I've gotten any and all help from the bank itself. Now im asking this community that has been so friendly for help. Help can come in donations or Ideas on how to possibly make some kind of income. If anyone has ideas please post. If you would like to donate I can link my paypal to you. I do feel very embarrassed asking for help, so i ask please post nothing negative. Please and thank you for all IDEAS and donations.

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