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For you overachievers that want to work on your achievements, I wanted to share a really good site that shows mastering the Immortal Kings set dungeon. The build guide provided works well and there's a good layout of the dungeon provided so you know what you're getting into. The explanation of how to master this set dungeon is spot on!

"Requires near zero effort. As long as you have even a molecule of killing power you should realistically be able to clear this with zero stress."

Season 11 | 2.6 Immortal King’s Call Set Dungeon (Build, Mastery) | Team BRG

There are a few good youtube videos that give you a visual example of how to beat this set, but this is one of those that there's not a lot of effort required to beating it. While this video doesn't match the complete buildset from the website, it shows using whirlwind to beat this set dungeon:

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