Idea's for Game Nights GW2

What would you like to do for GW2 Game Nights?

  • World Events and Bosses?

    Votes: 3 60.0%
  • Raids?

    Votes: 3 60.0%
  • WvW/PvP

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • exploration?

    Votes: 1 20.0%

  • Total voters


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Nov 4, 2017
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You forgot Dungeons/Fractals, unless that's being put under Raids.

Feedback for each though.

World Events/Bosses - While fun, they get stale quite fast. You mainly want to do world bosses for the reward for doing it the first time, and achievements later in the game. Still, easy to jump into and would be fun for everyone. One of the best options here.

Raids - Raids are a great thing in the game, but easing people into the content will need to be done. Also a very nice option.

WvW and PVP - Same thing with raids, but might be less interest.

Exploration - Exploration is something that you can basically only do this once, as there's not really a reason to do it again. This would be something for newer people to do though, so not a bad idea.

These are mainly my opinions, and if you disagree, would love to hear your opinion's. These are all pretty good options though!

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