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Common Name: Ichthy
Group: Reptiles
Species: Ichthyosaurus curiosa
Time Period: Late Triassic - Early Jurassic
Diet: Carnivore
Temperament: Curious

Tameable: Yes
Rideable: Yes
Breedable: Yes
Taming Method: Passive
Preferred Kibble: Kibble (Dodo Egg)
Preferred Food: Raw Prime Meat
Saddle(s): Ichthyosaurus Saddle (Level 10)
Rider Weaponry: Yes
Humans Can Carry: No

The Island

The Center


Scout: While it initially has a lower sprinting speed than the Plesiosaur and Mosasaurus, it gains the highest absolute Value (135) per Level and can easily grow to be the fastest underwater mount other than the manta. Sprinting may also be maintained due to low Stamina drain (Level Speed and some Stamina).

Black Pearl Farmer: It can be used to farm Eurypterids since it is the only mount besides the Angler that has no knockback, which usually has a massive effect on the Eurypterids, and because of that they may be constantly attacked and killed effortlessly by the Ichthy. A big advantage compared to the Angler is that the Ichthy does not gain any torpor, which the Eurypterids can massively inflict (Level Health and Melee Damage).


The Ichthy is unable to be tamed through the standard tranquilize-and-feed methods, and must be tamed non-violently.

To feed it, place the food on the last slot of your hotbar, then when approached press use (default E) to feed it. You cannot feed them all the food required for taming at one time, you must wait every couple of minutes until it is hungry again to feed it more until its taming meter is filled.

The Ichthyosaurus will nuzzle up to tamed aquatic creatures, so using them to help tame them is recommended.

The Ichthyosaurus may try to swim away while you are taming it.

It will co-habitat with Megalodons and Mantas, which together with the water can make Taming them a bit dangerous.

The Kibble for the Ichthy is made with:
1 × Dodo Egg
1 × Rockarrot
1 × Cooked Meat
2 × Mejoberry
3 × Fiber
1 × Water



Before patch 183.2, Ichthyosaurs would die if even a fraction of them was above the water.

As Ichthys are reptiles, the lack of an oxygen attribute is an error.

They are one of the few species in ark to retain their eating animation after they are tamed. However their eating animation is slightly glitched as their long snouts actually cross each other.

Ichthys attract Megalodons. Be careful while trying to find them a safe place.

Although being attracted to water pets may be a benefit for players looking to tame one, AFKing for even a few minutes could attract enough to stop your Plesio or Mosa from moving.

If you tranq a creature, like a Parasaur, and it slides into the ocean where Ichthys are present, the Ichthys will attack and eat the drowned creature.


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