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Sep 20, 2022




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Many players are gearing up to start getting their prized players in Madden 24 Ultimate Team. If you’re new to the mode, players have worked out a way to obtain huge numbers of players - opening packs. Packs in FUT 24 are treasure troves, containing players, uniforms, and other valuable assets. But sometimes, finding and opening these packs can be a tad confusing; for example, you’ve ever won a pack and don’t know where it went. Let’s simplify the process for you.

Locating and Opening Packs:

Finding Unopened Packs:
On the main Ultimate Team menu, just above “Challenges,” you’ll find “Unopened Packs” if you have any.
Alternatively, within the “Marketplace,” above the “Store” option, you’ll see the same “Unopened Packs” option.

Opening the Pack:
Navigate to “Unopened Packs” and select it.
Here, you’ll see a list of all the packs you’ve yet to open.
To open a pack, simply select it and follow the on-screen prompts.

Making Selections Within Packs:
Some packs, like the “North S1 Uniform Fantasy Pack,” offer multiple choices.
Navigate through the options using the left stick and select the one you prefer.
Confirm your selection, and the item will be added to your inventory.

Purchasing Packs:
Packs can be purchased from the “Marketplace” using points (real money) or in-game MUT 24 Coins.
Special offers occasionally appear, offering discounted packs or unique bundles.

Earning Packs Through Objectives:
In the “Live Events” tab, you can find objectives that, when completed, reward you with packs.
As you earn XP and level up in the game, you’ll unlock additional packs. For instance, reaching level 14 might earn you a “Max Fantasy Pack.”

All in all, packs are an integral part of Madden 24 Ultimate Team, offering a chance to enhance your team significantly. By understanding where to find and how to open these packs, you’ll be better equipped to build a championship-caliber squad.

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