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Mar 24, 2019




From the Valorant website ...

Now let’s clarify a few things as we set ourselves up to meet this demand. First, here’s how Closed Beta entitlements work at a high level. They work differently than Twitch’s regular drop program because we’re tracking and entitling for access on our databases (so we can apply another layer of scrutiny).
  • You need to link your Riot account with your Twitch account and start watching VALORANT Twitch streams with drops enabled (we hope you’ve all done this already!).
  • Once you’ve passed a certain threshold of a couple hours watched on those streams (it’s roughly 2 and we are tracking by total VALORANT stream view time), you’re eligible for a Closed Beta entitlement drop.
  • That said, everyone else who has watched at least a few hours of streams is also eligible, and we have limited slots on our servers. Yesterday at a rough count we saw peak viewers at 1.7m+ on Twitch, but there were definitely more who came in and out during the day. All of you are eligible for a drop—a few of you may even have woken up to one in your inbox!
  • Speaking of which, aside from server outages (when we pause new entitlements), throughout the day and night, we are constantly taking everyone who’s eligible for a drop and we give a percentage of them Closed Beta access.
  • The selection is random to give fairness, but we give a higher ‘weight’ to those of you who have more hours watched of VALORANT streams. This weight gives you a higher chance at being selected but it’s still not guaranteed.
  • Hours watched also has diminishing returns, so please don’t burn yourself out trying to marathon VALORANT streams.
Now some reassurances:
  • We are actively looking into account sellers. If you buy an account for VALORANT access, please be aware that your account could be banned before launch!
  • We’re aware of all the viewbotting going on, and do want to reassure you that both us, and Twitch have filters in place to distinguish bots vs. people.
  • You can’t get keys from player support!
  • We’re also aware of a few of you getting “double drops” via Twitch. That’s a UI error but is not taking away anyone else’s entitlement.
  • You do not need to be on Twitch the very moment you get a drop. Take a break! With every wave of entitlements we do, you’re eligible and will be notified if you made it, even after you’ve turned off your streams.
  • You don’t need to have multiple streams open to increase your chances, and you don’t need to be AFK through the night on streams.
  • For those of you who have been marathoning VALORANT streams In the hopes of getting a drop … we see you. There’s a shockingly large amount of you, but we should have known this. We can’t guarantee anything but we hope we can reward you for your dedication. Please take a break, we’ll try to get you.

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