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Jul 20, 2022




Apex Legends Season 15’s golden ticket teaser has been expanded and players who’ve collected it can get a sneak peek at a brand new map. Here’s how you can access the new map.
Apex Legends Season 15 is nearly here and fans already know a bit about the upcoming season including the brand-new Legend, Catalyst.
Before developer Respawn officially revealed Catalyst, the team teased even more Season 15 info through the in-game Golden Ticket teaser event, called “A New Home” which was set to unlock on October 19, 2022.
Now, those who’ve crafted a Golden Ticket can fully access the “A New Home” event, which lets players explore a small section of Season 15’s new map. Here’s how you can access the teaser event.
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How to access the “A New Home” teaser
Accessing the new map is simple and can be done from the Apex Legends lobby menu.
You simply need to click on the “Play Apex” icon which allows them to change which game mode they will queue into.
At the top right corner, those who’ve crafted a Golden Ticket in any Battle Royale match should see a small icon labeled “A New Home,” which was previously locked behind a countdown timer.
Now, the teaser should be fully unlocked. Queuing into the teaser event will allow you to explore a small section of the upcoming Season 15 map, which is actually set on Boreas’ destroyed moon, Cleo.

Where to find a Golden Ticket in Apex Legends
Obtaining a Golden Ticket is easy and can be done in any Battle Royale match. Players must locate a replicator on the field and craft their own Golden Ticket for 125 crafting medals.
Once you’ve gathered 125 crafting medals, simply locate a crafter and make a Golden Ticket at the top of the crafting wheel.
On top of the Golden Ticket, you will also be rewarded with a Legendary gold weapon complete with all its attachments.
And that’s everything you need to know about accessing the “A New Home” teaser event in Apex Legends. With Season 15 dropping on November 1, 2022, it won’t be long until fans can fully explore this brand-new map shown off in this teaser event.

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