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May 13, 2016




This Week in Fever HotS and SC2 - December 4th, 2016

Message from the HotS CO-Company Commander

Hello Fever HotS and SC2,

Last month we had a lot of great game nights so if you're looking to have some fun, make sure to check them out. If you have any suggestions on how to improve game nights feel free to contact either myself, or the game night host.

Make sure to log onto Teamspeak when your playing games. This is the best way for people to find you and to form larger parties. Sometimes there might not be anyone online but doesn't there always have to be a first? Why not make that person you! Yes, you'll get yelled at by the server bot if you don't talk to it but if your looking to form a group, that is the best way to do it.

Towards Mid-December I'll be hosting a Role-Playing game night for HotS. I haven't finished all the details for it but I plan on recording it and sharing it with our Youtube team. This way we can show how much fun you can have acting like the Heroes you like to play. The event will be sign up only and space will be limited so if you haven't done so already send me a PM expressing your interest. If you wish to spectate the game night but you don't want to Role-Play I'll try to set up a stream for you to watch. If I'm unable to do that we can work something out. All that will be revealed once I finalize the last few details.

If you have any suggestions as to how to improve the section (either HotS or SC2) please let us know. We are always looking to provide the best possible experience for you all, but we can't read minds sadly. So speak up if you think something would help. No suggestion is a bad one.

Lastly, I'd like for everyone to try something for me over the next few days or however long you feel like. While you are out there playing games. If you meet someone that you really liked playing with, shoot them a message in game letting them know and inviting them to join us here at Fever. In-Game recruiting is the best and most successful way to bring new members into our community. The more players we have the bigger and better game nights will be. And you'll always have people to team up with. Yes, they might ask you some questions about the clan but if you don't know the answer just send them my way. Arimil#1551 is my battle tag.

See you around Fever!

|Fever| Arimil |MAJ|
HotS Co-Company Commander

Fever HotS/SC2 Jobs:


In-Game - Recruits players they meet through playing games and occasionally posts a message in the General Chat or other Chat Channels within HotS. For SC2 you could post in any of the public chat channels there.
LFG - Recruits players by visiting various forums related to their game and finds people who are looking for a group of players to play with.
Recruiting Team - Recruits players by creating and/or bumping a thread on a forum related to their game. The thread should contain relevant information to the game section within Fever.

Coach - Aids players by helping them improve their game play or answering any questions someone might have about the game they coach for.

Game night Host
- Schedules and Hosts game nights for the game of their choice.

Game night Co-Host
- Aids Game Night Hosts during game nights.
Weekly Newsletter staff - Helps create these newsletters.

PM [MENTION=68009]Arimil[/MENTION] if you are interested in any of these jobs or would like more detail

Fever HotS/SC2 News:

[MENTION=48443]KING3Rzz[/MENTION] has revealed his special event Check out the thread for more details and make sure to vote on when you'd like it to be held.
[MENTION=68009]Arimil[/MENTION] will be hosting a Role-Playing Game night for HotS in mid-December. Once all preparations are made details will be released. This will be a sign up only event so if you are interested make sure to let Arimil know

Remember to add your IGN to the Fever Clan list. Click here for Hots and here for SC2.

If you need to be invited to Fever’s in game clan in SC2 let [MENTION=68009]Arimil[/MENTION] or [MENTION=34692]Synizta[/MENTION] know.

Looking for HotS coaching? Check out our coaching thread here to see when our coaches are available

[MENTION=66723]Requ1em[/MENTION] is looking for Artwork or Video created by our members. Want to show off something you made as part of Fever, or made a video for a game you play. Send him a PM about it. See here for more details.

HotS Monday Night Game Night
Hosted by [MENTION=72181]Towellee[/MENTION] starting at 10PM EST
EU Game night is hosted by [MENTION=54415]Juugo[/MENTION] on the first Saturday of each month starting at 3 PM UTC
SC2 Thursday night game night Hosted by [MENTION=68009]Arimil[/MENTION] and [MENTION=71602]Lustrum[/MENTION] starting at 11PM EST

Around the Forum

[MENTION=68009]Arimil[/MENTION] shared Carbot’s newest IdBeCoolIf video. Check it out here and let us know what you think.
[MENTION=69449]Fizzy[/MENTION] is looking to help form new squads. You can let him know you are interested here.
[MENTION=67032]Flux[/MENTION] wants to know what you think is the best skin in HotS
[MENTION=71547]VileKnight[/MENTION] wants to know what you think of the newest addition to the Nexus, Varian. VileKnight also let us know that there is a XP boost in HotS.
@Jyion is looking for people to team up with for Team League
[MENTION=50947]BlackKnight[/MENTION] shared the newest patch to SC2 here.
Are you alive and want to play some StarCraft II? [MENTION=23759]lokela[/MENTION] wants to know!

That’s all for this week. See you on the forums and TS!

-Fever HotS and SC2 Team
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