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Jan 20, 2014
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As you all know, this friday (14th) Open Beta starts! But before that we have a list for this month's Update! Releasing tomorrow! Also with 3 new champions:
Mecha Superman, Green Arrow and Aquaman!

I Highlited the most important Patch Note for ya!

System Alerts: High Importance Changes

Trial Computation Systems Modified: Practice Sector Now Available
By community request, we've added a brand new practice mode to the game! Now you and up to 4 other champions can visit a practice version of Coast City Marina! In this brand new practice map, you'll be able to try out character abilities and push lanes without having to worry about another team attempting to wreck your face. The practice version of Coast City Marina works just like the normal version in every way, except there will be no enemy Champions. To access the practice version of Coast City, simply choose "Practice Mode: Coast City Marina" from the map selection screen.

Full General Patch Notes (Recommend you to read this!)
Full Champion Patch Notes (Smart to read what changes were made to your favourite champ!)
Full Artifact Patch Notes(Well hey! Your favourite artifact might have changed! Check it out!)

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