GW2 Beginner Needs Your Opinions


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Jun 8, 2013
The Kumpyootair
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Hey all, I had played a bit of WoW and years of Runescape back in the day. As for GW2, I have touched on it here and there - probably about 12 hours of gameplay. That gameplay was a while ago though.

I am curious as to what are your guys favorite, least favorite things about the game? I am looking to find where i fit in GW2, if its the game for me


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Feb 1, 2015
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You should drop in on the Gw2 discord channel either in the morning or evening Est as we are often on and you can ask us all the questions that you like. Many of our players have multiple characters of different races covering most if not all of the classes.

Groups are often running anything from general help with maping and story right through dungeons and fractals recently.

As for me personally, I like the game because it feels fresh and new to me and also because of the wide variety of things to be done along with the fact that once I think I've found and seen everything in an area I end up finding a bunch new stuff that I'd not seen before.

Drop in some time and chat with us because I could probably type here all night with the good and the less good. Nothing is perfect afterall, but I do find myself always drawn back to the game. My hardest choice is always what to do next, mainly because there are so many choices.

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