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Jul 17, 2019




December 22, 2020: New Resident DJs and Music Locker DJ Missions

  • The following DJs has now been added to The Music Locker in Grand Theft Auto Online:
    Palms Trax and Keinemusik (feat. Adam Port, &ME, and Rampa)
  • New DJ Missions have also been added, which task players with helping Keinemusik and Palms Trax establish themselves in Los Santos.
  • The following Radio Stations have also been added:
    The Music Locker Radio (feat. mixes from all resident DJs at The Music Locker)
    Still Slipping Los Santos (Joy Orbison)
  • The following Vehicles have also been added to GTA Online:
    Grotti Itali RSX sports car (Legendary Motorsport)
    Dinka Veto Modern (Southern San Andreas Super Autos)
  • This week’s Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel (one free spin, daily) rewards:
    Progen Tyrus
    Clothing, etc.
  • Players who take part in the Cayo Perico Heist can claim the following bonuses from now until Jan. 14:
    Manor Tie-dye Tee (Complete Scoping Mission)
    Rockstar Gray Pattern Tee(Prep Mission)
    Panther Tour Jacket (Complete Heist Finale)
  • Players who participated in The Heist Challenge by completing a Heist during the event will obtain the following for free:
    Panther Varsity Jacket
  • Players can claim discounts on the following:
    Executive Offices and Customizations (40% Off)
    Pegassi Tempesta (40% Off)
    Ocelot Penetrator (40% Off)
    Pfister Comet SR (40% Off)
    Coil Rocket Voltic (40% Off)
    Blazer Aqua (40% Off)
  • The Executive Offices and Customizations on sale for 40% off include the following:
    Maze Bank West
    Arcadius Business Center
    Lombank West
    Maze Bank Tower
    Organization Name Change
    Money Safe
    Gun Locker
    Personal Assistant
  • New Cayo Perico Stickers have also made their way to Giphy and Instagram, including some depicting the following:
    Music Locker resident DJs
    El Rubio
    Pegassi Toreador
    and more
  • Players who have linked their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming and play this week will obtain the following for free:
    Ubermacht Sentinel Classic
  • Players who linked their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming can obtain the following:
    Kosatka Submarine’s Sonar Station (100% Off - Rebate)
    HVY Nightshark (80% Off)
    Itali GTB (80% Off)
    Itali GTB Custom (80% Off)

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