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  • Earn Triple Rewards (GTA$ & RP) for the following:

  • Earn Double Rewards (GTA$ & RP) for the following this week:
    Vehicle Cargo Sell Missions
    VIP/CEO Work and Challenges

  • Earn Doubled Salaries for the following this week:
    Bodyguard and Associate Work

  • Players who source a certain number of vehicles in Vehicle Cargo Steal Missions will obtain the following bonuses, to be received by June 30th:
    GTA$250,000 (Five or more vehicles sources)
    GTA$500,000 (Ten or more vehicles sources)

  • This week’s Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel (one free spin, daily) rewards:
    Overflod Entity XF
    Clothing, etc.

  • Players who log in to Grand Theft Auto Online this week can obtain the following for free:
    Vinewood Boulevard Radio T-Shirt

  • The following Executive Privileges are available this week:
    Free Pegasus concierge services
    Change Office Assistant for free (CEOs)
    Rename Organizations for free (CEOs)

  • Players can also enjoy the following for free this week:
    Diamond Casino Bar & Music Locker drinks

  • Players can claim discounts on the following content this week:
    Executive Offices & Renovations (50% Off)
    Vehicle Warehouses (30% Off)
    Pfister 811 (40% Off)
    Benefactor Stirling GT (40% Off)
    Dewbauchee Seven-70 (40% Off)
    B-11 Strikeforce (35% Off)
    Buckingham Volatus (35% Off)

  • Players who linked their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming can obtain the following:
    Buckingham Valkyrie (70% Off)
    Dinka Sugoi (80% Off)
    GTA$100,000 (Login Bonus)

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