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1. Introduction
Guardian, in short is a program for making solo public lobbies using a GTA- specific firewall, becoming the host of that session, and inviting your friends in while blocking out the more shady random players or modders from ruining your experience with GTA. Guardian isn't necessary; some people use just their firewall to block the port that brings new players in. While that works, it can be a little technical, and if someone disconnects the port will have to be reopened to let them in. Guardian uses whitelists and blacklists so anyone you want to come in, all you need is them on your cloud whitelist, their IP, or temporarily open the ports and whitelist the session using Auto whitelist.

You can get Guardian at: DigitalArc: Software, tools, services

2. Guardian- What can it all do?
It can create solo sessions, whitelisted sessions, blacklisted sessions,Auto whitelisted sessions, Kick randoms, Kicking by IP and cloud support. The most important ones will be Solo, auto whitelisted , and new sessions.

3. That all sound cool, but explain what each does.

Solo session- It's just you in a solo public session. Not even your friends are allowed.
Whitelisted- Anyone's IP you have or cloud connected person (if you sign up for it!) will be allowed in the session without having to open the ports.
Auto whitelisted- Your best friend. If you are the host (first person in the lobby) you can save all the session's people for a temporary whitelist.
Blacklisted- Less used; anyone's IP you have on your blacklist is not allowed in the session. Even random people.
Kick unknowns- If you are the host, it will kick anyone that you don't have on your whitelist. That may include friends, so be careful.
New session- Essentially is same as solo session, but anyone is allowed back in. It will make you host.
Lists- Where you go to manage the custom IP's and the cloud IP's. I'll go more into detail later.
Kick by IP- Will kick a player if you have their IP and you are host.
Token- For DigitalArc's cloud feature. A way of "logging in"- Keep your token private.
Support zip-Don't worry about this, it's for the devs.
Quit- Closes the program

If you ever need to go back on any screen in Guardian hit CTRL+C

4. Creating your own whitelist

Creating your own whitelist is easy If you have your friend's IP. You can ask them to go to IP Chicken - What is my IP address? Free public IP lookup. to get their IPv4 IP. IPv6 doesn't work with guardian.


  1. Go into Lists>Custom>Add
  2. Add a name
  3. Enter their IP.
5. The cloud and you- How does it work?
DigitalArc has a cloud feature that will allow you to share your details with someone without sharing your IP. (sign up at DA - Register)

Quoting the DigitalArc FAQ:


  1. [On the website] In the top right corner click your username
  2. My account
  3. Show token / Get token
  4. Copy this token
  5. Open guardian
  6. Navigate to token
  7. Right click paste
  8. Enter
  9. Cloud is activated
  10. Restart to sync your IP
DigitalArc on the whitelist lobbies and how to add friends:

Make sure you have activated guardian cloud.

Make sure you are friend with your friend on our website

Request permission from your friend:

Go to lists
  1. Cloud
  2. Request permission
Have your friend accept it.

When you have requested permission from your friend and your friend has accepted it

Enable your friend:
  1. Go to Lists
  2. Cloud
  3. Select
  4. Navigate to your friend(s)
  5. Press space to select them (white dot should appear)
  6. When you have selected all your friends press enter and you are ready.

Force a new session with "New session" then use "Whitelisted session" and "CTRL + C" to exit.

6: So is this against the rules? Will I get banned?

In my opinion, no, it's fine. This is the only real way to play the game without modders ruining your game session. Guardian is essentially a firewall, and it's taking advantage of how the existing mechanics work to protect you. I can tell you horror stories of modders and I can tell you hilarious stories, but what they are doing is totally against TOS and they will get banned eventually. Maybe not today, not tomorrow, but Rockstar is known for HUGE banwaves. I have used guardian since 2017 to protect me and my friends from modders, griefers and overall dicks that ruin the experience of lobbies. It's sad we actually have to do this, but it's the nature of the game and it's mechanics, and Rockstar's unwillingness to fix it.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below or DM me on discord, and I'll get to you ASAP.
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