eSports: GSL vs The World

So being just over a week out from GSL vs the World tournament starting on the 15th of August and finishing on the 18th of August.
Seeing as voting ended on the 1st.

Figured i'd post the participants and bracket for the tournament.

1. Dark (Z) vs Elazer (Z)
2. soO (Z) vs Time (T)
3. Maru (T) vs Stats (P)
4. Neeb (P) ShowTime (P)
5. Serral (Z) vs TY (T)
6. Trap (P) vs HeRoMarine (T)
7. Special (T) vs Reynor (Z)
8. Classic (P) vs Fantasy (T)

Solid line up of players and first round matches.

What first round matches stand out to you? For me Special vs Reynor should be a very good watch. Serral vs TY too. Though to be fair, all of the matches should be quite good to be fair.
Interested to see how Reynor, Serral and Neeb do personally.


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Aug 13, 2019
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Saw Special vs. Reynor round 3, the hybrid bio/mech one. Good watch. Also made me realize I am so VERY not at that level of play.
Also, nice LIJ pic.
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