Gauging an overall interest in Battlefield


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May 18, 2015
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I am curious about just how much of the community is interested in/plays/owns any of the more recent releases in the Battlefield series of games. I am trying to figure out what I should do as the content creator outside of simply posting patch notes as they come up and posting random stuff in threads. I want to see who all in the community would at least play the game if they knew how many others were willing to play any of the games. If we have enough interest in the series as a whole, I was thinking that maybe we could do stuff like raid random empty lobbies in the games and play with and against each other.

[MENTION=16209]Leo[/MENTION], I am wondering if there is anyone in the community who is doing recruiting for the Battlefield series and if there isn't, would it be possible to get someone to do a little recruiting. I know that most games are fun when played as a group and I want to have some people that tend to play the game a lot and would play with clanmates if they were in Fever.

EDIT: Note this is for anyone to respond to whether you have the games or not.

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