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We haven't been touching on this point in the past little while. So just to cover the bases; All the gaming sections should be posting the patch notes for their games. There are some sections that do, don't, and/or won't post the patches. So we have tasked the MOTF section with starting to identify what sections have been accomplishing this, which sections needs patch forums or threads made, and which sections do not have the man power to make it happen on their own. The ultimate responsibility falls to the gaming sections -- but the MOTF will supplement the patch notes if your section cannot. Please reach out to them if you fall into this category and they will also be reaching out to you. We understand that not all sections will not be able to accomplish this on their own. However, its a simple task that anyone should be able to do: Enlisted, Officers, Generals, Leaders; there is nothing special about posting patches notes and/or patch review notes that would prevent anyone from doing this -- including guests.

- Within the past 6 months, we've received over 100 application just from people finding our forums via search engines

Why are we wanting this accomplished?
- It allows our members to easily see changes for their game
- Posting Patches allows people for those games to readily find us via search engines
- It gives people something to read
- It brings more activity to the forums at the end of the day and overall FeverClan

Who can make this happen?
- Anyone, nothing should prevent you from posting patches in any section or game
- Ultimately the section lead should have a plan of action to ensure the patches are being posted in a timely manner -- especially main game sections

Whose heading up this project?
- [MENTION=49446]Daddy[/MENTION] and [MENTION=1582]saud[/MENTION] are the main project leads -- to supplement already assigned tasks to gaming sections

How do I help out?
- Start Posting! Anyone and everyone should be able to post patch notes and/or reviews
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