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To start with a few words, I made the game from scratch, so chances are it might be unbalanced, but we'll find out only by playing. Contrary to other games, this one heavily incorporates a "chance factor" meaning actions are based on a percentage success chance. They might not always be performed, or special effects can be triggered at random times during play. I'd like to hear any questions or suggestions as to how the game can be improved.


As in the Mafia game, we have the roles, the factions and the turns. There is a Work turn, which represents daytime and lasts 48 hours, and the Sleep turn which represents the night, and lasts 24 hours. The game always starts in the Sleep turn. During the Sleep turn, the able roles, will perform their actions. During the Work turn, the able roles will perform their actions, and the players may vote to euthanize a player in hopes of removing from the game a player of the opposing factions. The faction win conditions can be read further down.

Only players of the non-human factions, can communicate with each other about the game strategy. Humans must only post in the threads. Anyone inactive for 72 hours straight will be removed from the game.

The Hydraei is the only faction able to carry a Sleep turn kill after its members decide on the target.


The year is 4212. As humankind keeps expanding in the universe, so does the number of their enemies. The Battlecruiser named "Gaea" is the biggest and most well equipped ship in the human fleet and has been a major factor in the fight for intergalactic expansion. As such it has also drawn the most attention from the rivaling factions, which will now try to infiltrate and gain control of the ship.

FACTIONS - Short lore


-The Human faction originates from the planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy.
-It's steadily expanding in the universe one step at a time.
-In comparison to the rest factions they have the most advanced weaponry and defense systems, average cybernetics advancement, and no psionic abilities.


-The Hydraei is the most mysterious species known to exist and their origin is unknown.
-They are a much bigger civilization than the rest two factions, and they can be found in all corners of the universe. Their tactics are not clear, but whatever it is they do, it is working.
-In comparison to the rest factions they have average weaponry and defense systems, the most advanced cybernetics, and low psionic resistance.
-Because of their advanced cybernetics in combination with their unique life-form, they are able to shape-shift to anything they want; in this occasion humans.


-The Molequil originate from the Brigin planet in the Cane galaxy.
-While physically less advanced than the rest factions, their brains have grown in incomprehensible ways thus giving them unique abilities. Having the lowest numbers, they have been exemplary in diplomatic relations. They know however that this won't be enough.
-In comparison to the rest factions they have low weaponry and defense systems, average cybernetics advancement and numerous psionic abilities.
-They have the ability to invade in other lifeforms' thoughts. They can appear as anything they want -in this occasion humans- to other humans. There is a small chance that Hydraei will resist their thought alteration.



The Commander is the most important Human role. The Commander can't die or get mind invaded during the first Sleep turn. On every Sleep turn the Commander might choose to send a Scout after a player. The Scout will follow that player and will inform the Commander of that player's action, either that was visit, kill, mind invasion or construction. If the Commander dies the players may call for a vote in order to appoint a new Commander.

Since the Commander always sends out his scouts on his behalf, he will always appear idle at Sleep turn.

The Quartermaster is the second most important role for the Humans. The Quartermaster can choose to use between two abilities during a Sleep turn.

1) The Quartermaster places an energy shield in someone's room. That shield will attempt to protect them from all physical damage and therefor they won't be killed. The shield doesn't protect from psionic abilities however. That shield will remain there until the Quartermaster decides to move it somewhere else.
2) The Quartermaster places a portable turret in someone's room. That turret will kill anyone that visits that room, at that sleep turn. The turret acts second to any other actions that happened in the room. That turret will remain there until the Quartermaster decides to move it somewhere else.

Only one of these two constructions can be up at a time.

Malfunction: 5% chance the shield won't work. 5% chance the turret kills anyone who is inside the room.

The Engineer is responsible to maintain the robots in optimal shape. The Engineer can choose to use between two abilities on every Sleep turn.

1) The Engineer launches a auto-repair sequence on a robot. After the end of a full work/sleep cycle the robot will be repaired back to its original form, thus losing any upgrades it had prior to its destruction. The repair will carry out even if the Engineer dies.
2) The Engineer launches an upgrade sequence on a robot. After the end of a full work/sleep cycle the robot will gain a secondary passive ability. The upgrade will carry out even if the Engineer dies.

While the Engineer is in play there is a 5% chance that a robot will not be damaged from a single source per turn.

Laboratory Robot:
The Lab Robot is responsible for the medical treatment of the crew. The Lab Robot can choose to use between two abilities during a Sleep turn.

1) The Lab Robot attempts to revive a player of any faction that dies during the current Sleep turn. 33% chance. It can occur successfully only once per game.

If upgraded:
2) The Lab Robot launches a biologic scan on a player. If successful the scan will reveal the faction of the player to everyone. 15% chance.

In case of a malfunction the Lab Robot might get a wrong biologic scan report.

Navigation Robot:
The Nav Robot is responsible for keeping track of the crew's whereabouts. The Nav Robot can choose to use between two abilities during a Sleep turn.

1) The Nav Robot attempts to track the whereabouts of a player. If successful it will receive a report on whether the player moved or not. 50% chance.

If upgraded:
2) The Nav Robot attempts to remotely lock a player's door. If successful it will block any actions of that player for the current Sleep turn, excluding mind invasion. 80% chance.

In case of a malfunction the Nav Robot might 1) mix the whereabouts of a player with another one, 2) lock an extra random human player's door.

The Captain initiates role checks. Once per Sleep turn, he can run a check on the player's ID. 75% chance. If the visited person is a human or a Shapeshifter, the Captain will find out their apparent role. If the visited person is not human, or Shapeshifter the Captain will receive no report.

When there is a vote for a new Commander, in case of a tie the Captain's choice will be appointed.

The Private has no special actions.


Squad Leader:
The Squad Leader is responsible for the mission and for his troops' safety. The Squad Leader can choose to use between two Passive abilities on every Sleep turn.

1) The Squad Leader channels energy to every Hydraei's cybernetic implants, giving a 10% increased success rate on their actions.
2) The Squad Leader channels energy to every Hydraei's cloaking devices, giving a 10% chance that their movements or actions will not be seen and recorded.

There can only be one Passive ability up at a time. The passive ability will remain active indefinitely until the Squad Leader changes to another one, or until the Squad Leader dies.

The Shapeshifter attempts to transform into other roles. 75% chance. If the Shapeshifter visits a human, he will appear to be that role from now on until the next visit, if there ever is one. If he visits a Molequil, there is a 90% chance of assuming the role of the Private, and 10% chance that the Molequil's identity will be revealed to everyone.

The Kidnapper attempts to kidnap a player during the Sleep turn. 75% chance. That player won't be able to perform any actions for the current Sleep/Work cycle (including voting). If the kidnapped target is Molequil, there is a 10% chance that the Molequil's identity will be revealed to everyone.

The Trooper is the first Hydraei that carries out a kill during the Sleep turn. If the Trooper dies the next ones to do the killing are the Kidnapper, the Shapeshifter, the Squad Leader, in that turn.

The Ambassador attempts to mind control a player. 90% chance. Can only attempt once every 48 hours. The mind controlled player will become a Puppet after 24 hours.

The Agent can choose to read a player's thoughts. 75% chance. If successful, the Molequil will learn the role of that player.

The Puppet has no special powers.


There is 5% chance in every Work and Sleep turn that a player will find a piece of equipment which he can use for the rest of the game. If a player owning a piece of equipment dies, that item will become available to be found again.

Cdr Bogo's Fudgegun - The Fudgegun is a customized artifact handgun, once owned by Gaea's first Commander; Bogo. It has only 1 shot, which is nonetheless devastating.

A player that finds the Fudgegun will be able to choose a target and shoot him. 100% chance to kill.

Agent Zion's Manipulator Headset - The AZ's Manipulator is an old prototype headpiece created by Agent Zion of the Molequil race, who experimented creating a device with which one could mind control other species, or even the Molequil.

A player that finds the Manipulator may attempt to read someone's thoughts. 50% chance of learning the chosen player's role. If the target is Molequil, the target will be notified that the item was used against them.

Phoenix Ragestick - This wooden, phoenix shaped artifact is of unknown origin.

The Ragestick is precious. A human player owning the Ragestick gains an extra 5% chance progressively on every turn, to go on rage-mode if the requirements are met.

If a Hydraei or Molequil player owns the Ragestick, they will automatically be able to go on rage-mode like the humans (the default 10% chance).

Cpt Rafaeli's Communication Implant - This implant prototype was created by Cpt Rafaeli, one of the engineers that first conceived the creation of Gaea. The implant would allow one, to communicate in any language they wanted to.

Unfortunately the Implant doesn't work as intended. A player owning the implant might trigger one of two effects:

1) The player has 5% chance of making a wrong report if their role permits it.

2) The player has 5% chance of voting for a different target than the one they had chosen initially.

Cdr Virus's Invisibility Suit - This invisibility suit was created by one of the more recent Commanders of Gaea; Virus. Sometimes everyone deserves a break.

The player owning the Suit, has 10% chance of avoiding any actions performed against them, excluding euthanasia. Once per game, the player owning the Suit, may choose to stay completely invisible for a single turn, thus increasing the chance to avoid any actions performed against them, to 90%.


The random events are effects triggered by specific conditions tied to the progress of the game. Whether a random event gets in effect or not depends solely on luck. The GameMaster will do a %roll. The information about the random events (excluding Rage) will not be public and will only be sent to the affected players.

Rage - 10% One player will go rage-mode and randomly shoot another player. Only non-mind controlled Humans can go rage-mode. This can happen only once per player.

1) This might trigger if a Human player gets euthanized, provided there is another Human player that didn't vote against them.
2) This might trigger if a Human's love partner dies.

Love - 10% One player of any faction will become the love partner of another player of any faction. Love partners cannot act against each other, including voting. They can still vote and act against other players. A love effect lasts for a full work/sleep cycle (max 72 hours). The love partners visit each other at night. This can happen only once per player.

1) It might be randomly triggered on any Work turn.
2) This might trigger between a player that is nominated for euthanasia and a player that didn't vote against them (only takes effect if the first player does live).

Infection - 5% One player will be infected due to contact with the other species. The infected player will live for one more work turns and die in the next immediate sleep turn. Death due to infection can not be avoided. The infected player has two choices: They can either isolate themselves and diminish the chances of the infection spreading, or pick one player to hang out with and have them assume the infection upon death. The player will need to take a decision within the first 24 hours otherwise he will be isolated by default. Any player that inherits the infection from another player will not be notified for it and will live for one more work/sleep turn before dying. This might happen only once per game.

1) This might trigger once with the beginning of every work turn.

Malfunction - 5% One deployed construction or robot of any faction will fail to work correctly for one turn. This might happen only once per robot or construct during the game.

1) This might trigger at the beginning of every turn.

Revelation - 3% One Human player will wake up and follow a random player, and thus get to know everything that player did. This might happen only once per game.

1) This might trigger at the beginning of every sleep turn.

Hydraei Passive - 10% Any Hydraei player will resist any psionic attack directed to them.


There are 2 turns in the game. The "Work" turn and the "Sleep" turn.

Work turn: This turn lasts 48 hours.

This is the turn where Humans try to find the infiltrators.

During this turn the crew may vote in order to euthanize one person they might think as an infiltrator. There needs to be a majority of votes for someone to be euthanized.

During this turn there is a chance that the "Rage" and "Love" random events might occur.

During this turn the Molequil can perform any actions that pertain to their roles, at any time.

During this turn there is a chance that the "Infection" and the "Malfunction" random events might occur.

Sleep turn: This turn lasts 24 hours.

This is the turn where the Hydraei perform the actions that pertain to their roles.

During this turn the Humans can perform any actions that pertain to their roles.

During this turn the Molequil can perform any actions that pertain to their roles.

During this turn there is a chance that the "Malfunction" random event occurs.

During this turn there is a chance that the "Revelation" random event occurs.


The Humans have to get rid of all their opponents in order to win the game.

The Hydraei have to be more or equal in numbers to the humans & the Molequil combined.

The Molequil can win if either of the other races is eradicated, and are equal or more in numbers to the race left.


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Idea for an item. Already slightly discussed this with Cybernetcrash but was told to post it here.

Robot override codes.

It allows the owner of the item to apply said codes to a robot of choice, and make them do an action for them.
However, they need to know who the robot is and physically apply it, as it is a night action, and will be seen applying it too when scouted.
Function is still debatable as to if the robots actions are actually changed, or if they do 2 actions in a night. Seeing as the first option makes it a useless item for the human side

Second idea (which was actually the initial idea:

Killerbot override codes.

Similar to the previously mentioned override codes, it allows the user the install a set of override codes into a robot, that turns it into a killerbot for one night, allowing it to freely kill someone.

Its somewhat similar to Bogo's gun, as its a free kill item, but its still different, as you'll only get found out if someone scouts said robot the night of the override.

If nobody did that, you get to send it to someone and get it to kill someone without getting the blame for it
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