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Marvel Heroes!?
Dec 27, 2013





Some of you might have guessed it, but for those that didn't here it is. Our official first Free To Play game of the month is Marvel Heroes!
For more info about The Game Of The Month program and marvel heroes check out our game of the month section located here http://feverclan.com/forums/606-game-month.html

What is marvel heroes you might ask?

Marvel Heroes is a FREE-TO-PLAY action-packed massively multiplayer online game created by David Brevik, the visionary behind Diablo and Diablo 2.

Set in the iconic Marvel Universe, Marvel Heroes combines the core game-play style of Action RPGs and MMOs with the expansive library of heroes from the Marvel Universe. In the game, players can collect and play as their favorite Marvel Superheroes (including Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, Hulk, Spider-Man, Captain America and many others).
Team up with friends and try to stop Doctor Doom from devastating the world with the power of the Cosmic Cube in a story written by Marvel comic super-scribe Brian Michael Bendis.


The download process is fairly easy for marvel heroes. You have three options found at the the download page https://marvelheroes.com/download PC download, Mac download and Steam download. Personally I would recommend downloading the game through steam as it not only tracks your progress but you also get steam cards for playing the game.
Please note that this game is 13 gigabytes and might take up to 3 days to download on slow internet speed connections.


Once you get ingame you will be brought to a screen that looks much like this
Depending on when you start the game you will be able to choose one of the following characters.
Black panther
Black Widow
Captain America
Human Torch
Iron Man
Luke Cage
Rocket Racoon
At the time of posting this I would recommend you choose either one of the avengers as your first character as they get a bonus 50% XP till the end of the month or cyclops as he gets 10% bonus xp to all other characters once he hits level 50

Once you choose your character and get ingame you can level with him until level 10 then decide if he was the right one for you, Now you have a larger selection of characters to try which can be found by pressing T. Remember to try out other characters before unlocking someone to 60, once you unlock someone its final and there's no going back.


  • From level 1-25 or 30 – there are two options (or three rather) that you can use when you are in this early stage of the game. One is the Holo-Sim (or X-Mansion defense) and the other is pure grinding in ICP (Industry City Patrol). The reason why ICP is the ideal place for low level heroes is that, once you have finished an event, the map will give a box that contains items and exp that can help you on your grinding. (NOTE: Holo-Sim and/or X-Mansion Defense are much faster compared to the ICP grinding. But let me warn you though, there are times that you will have to wait in queue before you can jump in.)
  • From level 25 or 30-60 – Okay, now that the easy part is done, it is now time for the hard part of grinding in Marvel Heroes 2015. When you have reached level 25 (or 30, depends on your preference) it is now time to start doing terminals. Start with green first and finish all of them (leave Doctor Doom terminal for your last run. He’s one tough opponent to fight so gain as many level as you can first). Then while you are doing terminal run, you should also do legendary quests. That way you can save up some time and Odin Marks and double experience while you are at it.
  • Cube Shards – save all of your cube shards. This one is a must. Once you have accumulated 10 cube shards, go to Clea in Avengers Tower and buy Fortune Card Mark 1. If you are lucky, you might get the exp boost of 50% or even better, the 100% rare item find boost.
Additional info to keep in mind:

  • Keep doing terminals and collect cube shards at all times and do not forget the Legendary Quests.
  • Save all of your money because you are going to need it when you start doing legendary quests when you have to skip the ones you don’t like.
  • Do not accept story missions. Just go with Challenge and/or terminal ones and if you received the sentinel mission (Challenge, Mid Town), I would suggest that you skip it as it can take a lot of time with the search (if you are unlucky). When I did that quest, it took me almost 20 minutes to find one or two.



Credits are in-game money that can be obtained by killing mobs and bosses, opening chests from various dungeons or by selling items to the vendors. Credits can be used for crafting or for buying various equipment and healing items from the npcs or in the auction house.


The Gs is the currency being used for microtransactions for the game. When using Gs you will be able to access the item mall to buy Heroes, Costumes, Consumable Items and other stuffs available in the said item mall. Gs is obtained by spending real world money in the game's website through various ways that are available in the said website.

Cube Shards

Are items obtained after finishing various missions from one of the terminals located in all the safe zones. These Cube Shards can be used to buy items sold by Clea.

Legendary Marks of Odin

Also known as Odin Marks, are items obtained from doing Legendary Quests, these Marks can be used to craft Legendary Blessings and or purchase Legendary Items from Odin's Vault.

Crown of Valor

This is used to purchase various Signet Rings sold by Valkyrie that can be obtained from a pvp match.


This currency is obtained from PVP for defeating enemy players and giants, which can be traded for offensive and defensive PvP buffs, as well as various utilities.

Spirit of Ymir & Spirits of Ivaldi

These currency are used to purchase Siege Cases Spirit of Ymir can be found in Norway, and Spirits of Ivaldi can be found in Lower Asgard.

Eternity Splinters

Last but not least Eternity Splinters. This is going to be your main currency if you are going 100% free to play. Below is a very in-depth guide explaining all aspects of the ES currency.

How to Obtain

Eternity splinters will drop from all enemies except grays. You can tell what rating the mob is by viewing the solid color on the far right of the enemy's nameplate. Every ~8 minutes, as long as you're fighting, a splinter will drop. However, by increasing your hero's SIF (special item find), there will be a high chance of splinters occasionally dropping in packs of two, five, or even the rare ten pack.

Where to Spend Your Splinters

In every hub area, there is a vendor named Adam Warlock. Speak with him to access the splinter shop.

Character Values

Below is a chart of each hero and their corresponding splinter purchase value.

Black Widow 200 Splinters
Daredevil 200 Splinters
Hawkeye 200 Splinters
Scarlet Witch 200 Splinters
Storm 200 Splinters
Taskmaster 200 Splinters
Thing 200 Splinters
Black Panther 400 Splinters
Cable 400 Splinters
Captain America 400 Splinters
Colossus 400 Splinters
Cyclops 400 Splinters
Emma Frost 400 Splinters
Gambit 400 Splinters
Hulk 400 Splinters
Human Torch 400 Splinters
Invisible Woman 400 Splinters
Jean Grey 400 Splinters
Loki 400 Splinters
Luke Cage 400 Splinters
Moon Knight 400 Splinters
Mr. Fantastic 400 Splinters
Ms. Marvel 400 Splinters
Nightcrawler 400 Splinters
Psylocke 400 Splinters
Punisher 400 Splinters
Rocket Raccoon 400 Splinters
Silver Surfer 400 Splinters
Squirrel Girl 400 Splinters
Star-Lord 400 Splinters
Thor 400 Splinters
Wolverine 400 Splinters
Deadpool 600 Splinters
Dr. Strange 600 Splinters
Ghost Rider 600 Splinters
Iron Man 600 Splinters
Spider-Man 600 Splinters

Farming Tips
Of course, that's a lot of splinters. From other players' experiences and my own, here are some Eternity Splinter farming tips:

  1. Go to Midtown Manhattan. Reports have shown that the drop rates are higher here and there are frequent mobs and bosses.
  2. Purchase gear with +Special Item Find. As stated above, this will increase the likelihood that splinters will drop in packs of two, five, or ten.
  3. If you are good at multitasking, try the AFK (away from keyboard) method. Head out into an area with enemies, grab a splinter, then set a timer for 8 minutes. Do other things until the timer goes off, then come back and grab another splinter, then repeat.
  4. Don't fixate on what you're doing. If you check your splinter count every time you pick one up, it will seem like you are earning them very slowly. When you want time to fly, the worst thing to do is to look at the clock.
  5. A way to avoid fixating is to set another objective. It could be to earn a few level-ups, or find some Uniques. By the time you've made some progress on this goal, you'll have picked up a fair amount of splinters without realizing it too much.
  6. Don't fight alone! Marvel Heroes is an MMO, which is fancy code for multiplayer makes it better. Get together with some friends (it is not recommended that you get in a group, however, because this could cause you to miss out on splinters) and crush those villains! It's always more fun to combine many powers and strategies than to go around alone like a guy who works in an ice cream truck that no kids are buying ice cream from as you drive around the block 62.5 times. (Odd simile #55)


Team-Ups are non-playable heroes that can fight alongside you and provide passive bonuses. Much like companions in other MMOs, summoning a team-up can give you the edge you need in battle.
A list of all team ups currently in the game can be found here


A Team-Up Hero is a computer-controlled sidekick that accompanies you on your adventures. They can be purchased in the same way that Playable Heroes are: for in-game currency (Eternity Splinters) from Adam Warlock in any base, or for real money in the Cash Shop from the Team-Up tab.
There is a separate roster for Playable and Team-Up Heroes - since some heroes, like Spider-Man, are available as both, you should make sure you're looking at the one labelled as "Team-Up Hero".


At any given point, your one selected Team-Up Hero will either be:
ACTIVE - in the field of play near you, automatically attacking nearby enemies, or
INACTIVE - unseen, but often aiding you by buffing stats and/or using occasional ranged attacks from off-screen.
Team-Up Heroes can generally be summoned once every three minutes, and will remain Active for 30 seconds (or until defeated). They can provide a significant advantage when specced and geared properly, and I'd recommend all players pick one up and try it out.


There are four tiers of powers that unlock as you level. While the specifics of each power vary by character, there are some similarities (and in some cases, identical powers) across Team-Ups.


TIER 1 - MODE (unlocks at Level 1)

Power 1: Companion - A Team-Up Hero in Companion mode will always accompany you, rather than disappearing after 30 seconds. Companions do have health, however, and can be defeated - at which point they need to be re-summoned. This mode shares the same three-minute cooldown as others, and the timer begins on summoning. Recommended for: Story, Terminals, Industry City/Midtown Patrols. Required Stats: Health Regeneration.

Power 2: Assist
- When summoned, an Assist Team-Up will fight alongside you for 30 seconds before disappearing, but will do THREE TIMES the normal damage during that time. They will also heal 5% of their maximum health every second, making them almost impossible to defeat. As usual, a three-minute cooldown timer begins ticking down as soon as they are summoned, and they cannot be summoned again until it is completed. Recommended for: X-Defense, Holo-Sim. Required Stats: Damage Affixes.

Power 3: Passive
- When summoned, a Passive Team-Up will also fight alongside you for 30 seconds, but they only have the same levels of offense (and defense) that they would have in Companion mode. Passive heroes will also give you significant stat buffs whenever they are Inactive. These buffs vary by Team-Up Hero. Recommended for: Raids. Required Stats: Passive Buffs.


TIER 2 - BUFF (unlocks at Level 20)

Power 1: Bodyguard
- Your Team-Up Hero takes 10% of all damage you would while Active. Typically used with Companions, though even Companion Heroes may want to look elsewhere if they are having survivability issues.

Power 2: Loyal Ally
- Reduces the cooldown for summoning your Team-Up each time an enemy is killed and the Team-Up is Active. Especially useful for Assist heroes, but sometimes used for Companions.

Power 3: Treasure Hunter
- Increases RIF and SIF by 10% while the Team-Up Hero is Inactive. Popular for Passive heroes, sometimes used for Assists.


TIERS 3 and 4 - SPECIAL ATTACKS (unlocks at Level 40 and 50)

Powers 1 and 2:
Special Attacks used by the Team-Up Hero while Active, varying by Team-Up Hero.

Power 3:
Special Attacks used by the Team-Up Hero while Inactive, generally on longer cooldowns. Passive Specials use your own stats, not those of the Team-Up.

Regardless of your selection here, one unlisted Special Attack is always available to the Team-Up Hero while Active.



Make sure to pick up Team-Up Gear as it appears on the ground (left picture), as you'll need good pieces in all four slots. The Communications Relay and Hostile Unit Analyzer tend to come with offensive stats, while the Personal Defense Screen and Biometric Enhancer generally have defensive stats.
The affixes that can be found on these items are:

Consider Critical Chance, avoid Critical Damage and Brutal Chance. Available on Communicators and Analyzers.

Damage Resistance against all is good, but can only roll up to 5%. Damage Resistance against Physical, Energy, or Mental can roll up to 10%. Great for Companions. Available on Screens and Enhancers.

Increased Default or Special Attack Damage is always useful. Remember that many Special Attacks unlock later on, at Levels 40 and 50. Available on all item slots.



Many items buff your own stats, rather than the Team-Up Hero. Available on all item slots, though the particular stats that can be buffed vary by slot.

Reduces the summoning cooldown for your Team-Up Hero. Available on all item slots.


Q. Who should I choose for a Team-Up Hero?
A. Check out the guides by @IbRisen and @NullRage to see how specific Team-Up Heroes play. IbRisen has screenshots of all Team-Up Hero powers right HERE. If you'd rather see how they play out in-game, check out NullRage's video previews for each hero HERE.. Also, please give them both all of your awesomes. All of them.
Q: How can I keep my Companion Team-Ups from dying so often?
A: Equip a Biometric Enhancer with Health Regen, switch your Tier 2 Power to Loyal Ally, and re-summon Team-Ups as soon as they are defeated. Select Special Attacks that are Ranged where possible, or movement/teleport heavy if not. On average, my Team-Up Companion is resummoned 0-3 times in a single Cosmic Terminal run.
Q: Where can I find Team-Up Gear?
A: It drops everywhere, but purple Team-Up Gear is rare. I'd keep an eye out for the floating SHIELD symbol and collect the greens and blues as well, vendoring the bad ones. Purple Team-Up Gear is also available as a login reward every 10 days or so.
Q. Can I use Playable Heroes as Team-Ups and vice-versa?
A. No, the rosters are completely separate. For heroes that are available as both, like Spider-Man, you would need to purchase the appropriate Playable Hero and Team-Up if you wanted to use them as both.
Q: Are Team-Ups viable in endgame Raids?
A: There are large amounts of avoidable damage flying around in Raids, so they're tough to use as Companions when fighting bosses. They work fine in Assist and Passive mode, though. Keep in mind that Team-Ups count as heroes for the purpose of stacking in the first and last fights, so summon them when you see that green circle.


Hero Synergy Experience Bonus is basically Marvel Heroes's way of awarding people for hitting max level. After each level 60 you get bonus XP on all other characters. The amount of XP you get is as follows.

1 hero at level 60 = +30% xp bonus.

2 heroes at level 60 = +20% xp bonus (50% total).

3 heroes at level 60 = +15% xp bonus (65% total).

4 heroes at level 60 = +10% xp bonus (75% total).

5+ heroes at Level 60 = +5% xp bonus for each hero (in addition to the 75% bonus from the first 4 heroes you have at level 60).

Additionally, each level 30 hero grants a 1% XP bonus and each level 50 hero grants a 3% XP bonus.

You can achieve a max of a 200% XP bonus with this system. Your regular bonus xp from items, boosts, etc... isn't factored into the 200% max.


You can find many helpful promotional codes here http://orcz.com/Marvel_Heroes:_Promo_Codes

Thank you for reading this massive guide, This took me over 4 hours to compile so if you found any useful info in it please feel free to like and thanks.
Here is a few links to some useful resources in regard to this game.
https://www.youtube.com/user/wilfridwong/videos - By far the most up to date video content on marvel heroes.
http://marvelheroes.wikia.com/wiki/Marvel_Heroes_Wiki - Wikipedia on the game
http://forums.marvelheroes.com/ - Marvel heroes forum

If you have any questions about this game feel free to let me know and Ill gladly help you as much as i can. I look forward to seeing you ingame hero!


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