Forum Updates and Changes 5/12/19


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Apr 11, 2007
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Base Forum Upgrade performed on 5/12/19

Table Of Content

-- Enhanced Search

-- Trending

Showcase your most active and relevant content so your users can find current information and get involved fast. Trending is intricately calculated by several factors based on the content type. This will aid in increasing user involvement and improving user experience by helping them find the content they want to engage in quickly.

Administrator Features
  • Use Trending for threads, media items, and resources
  • Create widgets based on the trending configurations you set
  • Add navigation tabs for trending based on the content type
  • Limit to specific categories/nodes or allow all of them to be shown
  • Support for user group permissions
  • Set Trending to be made your default forum page in Basic Board Information
  • User Features
  • Access the most relevant information swiftly
  • Find the most active content to participate in quickly
  • See how threads move in the trending thread list with an indicator for position change
  • Determine trending threads by:
  • Age
  • Replies per minute
  • Views per minute
  • Reaction score per minute
  • Reaction score + views per minute
  • Replies + reaction score per minute
  • Replies + views per minute
  • Replies + views + reaction score per minute
  • Minimum replies
  • Minimum views
  • Minimum reaction score
  • Node
  • Determine trending media items by:
  • Age
  • Positive ratings (4 and 5 star) per minute
  • Views per minute
  • Comments per minute
  • Comments + views per minute
  • Positive ratings (4 and 5 star) + comments per minute
  • Positive ratings (4 and 5 star) + views per minute
  • Positive ratings (4 and 5 star) + views + comments per minute
  • Minimum positive ratings
  • Minimum views
  • Minimum comments
  • Category
  • Determine trending resources by:
  • Age
  • Positive ratings (4 and 5 star) per minute
  • Downloads per minute
  • Minimum positive ratings
  • Minimum downloads
  • Category

-- User Improvements

This add-on bundles up a whole bunch of functionalities that aim at improving your user experience. From colored usernames, username changes, additional privacy settings, and account self-deactivation to more connected accounts for easier login and registration. And most importantly a heavily improved trophy mechanism, including trophy categories, trophy chaining, and a user title ladder progress widget.

Features include:
  • Additional connected account providers:
  • Amazon
  • DeviantArt
  • Discord
  • Dropbox
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Twitch
  • Username changes including:
  • Permissions to determine:
  • Who can change their name.
  • How often they can do that.
  • Who can see the changelog.
  • Who can see the change dates.
  • Username change history.
  • User criteria for trophies and more!
  • Username coloring
  • Set up to 27 available colors for your users to chose their nickname color from via Style Properties.
  • Select who is able to change their username color.
  • User name color is applied to wherever rich text usernames are available.
  • User self account deactivation
  • Including additional self-reactivation within the next X days.
  • Permissions to determine:
  • Who can deactivate their account.
  • If they can reactivate it.
  • For how long they are able to reactivate it.
  • Trophies
  • Trophy categories allow for advanced trophy sorting.
  • Hidden trophies are a new way to send your users on the hunt for even more trophy points!
  • Trophy icons (FontAwesome or images) make trophies look and feel more awesome. They also can be styled with additional per-icon CSS!
  • The User Title Ladder widget shows your users their progress towards the next user title.
  • Predecessor trophies allow for trophy chaining.
  • An improved trophy help page offers more information for your users about their trophy progress.
  • The trophy showcase allows your users to display their most precious trophies on their profiles or in postbits!
  • Manually reward trophies to users.
  • Split the trophy list in the member profile into a separate tab.
  • Add style properties for trophy progress bar.
  • Add links to trophies in showcase.
  • Additional privacy settings.
  • Let users decide who can:
  • View their profile stats.
  • View their username change history.
  • Moderator permissions to bypass these settings.
  • Profile view counters allow your users to track how many people visit their profiles!
  • Additional permissions allow users to reset their view counters upon demand.
  • Including user criteria for trophies and more!


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Apr 11, 2007
Atlanta, GA
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Base Forum Upgrades:

Some of the changes include:
  • Update Font Awesome to 5.8.1.
  • Update Froala to version 2.9.4.
  • A number of fixes related to Stripe payment handling including performance optimization, and better error handling.
  • Ensure conversation recipient cache is correctly updated when users are merged.
  • Always link to the conversation/unread action from the conversation list/popup.
  • Do not reset conversation read-marking data when marking a conversation read/unread.
  • Add an AddUser relation to the XF TagContent entity.
  • Ensure user promotions and trophies are updated on session creation if user hasn't been active recently.
  • Ensure ignored members avatars are not shown as the last member in a list of second level categories.
  • Prevent URL unfurling entirely if the auto unfurl option is unchecked as this previously did not prevent forcing unfurling manually.
  • Remove unused sendmail -f parameter option. If the default sendmail command already specifies the -f parameter, attempt to remove it so it can be overridden later.
  • Attempt to improve prefix filtering performance on the search form.
  • When marking alerts read automatically for trophy awards, pass in the correct trophy IDs.
  • Even out the padding in the main message cell.
  • Make some adjustments to the sticky submit row to offset any bottom fixed notices.
  • Fix off-by-one error when handling the autolinking of URL tags.
  • Add optional hint to the labels input row when editing a bookmark.
  • When push notifications are disabled (globally or for a user) try to maintain the push conversations option value.
  • Use consistent lock/unlock wording for threads.
  • Ensure bounce emails are processed correctly when VERP is disabled.
  • Log user IP used for email confirmation
  • Extend the number of possible unicode replacements by including the EmojiOne "greedy" rules.
  • Correctly support specific autocomplete attribute types for registration and password changes.
  • Submit user's email address when checking for spam at the contact form.
  • Populate the session with the correct cache keys for unapproved counts.
  • Ensure last post username caches are passed to all avatar and username tags so that the default avatars of guest users display correctly.
  • Correctly handle embedding Imgur user URLs.
  • Handle more cases where pasted URLs are undesirably auto-linked.
  • Use a different label on the "Upgrade official XenForo add-ons" page to avoid confusion.
  • Fixes issue where numberbox buttons do not step the number up/down in IE11.
  • Coerce BB code to a string when parsing.
  • Display debug only options if applicable when viewing an add-ons specific options list.
  • Attempt to log the last triggered date of a banned email, even if it is a wildcard match.
  • Fix the success flash message when copying URL from the share_tooltip.
  • Send alerts for quoted posts on approval.
  • When unparsing BB code from HTML, include <s> tags.
  • Support embedding Facebook "photos" URLs.
  • Ensure that fullWidth buttons are actually fullWidth (if they are button elements, rather than anchors).
  • Use thread isIgnored method when filtering new threads results.
  • Prevent an out of range MySQL error when upgrading to XF 2.1.
  • Cast quoted post IDs to integers before querying for their user IDs.
  • Fix incorrect type hints in welcome message service.
  • Allow short circuiting of canEdit checks in the thread list macros item template.
  • Allow the hideUnviewable option to be passed into the string formatter as false when stripping BB code so that unviewable tags can be represented by their placeholder for profile posts and comments.
  • Constrain user IP searches by length to ensure IP versions aren't mixed.
  • Do not show following/follower users who are ignored by the current visitor on a user's profile.
  • Fixed variable typo in REST API thread filtering code.
  • Prevent some keyboard shortcuts in some cases when the rich text editor is focused when using IE11.
  • Ensure that editor HTML conversion maintains an attachment's height attribute.
  • Do not remove inactive class extensions from extension_hint.php.
  • Prevent long spoiler titles from breaking out of the viewport.
  • Make the line trimming around BB code list tags more consistent.
  • Invalidate the member stat results cache when the user limit changes.
  • When executing CLI commands, in the event that there is a database exception and a query, display that query in the error output.
  • Perform some additional string cleaning when filtering arrays of strings.
  • When viewing bookmarks, ensure the label filter is passed into the pagination.
  • Implement a (hopefully) temporary workaround for a macOS Chrome bug which causes the scroll bars to permanently cover party of the code in code blocks.
  • In the thread reply bans list, ensure the delete checkbox doesn't cover its label.
  • Only fetch content reactions for the reaction summary if it is associated with an existing user.
  • Restore gravatars for existing users which have them set, even if the option to add one is disabled.
  • Remove unused code from BB code tag renderer.
  • Add a less generic phrase for duplicate banned emails.
  • Add some additional explain text about the link building callback detailing the expected arguments.
  • Cast imported master phrase texts to string by default.
  • Ensure that content edit history diffs wrap correctly.
  • In a couple of places, use a count/total query when calculating the correct page number for profile posts.
  • Prevent an error in the member stats system when an empty result set is returned as an object instead of the expected array.
  • Perform some basic typo checking when validating email addresses via the contact form.
  • Changes text of "seperate_names_with_comma" phrase to "You may enter multiple names here."
  • When focusing the editor with an Android device, ensure that the contents are correctly scrolled into view.
  • Increase the BB code block sizing check window.
  • Take steps to reduce a race condition which may cause AJAX requests to not include the CSRF token.
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