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Oct 22, 2017
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Would anyone be interested in a Fever Fortnite Scrim/League Team?

I have found a Discord that host Leagues for Fortnite teams you play a game take a screenshot when you die and post it as proof [2 players per team must provided screenshots]. I am looking for 2 more players to represent Fever in the league it is Oceanic so the servers will be AUS/NZ etc the ping isn't amazing but it is still fine to play. This will bring a different type of gameplay a more Competitive type gameplay for this game which is pretty casual atm. If you are a competitive player and do not play Fortnite check it out here; Epic Games''' Fortnite.

Essentially it is similar to PUBG with a zone/storm that closes in on your forcing everyone into a certain area of the map. You can destroy buildings/cars/wildlife with pickaxes to collect materials [ wood,stone and metal] to then use to build bases or stairs up to mountain or other players bases.

If you are interested hit me up on Discord or comment below.


Rain Days.

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