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Apr 16, 2016




Hello Warriors, we wanted to give you more visibility and information on how we’re dealing with players who try to use cheats to get the upper hand on the For Honor battlefields.

Ubisoft is dedicated to creating a level playing field in our games, and the full For Honor development team is committed to constantly act against individuals trying to gain advantages from unauthorized hacking programs.

Today, we have active solutions in place to prevent and to detect new cheats that show up on the market, leveraging the knowledge we collected on previous Ubisoft games such as Rainbow Six: Siege and Tom Clancy’s The Division. Those tools have already been used since our betas to identify and sanction cheaters in For Honor.

Our systems and our teams are working constantly to improve the anti-cheating process, in order to quickly identify any behavior that can affect your player experience, and we’d like to remind you that any help coming from you by reporting cheaters is really valuable.

We strongly believe in providing a fair and welcoming environment to everyone, but are also well aware that it’s only the beginning of the fight. That’s why we don't take decisions lightly and have already banned some players. You may refer to our legal guidelines, community values, and how-to report, here:

For Honor Sanctions Warnings Suspensions and Bans[]

Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Looking forward meeting you all on the battlefields!
The For Honor Team.​

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