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"Croatoan: Hello and welcome to this weeks Fever focussed member spotlight. This week with us is Blackstone. Before we begin, would you like to say anything?
Blackstone: Turtles are the best animal. Ever!

Q: How did you get your gamer tag?
A: Long story short, it was from the color and the meaning of the words. Black really signifies death, power and a few other things. And stone is sturdiness, strength and just inherent willpower.
So I just took 2 things that I personified, and I kind of mashed them together.

Q: How long have you been using it for? And did you use any other names before that?
A: Before this one, I used to go by: "DefianceOfGod" for 2 reasons. 1: I used to play a lot of Death Magic characters, and 2: I didn't really believe in the church, still don't,
but I have a more sound reasoning as to why I don't believe in the churches.

Q: What would be one of those reasons why you don't believe in the church?
A: I believe in their lessons, I at least believe their lessons are really good, but the people who preach them are highly fallible (it means prone to straying from what is moral. I had to look it up so you don't have to), and they cause many issues.

Q: How did you get into gaming?
A: When I grew up, my dad was a computer white hacker. Long story short, he was the anti-hacker, he made sure the bad guys didn't win. So we had a lot of computers growing up. For my tenth birthday I believe, he bought me a computer and got me my first game, called "Outlaws",
which was this really old shooter wild-west style game that was a whole lot of fun, holy crap, this game is amazing, it takes 2 discs to play?
I had so much fun playing that, but I progressed from there to Counter Strike, and from Counter Strike I found real time strategy games, and I've just been bouncing around game to game until I find the most interesting to.
Right now I mostly focus on League of Legends and any survival game I can get my hand on.

Q: So, how long has it been since your father introduced you to that game?
A: It's been around 15 years, honestly. I've been gaming actively for 15 years, holy crap I feel old.

Q: FPS and Survival games, are those the genres you play the most? And if so, why do you like those genres the most?
A: I don't play FPS' so much as I play survival games that have FPS qualities. And I think the reason I like them so much is because they give me a large time-sink. Because in a lot of survival games, to hit the endgame, you need to spend at least 80 hours to get to the mediocre endgame,
and then a couple hundred hours to get a full understanding of the full understanding. To where everything becomes autonomous. And then I lose interest and go to a different game.

Q: So what are your favorite survival games?
A: Right now it's a mix up between Project Zomboid and Ark: Survival Evolved. I used to be into H1Z1, but it got kind of bland and boring. And I'm doing a bit of RPG game play with Shadow of Mordor that I just picked for like 14 bucks with all of its DLC.

Q: What do you do for a living?
A: Right now, I am transitioning out of the army, and looking for future employment. Not really narrowing down anything, but I'm to stay in the criminal justice field, or something that's connected pretty closely to that.

Q: What would be your dream job?
A: My dream job would be to get my degree in Forensic Psychology and work in Victim Advocacy

Q: What do you like doing in your free time?
A: Hike, I guess. Watch movies, play poker now and then, write papers here and there. I used to write a lot, but I don't write as much anymore though.

Q: What kind of paper?
A: Mostly motivational, some of it what you could refer to as Slam poetry, or slam writings. And very opinionated, verbal writings. Things that were meant to be spoken, not just read so that the pronounciations are perfect and properly shown.

Q: What is the hardest thing you did in your life that you're willing to talk about?
A: The hardest thing I'm willing to talk about is deploying. Because I didn't know when I deployed to Monrovia, Liberia. We were deploying over there to help deal with the massive Ebola outbreak that that country and region around that were suffering from .
And we didn't really know what we're going to be facing, the living situations, all this and others. We were prepared for bears honestly. We could've done anything, taken on any fight. It was just the uncertainty of fighting something that we couldn't physically see,
and trying to help a people that were so technologically in advanced, that it was just disheartening the conditions that they lived in.

Q: Do you have a philosophy that you live by?
A: "Surviving life is a simple thing to do, anyone can really survive every situation, it just takes determination. But to actually live one's life takes a lot of courage and a lot of power." So my philosophy really is to not just survive through my timeline, but actually live my life, and get as much out of it as possible.
Suck the marrow from the bone if you will

Q: What kind of music do you like?
A: Anything that has a good beat, personally. I'm not too picky. When I'm driving around, I like country or local pop stations. But at home I'll either listen to Nightcore music, or just Netflix in the background. Generally it's just a lot of Nightcore though, which is regular music, just with a different beat, tempo, and voice generally (Personally heard it being called "Metal Chipmunk music" by a couple of people)
Like, I like the... It's either called Negative Dark or Anti-Nightcore. Where it takes a song sung by a female, they tune it to a males voice (lower pitch I assume), and I just find those interesting to listen to, if you know what I'm saying.

Q: Do you have a favorite song?

Q: What's your favorite YouTube video?
This one is funny

This one is cool

Q: What about a favorite movie or TV series?
A: Favorite movie would hands down be: The Last Samurai. I have such a fascination with Japanese culture, and how they're so properly betrayed in that movie just makes me so happy to watch it, and get a glimpse of how times used to be, and the struggles of the times changing over from the medieval to the current eras.
And then as far as TV series goes, it would have to be Doctor Who, hands down Doctor Who. I'm a huge Doctor Who fan.

Q: How many seasons are there for that show?
A: If you're talking about the pre-Christopher Eccleston seasons, I don't know off-handedly. But if you're talking about Doctors 9 and beyond, which is Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi. I believe we're up to 9 seasons, maybe 10 now.

Q: Would you like to mention anybody in Fever?
A: I want to say [MENTION=48366]efgodlike[/MENTION] and if you're listening to this, you know who you are, because you, me and godlike were talking the other night and I can't remember your fricking name right now, and I feel like such a dick for not remembering off of my head right now, its [MENTION=47066]Valoseu[/MENTION] if I'm correct

Q: And for the last question, how did you find out about Fever?
A: I found Fever because I've been playing Star Craft 2 solo for a long time, and I got really bored of it once I hit Diamond League, because I was climbing through to Diamond League on my own. I finally hit Diamond League, I was like "I want to find a community game to practice with to help me get beyond Diamond".
So I started looking around. I found one community that were like "Oh, we have some recruitment people that who will be on later". So I went and looked for another community, and found Fever, and Fever had like 5 or 6 different recruitment people on at the exact time I logged on to the TeamSpeak,
and they were like "Fill this out and we'll get you taken care of in 5 minutes". And then I quickly rose through the ranks from Private to Sergeant Major in like 4 months. It was kind of ridiculous how fast I got up ranked

Q: Do you remember who did your interview?
A: No, but I'm sure I could find out if I looked through my threads. It was [MENTION=14924]TheBossGuy[/MENTION] "

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