Focused Member Spotlight #19 Featuring Rezrolled


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Nov 4, 2014
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"Croatoan: Hello and welcome to this week's Fever focused member spotlight, This week with us is Rezrolled. Before we begin, would you like to say anything?
Rezrolled: Hi.

Q: Let's get started, how did you get your gamer tag?
A: I really don't know, it's just came around one day. Back when the whole Rick Rolled sensation was going on, and me and some friends were playing WoW, and were like "I need to be rezzed", so I started going by Rez rolled.

Q: So, did you get Rick Rolled a bunch of times before that?
A: Yeah, who hasn't?

Q: How long have you used that nickname? And did you have any before that?
A: I've had this nickname for the last like, 2 years, but I've had other nicknames also.

Q: Do you have an example?
A: Some of my other ones have been: Southpark411 and bigc178, those are pretty much it, the 3 of them I've had so far.

Q: So you like South park. They turned 18 years recently, right?
A: Yeah, something like that. It's been going on for a while.

Q: How did you get into gaming?
A: It started with my dad buying me my first console when I was a little kid, the regular NES with Super Mario 3. Then he bought me the SNES, and I had Super Mario on it.

Q: How long have you been into gaming?
A: For 27 years.

Q: What do you mean with 27?
A: You said how long I've been into gaming, I said 27 years.

Q: So you played games since the moment you were born?
A: Pretty much, yeah. Well actually its probably more like 20 some years give or take.

Q: What kind of genre of games do you play?
A: The genre I play the most is a tossup between 2, its between my RTS and racing. I don't know why they're my favorites, but I'm kind of hooked on the RTS.

Q: RTS, what does that mean?
A: Real Time Strategy, so like StarCraft, Command & Conquer, Warhamme 40k. Games like that.

Q: What about racing games? What's your favorite?
A: Definitely the Need for Speed series.

Q: So what do you do for a living?
A: I cook full-time, I'm a chef.

Q: What kind of stuff do you prepare mostly?
A: My current job right now. I'm an assistant manager a pizza place so I do like a lot of Greek and Americanized-Italian food kind of, so like Alfredo, Pizza, stuff like that.

Q: Do you like to cook in your free time as well?
A: Yeah.

Q: Besides cooking and gaming, what do you like to do in your free time?
A: I play Magic, a lot of it when I'm not doing the other 2 things.

Q: What is the hardest thing you've ever done in your life that you're willing to talk about.
A: Definitely one of the hardest things was being in foster care for 10 years.

Q: How was that, was it a hard experience?
A: Yeah, it was very hard. I spent 10 years in foster care, bouncing around from home, to home, to home, to home.

Q: Do you have a philosophy that you live by?
A: I don't know, I just use everything that we're taught from elementary. The golden rule. Just because someone treats you like shit, doesn't mean you have to treat them like shit.

What kind of music do you like?
A: I'm a country boy, I love country music.

Q: Do you have a favorite song?
A: I have a lot of favorite song, that is a very broad question.

Q: Well do you have a top 3 or something else?
A: My top 3 favorite songs would have to be: Garth Brooks - Standing Outside the Fire, Florida Georgia Line - Cruise and Brantley Gilbert - One Hell Of An Amen

Q: What's your favorite YouTube video?
A: [video=youtube;W3TtS1wkb7M][/video]

Q: So, what's your favorite movie and TV series?
A: Favorite movie is the Saw series and favorite TV series right now is The Flash, Arrow, and Doctor Who.

Q: Doctor Who. That has a lot of seasons too, right?
A: Doctor Who has been going on for 50 years. So 50 seasons (Editors note: there are actually around 35 seasons, as there was a big hiatus between the eighth and ninth doctor).

Q: Would you recommend them to our watchers?
A: Yeah, definitely. I'd definitely recommend Doctor Who to anyone who hasn't watched it.

Q: So you said you like Saw, I'm the kind of person that is looking for a good horror movie, I don't know when the last time was that I got scared, do you have anything besides Saw that you'd recommend
A: A movie that I just watched recently was Unfriended, that kind of got me a little bit but it was good afterwards.

Q: Would you like to mention somebody in Fever?
A: [MENTION=3632]tiltedslim[/MENTION] has been my buddy in this clan for the longest time for however long I've been in this clan now.

Q: Last question, do you have a story about how you joined Fever?
A: Well, that's actually funny because I recruited myself for Fever due to the fact that I was looking for people to play StarCraft 2 with and just bullshit and hangout. I started researching clans online and essentially by process of elimination registered for Fever.

Bonus question: Do you remember who did your interview, and would you like to mention them?
Bonus answer: [MENTION=483]Doc[/MENTION], and sure, go ahead and mention him."
So [MENTION=25712]Rezrolled[/MENTION] 's first day or so in the clan, I was on this kick of making new people play with me so I saw Rez come in and I was like " you, new guy play with me now!" We played a few team games of SC2 and have been playing ever since. We've had lots of SC2 games together, a couple of minecraft servers, and some Hearthstone games when I get on there. About a year after he had joined I heard him telling the story of how I made him play with me to some other kids and how that made an impact on him. Well that impact on me that I influenced someone in a positive way just by saying "play with me". Ever since We've drifted away from main games but this dude always pops in my channel to say what's up and see how I'm doing. He carries himself in the way that everyone in Fever should and I'm glad to he him get a spotlight. GJ [MENTION=43986]Croatoan[/MENTION] !

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