FFXIV Staff and Job Listings


Clan General
Aug 23, 2019
Clan Rank
Brigadier General
Brig General
Company Commander: Ivory Flame
Deputy Company Commander: Vacant
Assistant Company Commander: Vacant

Administrator(s) (officer+): Vacant

Raid Lead (enlisted+):

Coaching Staff (enlisted+):
Responsible for knowing their role(s), and can coach and give advice when requested.
  • Tank: Vacant
  • Ranged DPS: Vacant
  • Melee DPS: Vacant
  • Healer: Vacant
  • Crafting/Gathering: Vacant

Game Night Coordinator (officer+): Vacant
Responsible for tracking game nights and game night attendance, and coordinating with game night hosts.

Game Night Host (enlisted+)
Responsible for hosting game nights and reporting attendance to the Game Night Coordinator.

Recruiting Coordinator (officer+): Vacant
In-Game Recruiter (enlisted+):
External Recruiter (enlisted+): Vacant

Responsible for recruiting using methods available in-game. Primarily reaching out to non-Fever members in the clan to have them apply/get reinstated, and having some activity in random groups and maps with promoting Fever.

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