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Read the rules before posting!
Beside that you can find additional informations inside the spoiler-buttons.

Skyrim with Turpentine ENB

We need some rules...

Yeah, we could say: Share all that you can think of, no matter how much, what size or format the image has and embed it in your post.
That would probably lead to really tremendous file sizes the forum has to load.

Further clarification:
An example with the same shot at different resolutions:

  • 640x-360-Flickr-link to uncompressed 4k-JPEG: 142.994 Bytes (23,51%)
  • moderately compressed FHD-JPEG: 608.167 Bytes (100%, recommended for general shots)
  • 1600x900-Flickr-link to uncompressed 4k-JPEG: 771.764 Bytes (126,90%, recommended for high-res and used above)
  • uncompressed FHD-JPEG: 1.936.804 Bytes (318,47%, max. for any embedded screenshot)
  • uncompressed FHD-PNG: 4.282.083 Bytes (704,10%)
  • uncompressed 4k-JPEG: 7.288.523 Bytes (1198,44%)
  • uncompressed 4k-PNG: 15.487.691 Bytes (2546,62%)
You can see some big numbers there that give an estimation how much more traffic a directly embedded 4k-shot generates towards a linked one. In a different way spoken: for each uncompressed 4k-PNG that is posted we can share over 25 moderately compressed FHD-JPEGs and have the same traffic going over the server.​

Therefore the following rules need to be observed if you want to post screenshots:​

  1. Resolution: An embedded screenshot may not be greater than uncompressed FHD-JPEG. Even then you’re encouraged to use smaller links (e.g. Flickr) or compressed JPEGs – so it should be possible to post high resolution shots alongside general gameplay screens.
  2. Name your game: Should be self-explanatory. Tell us always the game where you’d taken the screenshots. Not everyone knows of every game out there.
  3. Quantity per post: Not more than 2 screenshots per post. If you want to show off more, make an additional post or link to an album (e.g. on Flickr) – but mind rule number 4.
  4. Spam: No more than 3 consecutive posts of the same game. Link to an album of your collection.
  5. Stretching: Don’t post stretched screenshots. Do not take 2.35 screenshots unless you know what you’re doing.
  6. Spoilers: Do under no circumstances post major plot points from games released within the last 3 years.
  7. Image editing: Do not edit your images afterwards in another way than changing their size or compressing them.
  8. Copyright: With posting you confess that all material was taken by yourself or you’ve the permission to do it so (then state that explicitly).

Bear in mind that every infraction against the above-noted rules will probably cause corrective actions of moderators (individual judging – with different levels of escalation).​

What’s the purpose of this thread?
So you’re probably asking yourself what this is… Yeah, in principle just a simple screenshot thread. But this will hopefully go beyond the simple posting of random screenshots.

A few of possible conditions why you should examine this more closely:
  • You’re simply searching for new games? Look at some interesting screens and get a feeling of the individual visual style.
  • You’re playing in a division here and want to share your adventures – post them here.
  • You want to do advertising for your game division.
  • You have a fable for artistic sceneries and want to show it to the community.
  • You want to show the fabulous new graphics that’re rendering your characters nose hairs or his earwax… ah, forget that, no one want to see that.

These are just a few examples of course – if you want to post something, simply ask yourself: Could that be something that our members are probably interested about?
And trust me, you can find a tremendous amount of reasons why they should.
Important: It’s absolutely welcome and desired that you’re posting screenshots from every game you can think of (as long the rules are followed),
even (and especially) if it doesn’t have its own dedicated community here.
So give me the tools to get shooting!
  • CRU – Custom Resolution Utility: Define custom resolutions for both AMD and NVIDIA cards without the need to mess with the registry. Alternative to AMDs VSR- respectively NVIDIAs DSR-technology.
  • Steam: Take screenshots of Steam games in a convenient way. Also has the possibility to save an additional lossless screenshot when hitting the configured key (small guide WIP).
  • FastStone: Free software with an really comfortable way to resize a whole folder with different options and convert them to .png/jpeg in the same step.
  • Irfanview: Free software, can convert, resize and rename images automatically. Has the ability to do all this also in batch mode for multiple screens (small guide planned).
  • Photoshop: Well-known professional software. Alternative to Irfanview if you can spare the money (and want to have far more functions of course).
  • Nvidia Control Panel/AMD Catalyst Control Center: Software to determine different basic and advanced settings, set up profiles for games and so on.
  • Nvidia Inspector/AMD RadeonPro: Programs for more experienced users to tweak additional settings and have more control about the graphics.
  • JPEGmini: Compressing JPEGs in a barely noticeable way. Trial version available, need to be bought afterwards (20$).

I want to have more guides!
  • Alo81’s JPEG Guide: How to convert screens to JPEG without compressing them (only for Photoshop and FastStone).
  • MrRoderick’s Screenshot Compendium: A tremendous amount of tips and tricks for a lot of games to tweak them for better quality screenshots.
  • Nvidia Inspector: Small guide for teaching the basics of this program.
  • Radeon Pro: In-depth guide for Radeon Pro.
  • SGSSAA: How to force high quality Super Sampling for a lot of different games.

So where should I upload it?

  • Flickr: Probably the most widespread image hoster with 1TB free space. Additional features for managing your image library. Slideshow function compressing images a bit, but there’s also the possibility to download, view or link the files in their original uncompressed version. Direct built-in option to get the BBCode ready to post in the forums.
  • Abload: Simple and easy-to-use. No further compression for JPEGs. Has a nice built-in conversion from BMP to PNG. (downside it's German)
  • ImageSwap: Of course you know it, our own image hosting site, generously hosted by Virus. Simple and self-explaining. Doesn’t compress JPEGs further as far as I can tell from my tests.

What additional information can I include in my post?
Comment: Points with a * are recommended, others are nice to know
  • what can be seen in the shots (* for pure gameplay scenes)
  • Original resolution at which the shot was rendered – if it’s downsampled note the configuration
  • short description of used mods (e.g. “ENB with a lot of texture mods”)
  • your thoughts when taking the shots
  • additional information you may want to give (but avoid too big text walls or put them inside a spoiler-tag)

Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt​
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