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Now there was a main focus on pax east over the past week . There are some announcements from the conventions , which ill say a few of them are kind of interesting. Along with the D&D direct if you are interested in that as well. Lastly a few dates for releases were mentioned as well, such as Diablo immortal and Splatoon 3. This is also the last week for April , so with a new month there are more game releases.

- SunKenRock-


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Musk gets Twitter for $44 billion, to cheers and fears of 'free speech' plan
NEW YORK, April 25 (Reuters) - Elon Musk clinched a deal to buy Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) for $44 billion cash on Monday in a transaction that will shift control of the social media platform populated by millions of users and global leaders to the world's richest person.

It is a seminal moment for the 16-year-old company, which emerged as one of the world's most influential public squares and now faces a string of challenges.

Musk, who calls himself a free speech absolutist, has criticized Twitter's moderation. He wants Twitter's algorithm for prioritizing tweets to be public and objects to giving too much power on the service to corporations that advertise.

Political activists expect that a Musk regime will mean less moderation and reinstatement of banned individuals including former President Donald Trump. read more Conservatives cheered the prospect of fewer controls while some human rights activists voiced fears of a rise in hate speech. read more

Musk has also advocated user-friendly tweaks to the service, such as an edit button and defeating "spam bots" that send overwhelming amounts of unwanted tweets.

Discussions over the deal, which last week appeared uncertain, accelerated over the weekend after Musk wooed Twitter shareholders with financing details of his offer.

Under pressure, Twitter started negotiating with Musk to buy the company at his proposed $54.20 per share price. read more

"Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated," Musk said in a statement.

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey weighed in on the deal late on Monday with a series of tweets that thanked both Musk and current Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal for "getting the company out of an impossible situation."

"Twitter as a company has always been my sole issue and my biggest regret. It has been owned by Wall Street and the ad model. Taking it back from Wall Street is the correct first step," he said.

Twitter shares rose 5.7% on Monday to finish at $51.70. The deal represents a near 40% premium to the closing price the day before Musk disclosed he had bought a more than 9% stake.

Twitter's stock market value has lagged rivals
Even so, the offer is well below the $70 range where Twitter was trading last year.

"I think if the company were given enough time to transform, we would have made substantially more than what Musk is currently offering," said Jonathan Boyar, managing director at Boyar Value Group, which holds a stake in Twitter.

However, he added, "If the public markets do not properly value a company, an acquirer eventually will."

Musk’s move continues a tradition of billionaires' buying control of influential media platforms, including Jeff Bezos’ 2013 acquisition of the Washington Post.

Elon Musk's twitter account is seen through the Twitter logo in this illustration taken, April 25, 2022. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration
Read More

Twitter said Musk secured $25.5 billion of debt and margin loan financing and is providing a $21 billion equity commitment.

Musk, who is worth $268 billion according to Forbes, has said he is not primarily concerned with the economics of Twitter.

"Having a public platform that is maximally trusted and broadly inclusive is extremely important to the future of civilization. I don't care about the economics at all," he said in a recent public talk.

Musk is chief executive of both electric car maker Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) and aerospace company SpaceX, and it is not clear how much time he will devote to Twitter or what he will do.

"Once the deal closes, we don't know which direction the platform will go," Agrawal told employees on Monday. read more

Edward Moya, an analyst at currency broker OANDA, said in an email to clients the deal was "great news for Twitter shareholders as it doesn’t seem like the company was going to get things right anytime soon."

But he also said: "Tesla shareholders can’t be happy that Musk will have to divert even more attention away from winning the EV (electric vehicle) race."

Still, Musk's 84 million-strong Twitter account is seen as an important, free public relations and marketing tool for Tesla.

The Twitter transaction was approved by the company's board and is now subject to a shareholder vote. No regulatory hurdles are expected, analysts said.

Daniel Ives, an analyst at Wedbush, said the company's board of directors had its back "against the wall" once Musk detailed his financing package and no other bidders emerged.

Although it is only about a 10th of the size of far larger social media platforms like Meta Platforms Inc's (FB.O) Facebook, Twitter has been credited with helping spawn the Arab Spring uprising and accused of playing a role in the Jan. 6, 2021, storming of the U.S. Capitol.

After Twitter banned Trump over concerns around incitement of violence following the U.S. Capitol attack by his supporters, Musk tweeted: "A lot of people are going to be super unhappy with West Coast high tech as the de facto arbiter of free speech."

Trump, whose company is building a rival to Twitter called Truth Social, said in a Fox News interview on Monday that he will not return to Twitter.

The White House declined on Monday to comment on Musk's deal, but said President Joe Biden has long been concerned about the power of social media platforms.

"Our concerns are not new," said White House spokesperson Jen Psaki, adding that the platforms need to be held accountable. "The president has long talked about his concerns about the power of social media platforms, including Twitter and others, to spread misinformation."

Link -


VCT Masters Reykjavik 2022 ends in victory for Optic Gaming
For Optic specifically, the result is huge not only because of the accolades winning Masters carries, but also because, historically, the team has always been the bridesmaid and never the bride. While operating as Team Envy last year, it fell short at the final hurdle at Masters 3 in Berlin, losing out to Gambit Esports. Optic didn’t even come into this event as NA’s first seed, having been defeated by The Guard in the Stage 1 Challengers finals.

Heading into the series, although LOUD had the advantage of controlling the map bans after previously defeating Optic in the upper-bracket final, the North American team in green looked comfortable throughout. On Ascent, both teams played strong defensive halves, though Optic was ultimately able to close it out 13-9.

Bind was a much more closely-fought battle, with a tight clutch by Gustavo ‘Sacy’ Rossi on round 23 setting LOUD up to equalise the series. However, a monstrous ace by Victor ‘Victor’ Wong the next round took both teams into overtime, which Optic successfully used as an opportunity to double its lead after winning-out 14-12.

With the pressure mounting, LOUD had to try and spark a comeback on Breeze. Initially, Optic proved too potent, but the Brazilian side clawed its way back in, almost taking the map. Once again Optic was able to push it into overtime, and once again Optic was able to close out the proceedings 15-13.

Now officially the top team in world Valorant right now, we can’t wait to see if the team can take this momentum into the second stage of VCT 2022.

Link -


PAX East 2022: The 13 Most Exciting Games to Check Out
PAX East returned as an in-person gaming convention this year. In previous years, this event was North America's largest gaming convention, even surpassing its sister show PAX West. While the shows had been on hiatus since the pandemic lockdowns of 2020, PAX East returned to Boston over the weekend with a fairly healthy attendance -- and there were plenty of games on display as well.

At the show this year, I got to play several games that will be ones to watch for later in 2022 and in early 2023. In the list below you'll find a quick rundown of games that stood out at PAX East 2022, including the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, the peculiar platforming game Tinykin, the Souls-like parody The Last Hero of Nostalgaia, and the social satire adventure game The Last Worker.

These were the 13 games that showed great promise across the days of PAX East 2022.

Evil West

Developer: Flying Wild Hog | Release Date: TBD 2022

You'll be facing vampires and demons in this supernatural-infused Wild West shooter.
Flying Wild Hog/Focus Interactive Games

Developer Flying Wild Hog honed its craft for fast-paced action gameplay with the Shadow Warrior reboot trilogy, and now it's taking that know-how to the Wild West with the action-horror game Evil West.

With the game set in a supernatural Wild West, you play as a vampire-hunting bounty hunter who uses classic cowboy weaponry and advanced gadgets to slay demons of the night. Evil West is a third-person shooter that deftly blends shooting gameplay and melee combat, which opens up slick moments where you can disarm enemies and launch demons into the air with ease.

This game came out of nowhere for me, and I like its pulp-style horror take on the Wild West. I'm very interested in seeing more of it later this year.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

Developer: Tribute Games | Release Date: TBD 2022

The entire Turtle squad, along with some help from April and Splinter, will work together to face off against the Foot Clan and other mutant bad guys.
Tribute Games/DotEmu Games

There have been many games based on the popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series over the last three decades, but none has matched the impact of arcade beat-'em-ups. With the upcoming TMNT: Shredder's Revenge, we're getting a spiritual successor to the classic beat-'em-up games directly inspired by the 16-bit era.

Developed by Tribute Games and DotEmu, this throwback game looks stunning, and the gameplay offers that satisfying thrill of barreling through Foot Clan ninjas -- something the classic games did so well. However, it also introduces some slick modern touches to the gameplay, giving you and your teammates some added skills and defense to help fight off Shredder's minions. This was a real blast to play, and it proves just how great TMNT games can be.


Developer: Massive Work Studio | Release Date: May 20, 2022

As is the tradition with Souls-style games, you'll likely be running away from many battles.
Massive Work Studio/Prime Matter

It wouldn't be a stretch to say that FromSoftware's Elden Ring -- like other Souls games -- has made a massive impact on the gaming industry. So much so that other devs are taking a crack at making their own Souls-inspired games. One game coming from Brazilian developer Massive Work Studio and published by Prime Matter is Dolmen, a sci-fi take on the genre.

In the far future, you play as a mercenary who travels to a planet hosting crystals that spawn multiple timelines. The gameplay will feel familiar to players of FromSoftware's games, but combat is spiced up by the addition of firearms and energy powers. This might be one to watch out for if you're itching for a Souls-like with a change of setting.

The Last Oricru

Developer: GoldKnights | Release Date: TBD 2022

Split-screen co-op is available for those who want to bring a friend with them on their journey through this hardcore sci-fi/fantasy RPG.
GoldKnights/Prime Matter

One particular frustration with Souls games: They tend to have a fairly complex approach to co-op multiplayer. There's usually a story behind it, but simply put, adding another player to the game isn't easy. That's one thing The Last Oricru, another sci-fi Souls-like, is looking to remedy -- with couch co-op.

On an alien world, you must decide which faction you'll side with during an increasingly hostile war. But you won't have to take on the fight alone. One skill the key protagonist has is summoning a hologram copy, which another player can control. Split-screen co-op is possible along with online play, which means you and a buddy can pair up and endure steep challenges and harsh defeats together.


Developer: Splashteam | Release Date: TBD 2022

You'll get to interact with many characters hiding out in the world of Tinykin.
Splashteam/Tiny Build

One game that surprised me at PAX East was Tinykin, a peculiar but visually impressive puzzle-platformer. Mixing 2D visuals with 3D environments, this game sports a style that looks right out of an animated film such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Playing as a shrunken-down explorer, you team up with miniature critters to overcome platforming challenges and explore the world within a human's house. The story and gameplay seems to borrow heavily from Nintendo's Pikmin, but the game does present clever and surprisingly heartwarming twists on that premise. It looks like it'll be fun for all ages, so keep it on your radar.

The Last Hero of Nostalgaia

Developer: Over The Moon Games | Release Date: TBD 2022

This lowly, stick-figure protagonist will face off against hordes of video game enemies in a journey to become the great hero of the land.
Over The Moon Games/Coatsink

Yes, it's another Souls-like game, but it's my favorite from PAX East 2022.

The Last Hero of Nostalgaia is set within the world of a high-fantasy Souls-esque game, in which you play as a hilariously undefined protagonist that looks like a walking stick figure. With no class or backstory, you make your own tale within a game that has a self-aware narrator who is actively trying to stop your adventure. The Last Hero of Nostalgaia is a parody game, and its fun combat is boosted by solid writing that pokes fun at the cliches and formulas of fantasy games. Playing this was a riot, and I'm keen on seeing where this oddball will go when it's released later this year.


Developer: Rose-Engine | Release Date: Fall 2022

Lurking in the halls of the ruined ship in Signalis are fierce enemies, and sometimes it's better to save your resources and make a run for it.
Rose-Engine / Humble Games

One of the most eerily atmospheric and unnerving games I got to play this year at PAX East was Signalis. Coming from developer Rose-Engine, this game is a throwback that pays homage to classic survival horror games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. As the main protagonist awakens from her cryosleep, she'll have to uncover what occurred on the ship and the planet it crash-landed on, all the while avoiding grotesque creatures that have taken over her former crewmates.

This game's impeccable atmosphere shows shades of 1979's Alien and the classic anime film Akira, and I think that's such a great mix for a horror game. Signalis features a retro-futuristic style that showcases an analog, industrial-style vision of the distant future. That gives it a unique aesthetic that feels so unorthodox for its genre, yet it works well in motion. Even when I was getting spooked by creatures lurking in the shadows, I couldn't help but admire the game's rich design and visuals. It's certainly a game that's right up my alley, and with its fall release it could end up a great, moody game pick for play during the Halloween season.


Developer: Black Mermaid's | TBD 2022

The world of Moonscars has a tragic beauty, showcasing a world that was once a lush setting but is now in deep ruin.
Black Mermaid/Humble Games

Black Mermaid's Moonscars is a gorgeously grim 2D action game that really impressed me.

Set within a slowly crumbling fantasy world, it has you playing as a resurrected clay warrior that's tasked with seeking out an elusive sculptor who can reveal what has happened to the world -- and the meaning of the protagonist's existence. As you explore more of the world, you'll unlock new powers. However, doing so will also require leaving a piece of yourself behind, which will then take on a life of its own and seek retribution further down the line.

The setting and plot take place in a bleak world, but I couldn't help but admire the richly detailed 2D animation at work in Moonscars. The visuals are just so stunning in motion, and it made exploring and engaging in combat such a delight. The action gameplay can be quite challenging, and as another Souls-style game, each death offers a lesson, and learning from your defeats can give way to satisfying moments of triumph. If you're into a 2D action game that revels in its atmosphere, then Moonscars is definitely one to watch.

No Place for Bravery

Developer: Glitch Factory | Release Date: Fall 2022

No Place for Bravery's features some fantastic 2D art that not only shows off the intense combat, but also the sheer scope of the world.
Glitch Factory/Ysbrd Games

The 2D action-adventure game No Place for Bravery has been in the works for some time, and it's finally on its way to release later this year. What's kept the game on fans' radars is its lush and colorful fantasy world to explore, but also its focus on combat and tactics gives it a bit of a different flavor compared to other 2D action games.

Taking inspiration from Norse mythology and the classic manga of Lone Wolf and Cub, the story focuses on a veteran warrior named Thorn who's haunted by his daughter's disappearance. After discovering clues about where she might be, Thorn embarks on a journey to rescue her, but he'll also have to keep his disabled son safe along the way.

My time playing the game at PAX really clued me in on the artistic and gameplay design craft at work in No Place for Bravery, which blends the sense of exploration of classic Legend of Zelda with the challenge and brutality of combat. This is an awesome combination in my book, and it's got me excited to see more of the game later this year.


Developer: Mega Cat Studios | Release Date: TBD

Exploring the world of WrestleQuest feels like diving into the imagination of a kid who dreams of what the world would be like if wrestlers ran it.
Mega Cat Studios / Skybound Games

There's a noticeable overlap in my generation with people who are fans of pro wrestling and those who grew up playing classic Super Nintendo RPGs and actions games. The team at Mega Cat Studios saw potential in that and has married those two interests into a single video game called WrestleQuest, which brings the history and mythology of modern pro wrestling into the realm of a 16-bit-style role-playing game.

There's an awful lot to unpack with WrestleQuest, which takes place in a fantasy world inhabited by wrestling action figures that worship icons like Macho Man Randy Savage, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, and Diamond Dallas Page. But actually diving in to unpack this bizarre yet so satisfyingly exuberant tribute to the joy of classic pro wrestling was really enjoyable.

I played the game's opening act at PAX East, which saw our up-and-coming wrestler who seeks to be the best in world wrestling entertainment. His quest begins with learning the basics of turn-based wrestling combat, which pays a wonderful homage to games like Super Mario RPG and Earthbound. From there, he explores a face-paint shop being looted by bandits who have taken wrestling fandom too and have become a nuisance.

WrestleQuest, while firmly rooted in a retro-style RPG from the SNES era, is still very much about wrestling -- and I really like that aspect of it. There are so many loving homages and other deep cuts to classic pro wrestling that was so satisfying to see play out. It looks like a fun time, and I cannot wait to see more of it.

Dome Keeper

Developer: Bippinbits | Release Date: Late 2022

Mining in Doom Keeper can be soothing, but things can get stressful when having to defend your base from attack.
Bippinbits / Raw Fury

Dome Keeper is a game about multitasking. As the title suggests, your primary goal is to keep the dome secure. However, in order to do that, you'll need to outfit your infrastructure and defenses with material found from mining in the depths below. As you drill into the ground and explore the caverns below, uncovering resources and lost alien artifacts, there will come a time when you'll need to return to the surface to defend your dome from encroaching hostile lifeforms.

It's a fairly simple premise, but trust me when I say that things can get really tough in Dome Keeper. It blends the gameplay of tower defense with exploring a Metroid-style game. These are two gameplay styles so opposed to one another, but they come together in a fun and engaging way that really pushed me to keep going deeper into the world to keep my base safe. It can be stressful as things ramp up, but I always felt satisfied with managing to survive another round. Dome Keeper works as a great pick and up play action base builder, and with plans for more worlds to explore after its release later this year, this roguelike mining game has got potential to be a solid bit-sized action game.


Developer: Stitch Heads Entertainment | Release Date: TBD 2022

There are plenty of weapons and skills to take advantage of to clear out enemies in Superfuse.
Stitch Heads Entertainment / Raw Fury

The Diablo series is one of the most influential and often-imitated action RPGs. Yet most games trying to replicate the Diablo-style gameplay loop of hacking, slashing, and collecting loot tend to stick with the dark-fantasy aesthetic. One game coming out soon that takes things in a different direction is Superfuse, which brings that familiar isometric action-RPG combat to a sci-fi world with an over-the-top comic-book-style aesthetic.

The vibe and atmosphere of Superfuse, when compared to Diablo, feels very much like a high-octane and pulpy space adventure -- and that's its biggest strength. Playing as mercenaries for hire, you'll band together with other explorers to take on missions and amass more power to overthrow the galactic influence of humanity's top 1%, who have infused themselves with superpowers to control the galaxy. You pick from a group of mercenaries, all of whom are very diverse in their backgrounds and have their powers and weapons to use.

Easily my favorite part of playing Superfuse was how you could boost each hero's power. You can place modifiers onto some normal skills, like a lightning ax that you toss at enemies. And when I mean modifiers, I emphasize the plural. You can stack abilities onto abilities, which can radically transform basic attacks like the lightning ax into gnarly special skills that can clear rooms instantly. It was so satisfying to see my experimentation with skills pay off in such a big way, and I even impressed some of the devs on hand with my ideas.

That's something that has me interested in Superfuse, which will be released in early access later this year on PC. I've got a soft spot for Diablo-style games. This game takes that familiar formula in a fun and very satisfying direction, and I want to see where it'll lead.

The Last Worker

Developer: Oiffy / Wolf & Wood Interactive | Release Date: Late 2022

The Last Worker brings the storytelling style of Portal into a dense Amazon-esque warehouse that's run almost entirely by machines.
Oiffy, Wolf & Wood Interactive / Wired Productions

Social satire is still a realm that games don't often touch upon. The Last Worker, a new narrative-driven adventure game, is seeking to rectify that with its socially conscious plot about being a worker trapped in an automated warehouse distribution facility.

That previous line might have you think of recent news about Amazon's growing influence, and the conditions workers have to endure. The Last Worker certainly leans into that for its satirical and humorous take on the modern world of capitalism. Playing as the last human worker in the Jüngle corporation distribution center, you'll need to escape as the facility has gone amuck. While learning more about Jüngle's motives, the protagonist will interact with members of a growing activist group with plans to expose the company's corruption.

Thankfully, playing The Last Worker doesn't feel like a tough and tedious job. It's a first-person adventure game, and you're very immersed in the world, sneaking through air ducts to bypass security and solving puzzles to slip further into the facility. I was very impressed with the approach to getting you into the perspective of a character who's become lost and seemingly left behind inside an embodied of a massive corporation's greed and lust for "progress." The sharp and socially relevant writing also buoyed The Last Worker's atmosphere, which film director and writer Jörg Tittel wrote.

I spoke with him briefly at PAX East, and he said that "we have a responsibility as artists to speak about the world," and that's a sentiment that's prevalent from the short demo of the game I played.

It's an intriguing game, and I admire it for sticking to its effort to bring bits of the real into this oddball satire -- which even has its own pretentious, pseudo-intellectual tech billionaire who just won't go away. The game will be available on most platforms later this year, but the developers have also made the game for VR, which will be released for the Meta Quest 2. According to Tittel, the VR mode enhances the sense of immersion, which will make exploring this massive facility feel all the eerier and all the more bizarre.

Link - cnet

The Bethesda Launcher will officially shut down next month, and games can be transferred to Steam in a few days
Back in 2016, Bethesda aimed to circumvent Steam’s 30% revenue cut by putting out the Bethesda Launcher. This alternative to more generalized digital gaming storefronts naturally offered all the games published under Bethesda, but it ditched modding support, which wasn’t ideal considering the company is infamous for its buggy releases. The unpopularity of the Bethesda Launcher led to the company announcing in February that the service would shut down sometime in May. Just recently, Bethesda revealed the shutdown will specifically take place on May 11, and thankfully, players’ wallets and purchased games do not have to go along with it.

According to a blog post on Bethesda’s official website, players will have the opportunity to transfer their purchased games and wallet to Steam starting April 27. Although Bethesda did not immediately provide thorough instructions regarding how players can accomplish this, it promised that those instructions will also drop on the 27th.

What about my game saves?

In regards to game saves, Bethesda ensured that nearly all of the games featured on the Bethesda Launcher will have their saves transferable to Steam. More specifically, certain games will automatically transfer their saves, while others require players to copy their saves onto folders. Unfortunately, Bethesda noted that players will not have the opportunity to transfer their Wolfenstein: Youngblood saves to Steam. The game will automatically carry over any DLC and in-game currency that players obtained, though.

Fortunately, players can still transfer their games after the May 11 cutoff date. You don’t need to worry too much about getting everything done beforehand. Players will need to keep their Bethesda.net login details, though, as certain games will still require them even after the Bethesda Launcher and its services shut down. This should make the switch to Steam relatively painless for players, although considering Bethesda’s past PR failures, you can never be too confident.

Link - pcinvasion

Beyond The Ships & Dragons: Everything You Missed At D&D Direct 2022

Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel Update

Who could ask for more?
There wasn’t too much to learn about Tales this direct, but project leads Ajit George and Wes Schneider did give us a few little tidbits of info about the upcoming anthology.

  • While there are 15 portals used for interdimensional travel in the book, 12 more of them are broken and can be used to connect to a DM’s home setting.
  • The titular Radiant Citadel is led by a group called the Speakers for the Ancestors
  • The 5th Level Adventure by TK Johnson is titled “Wages of Vice”
  • The 14th level Adventure “Orchids of Invisible Mountain” by Terry Hope Romero takes players into the deepest parts of the feywild and features the mysterious “Whistler monster.”
  • The 4th level adventure is “The Fiend of Hollow Mine” by Mario Ortegón and revolve around a D&D version of the Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead celebration and have lots of parties and communion with spirits.

Put Your Campaign In A Box

Wizards is adding to its array of DM Tools with the brand new Campaign Cases, an all-in-one way to make your life easier at the table. The Creatures Campaign Case features three token sizes and 159 reusable creature clings you stick on and off of the tokens as needed. The Terrain Campaign Case contains 30 interlocking, double-sided terrain tiles and reusable clings to customize around your adventure.

Here Be Dragons: A New Starter Set!

Prospective players have an exciting new entry point to the world of Dungeons & Dragons with this new and improved starter set. Dragons of Stormwreck Isle features a streamlined, easy to learn adventure set on a mysterious island off the Sword Coast. According to D&D Product Manager Natalie Egan, the new set represents eight years of feedback from the community. The team has overhauled and streamlined everything about the new player experience. A new digital player hub has been introduced as well, allowing for a new level of connectivity and continuity for players. It’s meant to “teach folks how to play D&D in 15 minutes.” Egan also noted that the adventure has been crafted to help more experienced players learn how to DM if they so choose.

Although original, the characters on the front were inspired by the characters from the 80’s animated TV show
D&D Starter Set: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle will launch as a US Target Exclusive in August, with the worldwide mass release set for October 4, 2022. It will also be a part of the new Global initiative from Wizards, which will offer translations of this title (along with Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, Multiverse of Monsters, and Curse of Strahd) in French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

Monsters Of Multimedia

D&D Direct viewers also got updates on some of the upcoming multimedia projects being worked on by Wizards or their partners.
  • The first was an updated on Baldur’s Gate III, revealing the revamped look of the game in Early Access as well as glimpses at the unseen portions of the game. Release is set for 2023.
  • Paramount’s D&D movie got a teaser as well as a full title: Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. Starring Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Regé-Jean Page, Justice Smith, Sophia Lillis, Chloe Coleman, Daisy Head, and Hugh Grant, the movie is set to release March 3, 2023.
  • A new actual play show is releasing soon from D&D titled Legends of the Multiverse, starring a core cast Sunny (Deborah Ann Woll), Kaiho Karoshi (B. Dave Walters), Bac Si (Gina Darling), Riddle (Meagan Kenreck), and Torven (Todd Kenreck). Each arc will have a different Dungeon Master, and special guests like Sungwon Cho, Brennan Lee Mulligan, and Jim Zub appearing throughout the story. The hour-long episodes begin April 27 at 5PM PT (8PM ET).
Link - thefandomentals

Diablo Immortal is launching on Android, iOS, and PC on June 2nd
We already knew Blizzard is working on a new entry in the Diablo series that is designed for mobile devices. And today, timed to coincide with Activision Blizzard’s Q1 2022 earnings report, the company announced that Diablo Immortal will release on Android and iOS on June 2nd — and, surprise, on PC, too, in open beta.

According to the developers, Diablo Immortal will have cross-play and cross-progression with controller and keyboard support on PC.

Set after Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play MMORPG. The game will be online-only, and, according to the development team, it will introduce new characters, storylines, and additional content as part of a “living, breathing, and constantly evolving experience.”

Players are able to pre-register ahead of the June 2nd release date here.

Blizzard has lately been a firehose of information on new games and a long list of highly anticipated but constantly delayed titles. It’s working on a World of Warcraft mobile experience (with the earnings update saying it’ll release more details on that in the coming weeks) and a brand new survival game. Elsewhere in the Blizzard ecosystem, Overwatch 2 will enter closed beta starting April 26th, with internal testing on Diablo IV underway.

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Lost Ark gets a battle pass, new class and new continent in its April update
Lost Ark, Smilegate and Amazon's intensely popular MMOARPG, has had another growth spurt this month. The April update—live now—is a chunky one, introducing a new advanced class, the Glaivier, and a whole new continent, South Vern.

The Glaivier wields a spear and, naturally, a glaive, with each weapon giving her a different stance and set of skills. "The shorter spear is used to unleash a furious barrage in the Focus stance, while the longer glaive harnesses the Flurry stance for gracefully lethal strikes and sweeping attacks," the patch notes read.

If the Glaivier is tempting you, check out her entry on Lost Ark Academy to learn all about her skills and stances, along with some tips to get you started
South Vern, which you'll be able to check out once you hit item level 1340, is Lost Ark's newest region, and was once a barren land before settlers used tech from various races to terraform it into an idyllic, verdant realm. Something not-quite-right is apparently going down, though, with the continent being locked down by the senate, which also formed a new knightly order. "The South Vern storyline will conclude in an epic battle, with the power to shift the future of Arkesia," Smilegate promises.

More endgame diversions will also be making an appearance, but not straight away. South Vern's Chaos Dungeons, Field Boss and Chaos Gate will be part of a future update, "when more players have reached the minimum item level required to participate (1415)," Smilegate explains. This is no doubt in response to criticisms regarding the March update, which introduced a new endgame activity that few players were actually ready for.

A pair of events will also make it easier for newer players to catch up, while letting you skip stuff with an alt. The Express Mission event will let players do the titular express missions to give their level 50 characters an item level boost, as long as they are below item level 1000. The missions will net you level 302 gear, along with other progression rewards like silver, honing materials, potions, engravings and more.

"For newer players, we hope this helps them catch up to friends while still learning Tier 1 & 2 and the game modes within them," says Smilegate. "For players already in Tier 3, this event can be used to quickly level up a new alternate character (maybe a new Glaivier?)."

The Feiton Powerpass, meanwhile, works just like the previous Vern Powerpass, letting you boost an alt after you've finished the Feiton storyline, bumping your new character to that point in the game, along with a set of level 960 gear. Both progression events are live now, and will run until June 30.

In free-to-play tradition, Lost Ark will soon contain a battle pass. The Ark Pass was already in the Korean version of the game, so its inclusion in this version is no surprise. It's mostly as you'd expect: complete missions to level up the pass, and with each new level you'll get rewards in both the free and premium tracks. Freebies include honing material chests, pirate coins and a mount, while the premium track will give you extras like a pet and gems.

Complicating things just a little bit, however, is the 'Super Premium Ark Pass', which throws in chests containing items from the Noble Banquet skin collection and wallpaper, as well as legendary rapport chests. At 3,000 royal crystals, the super premium pass is twice the price of the regular premium pass. Since this currency is only available in bundles, you'll be spending at least $20.

It's quite short, too, with only 30 levels, and less than a month to earn them all. The premium and super premium passes will be available on the store from June 18, and you'll have to race through it by July 14.

The update also comes with a long list of tweaks and fixes like improved co-op for secret maps, six more character slots and numerous squashed bugs.

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