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Fevers Voting , GDC happened last week , Events coming up ,and a pletora of funnies . What tickles your fancy ?

- SunKenRock


The Fevers Voting
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-Miss Joker-
It's me again, and this time I'm bringing you the second part of the Fevers!!! Super HYPE!!!

I tried my best to give you around 5 choices for each categories. Sometime it wasnt possible, sometime its more than that. Also I always have fun making the last category, as you will see. ;)
I want to thank everyone that participated on the nominations, without you it wouldnt have been possible to make this happen.
I also want to apologize in advance if I made any typo on any names, just let me know if I made any and I can edit it.
FYI, all nominees's names are put in alphabetical order, not by who got the most nomination, to keep it the more neutral as possible.


  • You aren't required to fill all the categories, the only last 3 categories are NEEDED to complete the form.
  • You will need to register to a google account to complete the survey. Once completed, you will be able to go back and edit your answer(s) when you want during the next 4 weeks or until the survey is closed.
  • PoW rules apply there. You cant spam friends/members to vote for you or anyone else. You cant beg for it. If you are promoting yourself, I'll remove you.


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Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods Expansion Release Event

Friday 3/29 starting at 6pm EST! Join us in the Grim Dawn channel!


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MMO: Darkfall: Rise of Agon

Diablo 3: PST Game Night

Apex Legends: Season 1 Notes

Apex Legends: Battle Pass XP Guide

Destiny 2: Reckoning Tier III


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Google Stadia - GDC Announcement
Google has finally unveiled Google Stadia, its long-awaited, oft-rumoured game streaming service. The concept is relatively simple: through the power of Google’s tremendous and far-reaching server might, you will be able to stream a library of the latest and greatest games direct to any of your Google devices. Even a diddy Chromecast will be able to beam the very latest AAA games direct to your fingertips. Sound good?

Google isn’t the first company to pursue game streaming, and it won’t be the last either. But it’s definitely the only one to launch with such pomp and circumstance that it’s caught the public eye like nothing before it. Nvidia has been offering a similar service for years in its GeForce Now platform, but despite its 300,000 monthly users, and 1 million more apparently queuing up to join, it’s never made the splash that Google Stadia suddenly has.

But when Nvidia believes that game streaming could be “a billion-gamer opportunity,” you can see why Google, Microsoft, Sony, and hundreds of startups are all fighting for a piece of the pie. With an addressable market of at least two billion users (~62% of all web surfers use Chrome), Google is in a mighty advantageous position to hoover up that market share for itself. And that’s going to put pressure on console manufacturers Microsoft and Sony most of all.

And that’s because Stadia takes hardware out of gamers’ hands and puts the onus on Google’s datacentre to keep up with the latest tech advances. Packed into Google’s server racks is custom AMD GPU and Intel x86 CPU tech, with the launch tech scaling up to 4K, 60fps . Google has even promised 8K, 120fps in the future… my poor internet connection.

And that’s the kicker. Before we get too carried away, Google hasn’t confirmed the exact network requirements necessary for a smooth, latency-free gaming experience. Stadia’s precursor, Project Stream, demanded a 25Mbps downstream minimum, while early testing in Stadia suggests that Google steps resolution down to 720p on less capable connections.

But the Stadia platform is in a constant state of flux, and, according to VP and GM Phil Harrison, Google is “not declaring victory – we’re just starting.” With flexibility afforded to it by the cloud, we can expect Stadia’s requirements, specs, and the gaming experience it offers to change and adapt over time.

Link for Specs and Stats: pcgamesn


Comcast to spend $50 million to create the nation’s first video gaming arena
Comcast Spectacor, which owns the Flyers, is to announce Monday morning that it will construct the first arena for gaming fans in the U.S. for the Comcast-owned Fusion, company officials say.

The $50 million project is a testament to the surging popularity of esports, in which players compete in video games before large crowds. The company plans to break ground this summer on part of the 47-acre stadium complex site that Comcast Spectacor leases in South Philadelphia. The 3,500-seat arena will rise on a parking lot, next to Xfinity Live! and within walking distance of the Linc, Citizens Bank Park, and the Wells Fargo Center.

Nate Nanzer, commissioner of the 20-team Overwatch League, said there has never been a special-purpose esports arena “built anywhere. This is a huge step for esports. This is something we will see pop up all over the world.”
Besides housing Comcast’s Fusion, one of the Overwatch League’s teams, the venue is planned to be a major east coast hub for gaming events, company executives said.

The arena will mark the third major project that Comcast Spectacor is now undertaking on the site. It is renovating the Wells Fargo Center for $250 million and seeking tenants for a 10-story office tower, costing $80 million, also near Xfinity Live. The price tag for the three projects, including the new arena, is $380 million. The company may add yet more development on the site, say those with knowledge of the company’s thinking.

Link: philly


Steam is finally getting a redesigned library—here's our first look

After years of rumors and leaked mockup images, it's finally happening: Steam's library is getting a new look. This isn't a full-on redesign of Steam in its entirety, so the store and other parts of the interface aren't changing as far as we know. In its keynote at GDC on Thursday, Valve showed off the new library view, highlighting a redesigned page with large game thumbnails and more categorization around what's going on with your games.

"The biggest thing we're introducing is the Steam library homepage," said Valve's Alden Kroll. "This provides an opportunity for players to see 'what else is happening in the games that I play?'"

Some key elements of the new library view:

  • The friends list is now integrated into a right-hand column
  • The top module shows recent games you've been playing with a library view reminiscent of Plex or the Apple TV
  • The rest of your collection is shown with nice vertical thumbnails that can be scaled to show larger icons or more games
  • The left-hand games list has a new look but is fairly similar to the existing design
The biggest new feature for the library, at least in terms of functionality, is an extension of the tags Steam has been using on the store for several years. Those tags now carry over to the library page, and you can perform an advanced search using several tags to drill down through your games. The cool addition here is that you can save a tag search as a "collection" of similar games, like, say, "Ninja Action."

The library detail page for individual games (see image below) has also been reworked, with a cleaner layout prioritizing recent updates or livestreams for the game at the top of the page. Below that is an activity feed with recent actions from your friends list. The right-hand friends list carries over but will highlight any friends currently active in that game at the moment. Below your friends list are DLC, achievements, trading cards, and screenshots.

Valve didn't announce a release date for the new library view, but told me over email that it's aiming for a beta release this summer.

The library redesign news follows the recent launch of Steam Link Anywhere for on-the-go streaming and Valve opening up the Steam network infrastructure it uses for CS:GO and Dota to all games on the platform. As part of its talk on Thursday, the company also showed off a new page on Steam for promoting in-game events.

Link: pcgamer

Final Fantasy 14 is getting the Dancer job, a race of lion bros and more

The Final Fantasy 14 Fan Festival kicked off Friday night in Japan with a keynote address from game producer and director Naoki Yoshida. With this being the last Fan Festival before the Shadowbringers expansion releases during the summer, Yoshida talked a lot about what to expect and there were several big announcements.

The story for Shadowbringers is going to take place in The First, which is a kind of alternate universe that split off Hydaelyn, the world the story usually takes place in. Races are different from what we normally know and it’s never night time. It’s your job as the Warrior of Darkness to bring balance to The First.

If you didn’t have time to catch the stream, here’s the most important bits from the keynote:


While not all of the trailer’s content was brand new, it showed off the new city that will be the hub for the Shadowbringers story, as well as a dancing Viera woman, which led to ...


Dancer, the highly anticipated new job, is a ranged DPS, similar to Bard. It uses throwing weapons, like the rings the model is holding in the key art. As expected, the dancer also, well, dances to execute its skills. Some skills will even buff your party mates. The quest to unlock this job will start in Limsa Lominsa, when Shadowbringers releases.


The Crystarium is a beautiful city built around the Crystal Tower and it has some great purple foliage and buildings with lots of natural lighting. This will serve as the new hub for upcoming content.

The other city is Eulmore, a city built to live it up before the world ended. Why fight the inevitable when you can just party? Unfortunately, that means all those resources has to come from somewhere. While the top part of the city is lavish and filled with happy nobles, the bottom part of the city doesn’t have it as well off.


Since The First only has light and no other elements, the Warrior of Darkness will have to introduce everything else to this world. The character and boss design for this raid storyline will be done by Kingdom Hearts’ director and designer Tetsuya Nomura. The story will feature a girl named Gaia, though we don’t know too much about her yet, other than that she wields a hammer.

She looks like she could be a member of Organization XIII Square Enix Co., LTD


At the Paris Fan Festival, Viera were revealed, though the trailers only showed female characters. Instead of introducing male Viera, which are a rare and ostracized species, Square Enix is adding Hrothgar, a lion-like male-only race.

The third expansion, Shadowbringers, releases on July 2, 2019, though players who pre-order the expansion will get early access starting on June 28

Link: polygon

‘Heroes of the Storm’ Is Getting Rid of Paid Loot Boxes

An upcoming patch for Blizzard’s MOBA effort “Heroes of the Storm” will remove pay-for loot boxes, the company announced in a blog post.

Loot chests, as they’re called in the game, have been available to purchase through the game’s official shop using gems, the premium currency in “Heroes of the Storm.” Loot chests contain random rewards like alternate skins, banners, emojis, voice lines, sprays, and other exclusive items. With the release of the next patch, these items can only be bought using gold earned in-game.

The patch will also bring changes to hero roles, splitting characters into tanks, bruisers, supports, healers, melee assassins, and ranged assassins. These changes were first detailed by Blizzard on Monday.

“As the roster and breadth of mechanics for ‘Heroes of the Storm’ has continued to expand, the existing roles have grown limited in accurately describing each individual hero. To give both new and existing players a clearer idea of what kind of kit to expect during hero select, we are expanding hero roles to include new descriptions and replace those that were less clear in the past.”

These changes will coincide with a new event called Caldeum Complex, which is cyberpunk-themed and filled with dragons and an anti-capitalist hacker called Chromie. Players will need to help Chromie in preventing a cataclysm and take on the megacorps by completing certain objectives.

The patch is currently live in the “Heroes” Public Test Realm, where it will be available to playtest until Today.

Link: variety

Cyberpunk 2077, and CD Projekt's next 'AAA RPG,' will both be out by 2021
CD Projekt's big thing right now is Cyberpunk 2077, but in case you'd forgotten, it's working on another major RPG too. And even though we have no idea what that second game is at this point, it's actually scheduled to be out pretty soon: The company said in a recent forum post that the plan is to have it (and Cyberpunk) released by 2021.

The original post is in Polish, and so the standard Google translation mangling applies, but this is what it says after we run it through the machine: "As for the strategy of the CD Projekt Capital Group for the years 2016-2021, its plans for the release of the second AAA game until 2021 remain unchanged. We are currently focusing on the production and promotion of Cyberpunk, so we do not want to comment on further projects."

That strategy was laid down three years ago, in a very vague breakdown of the four-year period between 2017 and 2021: The document says that CD Projekt will, among other things, release Cyberpunk 2077 and "another AAA RPG title" in that time frame. Cyberpunk is obviously the eye-grabber here, since we've actually laid eyes on it, but I think the fact that the unannounced game remains on track is the more interesting part of all this because CD Projekt has remained preternaturally silent about it for longer than most of us probably realize.

2021 really isn't all that terribly distant, especially when you consider that Cyberpunk 2077 was first announced seven years ago, and it might seem unlikely that CD Projekt could take this long to make Cyberpunk and then punch out another big-time RPG in such a relatively tiny timeframe. But the reference in the strategy doc suggests that the wheels have been turning on this mystery game for a number of years as well: Not at the same scale as Cyberpunk 2077, presumably, but enough for the studio to remain committed to the timeframe.

Obviously all of this leaves open the possibility that Cyberpunk could be out this year, or in 2020, or 2021—the great thing about being in the first half of four-year plans is that you've got a lot of room to wiggle—but it's likely still a good way out: CD Projekt warned earlier this month that even though development is well along, "work on it is far from over."

Link: pcgamer

The Best Indie Games of GDC 2019
Every year, many of the best and brightest minds in video games converge in San Francisco to attend the Game Developers Conference. Many of them bring along brand new games ready for their moment in the spotlight. From the large GDC Play area and the Indie Megabooth to specially curated showcases hosted by Nintendo and Microsoft, there is no shortage of exciting titles.

Here is an evolving list of the coolest and most interesting indie games the Game Informer crew saw at the conference. Come back each day, as we plan to continually update this list with more promising titles throughout the show.

Games are listed alphabetically.

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Developer: Night School Studio
Release: 2019

Night School Studio, the creators of Oxenfree, has a knack for creating unique premises and interesting dialogue. Afterparty is no exception, placing you right in hell. Your only way out? Outdrink satan himself. Apparently, hell is all about alcohol and what you drink impacts your personality, such as making you more aggressive or flirty. This gives you different dialogue options and opens up various paths to completing your objective.

Our demo had us trying to get into a VIP room. While there are a few different ways to do this, we chose to impress our way in with our beer pong skills. The intense match had us taunting our opponent to get them to fumble and trying our best to aim the ball to reach the cup. All the bars you visit have their own theme, one plays off the bustling Tokyo's bustling Shibuya, while another puts you in a Nebraska wasteland. The game obviously takes a more comical tone, but also explores the nature of friendship by having your swap between BFFs Milo and Lola, who just graduated from college and end up in hell due to an accident. Thankfully, you'll have your chance to drink with the devil and discover more soon enough as Afterparty launches later this year. –Kimberley Wallace

Airborne Kingdom
Platform: PC
Developer: The Wandering Band
Release: 2020

Take a city builder like SimCity and put it in the sky and you have a bit of an idea what Airborne Kingdom is like. In this creative sim from The Wandering Band, you manage and build a massive airship that slowly grows into a city. I started with a small town hall and only a dozen people, but as I built new houses, gathered food, and satisfied the needs of my population, I attracted more people to my utopia in the sky. However, you need to maintain balance; if you build too much on one side of the city, the whole thing can actually tip over. After building sky oars, I was able to move my city through the atmosphere, so I could meet other land-based nations. Some of these cities give you quests – like building specific districts or reaching new population limits – and when you complete these small tasks you earn new building blueprints and other technology. Airborne Kingdom is still in the early stages, but I’m already planning my own version of Columbia. –Ben Reeves

Platform: PC, Mac, Linux
Developer: FakeFish, Undertow Games
Release: Spring

We've encountered hundreds of different types of games since Game Informerwas formed in 1991, but we've never played a 2D cooperative online drowning simulator in space before. That's the descriptor developers FakeFish and Undertow use to explain Barotrauma. In this game, a team of up to 16 players works together to navigate the treacherous waters under the frozen surface of Jupiter's Europa moon. Each person takes assumes a particular role aboard the ship, from the captain and security officer to the electrical engineers and mechanics needed to keep the sub running. Along the journey, anything that can go wrong will. Monsters attack the ship, forcing players to man the turrets and repair hull breaches before the flooding disrupts vital operations. Crew members get sick, systems fail, fires break out, and when these hazards pop off simultaneously it makes for some frantic play sessions. –Matt Bertz

Dead End Job
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
Developer: Ant Workshop
Release: 2019

With a great sense humor, a cool Ren and Stimpy-inspired art style, and an engaging gameplay loop of working your way up the ranks, Dead End Job is a game to keep your eye on. You may be an "everyday Joe" who cleans up after others, but instead of clearing areas of trash you’re actually a ghostbuster, working at Ghoul-B-Gone. As the name implies, you eliminate various apparitions by blasting and vacuuming them up. You start at the bottom of the totem pole as an intern, but the better you get, the more glamorous your job title becomes. Your score rises with every baddie you defeat and citizen you rescue, allowing you to rack up the bill for your clients.
The game has procedurally generated areas that take place in offices, restaurants, parks, and more. Each stage has power-ups and health items that pop up as you defeat baddies and complete simple objectives, like find and rescue a certain amount of people. Ant Workshop wanted to find humor in the mundane, and I enjoyed what I played, giggling at every promotion title and ridiculous-looking enemy. Dead End Job will also have couch drop in/drop out co-op, so you can bring a friend along for this crazy journey. –Kimberley Wallace

Katana Zero
Platform: Switch, PC
Developer: Askiisoft
Release: April 18

Imagine the perfect run through any one screen in a game: not a single wasted movement, kicking open doors to knock one enemy into another, hitting enemy bullets back at them, generally laying waste to whatever stands in your way in seconds. That is the idea behind Katana Zero, a fantastic 2D action game coming soon to Switch and PC. Players make their way room-by-room through hordes of enemies in a Hotline Miami-style single run. The rooms get longer and longer as you proceed and one mistake means starting the whole room over. Katana Zero also has an interesting dialogue choice system where jumping the gun can save your life or ruin your mission, so you have to think carefully before acting. –Imran Khan

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
Developer: Ovid Works
Release: Fall

Polish studio Ovid Works is using the absurdist classic Franz Kafka short story as inspiration for a brand new puzzle platformer. You take the role of salesman Gregor Samsa, who awakens surprised to find himself transformed into a bug. You must traverse through both mundane and fantastical settings while Samsa wrestles with his existential crisis. The game focuses deliberately on the humor and absurdity of the situation, and the gorgeous, hand-drawn textures make it a treat to explore this microcosmos. Should you get stuck, you can pull up a handy overview camera that changes your perspective and reveals new paths. This five-to-six hour experience drops later this year. –Matt Bertz

Neo Cab
Platform: Switch, PC
Developer: Chance Agency
Release: 2019

A narrative-driven game set in the near future, you play as the last human driver for a rideshare service in a world that revolves around automation. As Lina, you must pick up customers, keep your emotions in check, and do whatever you can to keep your five-star rating. Challenges also include making sure you have enough money coming in to keep your gas tank full and cover the occasional mishap, such as a parking ticket.
Balancing your own needs is just as difficult. Do you sleep to improve your physical state, or take on more rides for extra cash? Do you compromise your own feelings and opinions for the sake of pleasing a customer? These are just some of the choices in your hands and your emotional state can change the options before you. For instance, if you’re depressed, you won’t be able to choose the flirty option for customer conversations.

Besides making cash and pleasing your clientele, Lina also is new in town, learning more about the corrupt technologically advanced world around her, but things take a worse turn when her friend and only lifeline mysteriously disappears. Releasing at some point this year, Neo Cab explores the issues that may arise in an A.I.-controlled world and the importance of our humanity. –Kimberley Wallace

Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
Developer: Finji
Release: 2019

From the creators of Canabalt comes this new squad-based strategy game that challenges players to survive a journey across a post-apocalyptic United States. Each level is procedurally generated, so every journey is completely new. Unlike a lot of turn-based strategy games, combat in Overland is generally the last resort. Instead, you try to avoid enemy movement as you scavenge for supplies. The early levels I played featured a big focus on siphoning gas out of cars so I could fuel my car and reach my next destination. Along the way, you meet other survivors who can join your party. At night, you use flares to light your way or power generators to light up larger areas. However, generators make a lot of noise and will attract unwanted attention from flesh-hungry monsters. I was intrigued by my first hands-on with Overland and I’m eager to play more as we get closer to its launch later this year. –Ben Reeves

The Siege and the Sandfox
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Developer: Cardboard Sword
Release: TBD

These days, there is no shortage of games inspired by Metroid and Castlevania, but Cardboard Sword’s The Siege and the Sandfox puts a unique spin on the genre by adding stealth mechanics. You are a notorious assassin who has been falsely accused of murdering a king and then thrown into a labyrinthine network of dungeons beneath the city. You must escape your prison and find a way to clear your name, but you are clearly outmatched and need to sneak through these lushly-detailed pixel environments. As you parkour through the environment and avoid traps, you make noise, which can attract a variety of dangerous guards. This level of noise is represented by visually onscreen, so you know how much chaos you’re creating. But, if you manage to sneak through dangerous areas, you can knock out guards from behind. Cardboard Sword hasn’t announced a projected release (the team was originally hoping for 2018), but The Siege and the Sandfox looks like it should appeal to fans of games like Mark of the Ninja. –Ben Reeves

Sloppy Forgeries
Platform: PC, Mac, iOS
Developer: Playful Systems
Release: Summer

Fans of Drawful and Draw Something have a new party game to look forward to in Sloppy Forgeries. This two-player competitive local multiplayer pits wannabe artists against one another to try and recreate famous paintings like the Mona Lisa, Starry Night, The Scream, La Danse, and The Whistler's Mother using a mouse or touchpad. Their forgeries are made all the more hilarious considering they must work under the constraints of a timer to replicate the masterpieces. Watching players rush to mimic these works of art is hilarious, and the game uses a pixel comparison to see who gets closest. –Matt Bertz

The Sojourn
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Steam
Developer: Shifting Tides
Release: 2019

Described by its developers as a cross between games like Portal and Journey, The Sojourn is a first-person puzzler that puts players in a series of instanced puzzle rooms that play with time and space to bend your mind in ways that only magic can. In puzzle rooms, a dark magic portal gives you abilities like reassembling broken bridges or exchanging places with a statue, but the magic runs out as you take steps. So to cross a bridge, you have to take the most efficient path. To put a statue in the correct place, you have to do a lot of clever warping and inching to the correct place. The art in The Sojourn is absolutely lovely and seeing the ruins assemble from strewn about bricks in the environment is a wonder to behold. It will be interesting to see if the game keeps up its creativity throughout the entire game when it releases later this year. –Imran Khan

Star Renegades
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
Developer: Massive Damage, Inc.
Release: 2020

Pixel games are almost ubiquitous with indie gaming, so it takes a lot for one 16-bit inspired game to stand out these days. Star Renegades is one of those gems. Not only does Massive Damage’s stunning pixel work stand out on a crowded floor, the tactical rogue-lite RPG looks to offer a rewarding challenge. You lead a ragtag squad of rebels on a quest to push back against an imperious empire. Combat plays out in a series of turn-based RPG battles. At the bottom of the screen, you always have a clear view of the enemy’s next attack and how much damage they will deliver, so you can better plan your teams counter attacks and combos and know when to defend yourself. Each run is procedurally generated, but players unlock dozens of new characters during their playthroughs, which will better augment your team’s survival strategy. The developer says that they were inspired by games like Dead Cells and Into The Breach, so we’ll see if Star Renegades lives up to that high-quality bar when it releases early next year. –Ben Reeves

Supermarket Shriek
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Switch
Developer: Billy Goat Entertainment Ltd
Release: 2019

After a hapless shopper runs into a goat on a shopping cart, the odd duo is thrust into a series of oddball races and obstacle challenges. Navigating these challenges is easier said than done, however. If it wasn’t obvious, Supermarket Shriek is a goofy game; your shopping cart is actually propelled by the screams of the goat and the man inside it. This odd propulsion system is also a little unwieldy because Supermarket Shriek features traditional tank controls, so when players hold down the right bumper they will turn right and when they hold down the left bumper they turn left. Naturally, holding down both buttons pushes you forward. Billy Goat Entertainment intentionally designed Supermarket Shriek’s controls to be a little loose, which is where the game’s challenge comes from. Obstacles within each supermarket include fire pits, swinging axes, and giant towers of baked beans. Supermarket Shriek can be played single player, but it plays better as a party game where two players each control either the right or left side of the cart. An alternative mode allows players to scream into microphones in order to control the direction of the cart, but either way you play you’ll probably be screaming at your friends. –Ben Reeves

The Wild At Heart
Platform: Xbox One, PC
Developer: Moonlight Kids
Release: 2020

The Wild At Heart immediately catches your eye due to its beautiful, vibrant art style that is reminiscent of Studio Ghibli and Saloon films (Song of the Sea, The Secret of Kells). The game has you playing as a boy named Wake, who has a troubled home life and ends up discovering a fantastical place with magical creatures when exploring the woods. It’s up to you to discover the truth of this forgotten world and its inhabitants. To help the critters and survive, Wake has his trusty Gutbuster to vacuum up objects for crafting, which lets you create everything from costumes to new tools. Similar to Pikmin, the magical beings also help him through the journey. You can chuck them at enemies, send them to collect resources, or have them break down barriers to get further into the forest. There’s a childlike wonder to discovering this world and befriending its strange creatures, and we can’t wait to step in it when it launches next year. –Kimberley Wallace

Wintermoor Tactics Club
Platform: PC
Developer: EVC
Release: 2019

Inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics and Steven Universe, Wintermoor Tactics Club is a lighthearted turn-based tactics game set in an elite boarding school during the 1980s. Players control a group of friends who form a tabletop gaming club at the Wintermoor Academy. However, the survival of their group is threatened when every association at the school is challenged to a giant snowball tournament. These nerdy nobodies are transformed into magical heroes in a series of grid-based snowball battles. EVC is looking to deliver an experience that is very approachable bit still offers some depth for strategy fans. Each hero has only two attacks, but many of their skills combo well with others, which encourages teamwork. For example, Alicia is a warrior mage who unleashes area attack spells and can set the ground on fire, and this works really well with her teammates who can push and pull enemies into the blaze. The snowball tournament kicks off later this year when Wintermoor Tactics Club releases on PC. –Ben Reeves

Link: gameinformer











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Very good point on internet connection level and Stadia. Below is just for Mobile data, but if the data usage grows at the current speed with Games streaming, Netflix usage and 5G, it might be great idea to look into investing on companies dealing with fiber data line building. Normally ISPs do not throttle their fixed line speeds after hitting data cap but data congestion is real even on fiber based on the time of the day.

Verizon's Beyond Unlimited plan is capped at 22GB of high-speed 4G LTE data per month, while the Above Unlimited is curbed at 75GB. If you hit these ceilings, Verizon reserves the right to slow your data speeds. (at 25Mbps, you will hit the cap in 2 hours, using 1080p resolution in about 3 hours)

AT&T caps both unlimited plans at 22GB of data per billing cycle, after which it may slow your speeds down. The difference between the two plans comes down to video quality and hotspot data. Like other carriers, AT&T caps video at 720p by default, though the the "More Premium" plan offers 1080p streaming and 15GB for mobile hotspots. Your hotspot data gets slowed down to a measly 128kbps after you hit that cap, which is barely enough to check your email or send an iMessage.

Sprint's "unlimited" plans are very limited. Unlimited Basic only supports 480p video, streaming music at 500kbps, playing video games at 2Mbps and 500MB of LTE hotspot data. Just to put those speeds in perspective, a modern 4G LTE connection should get you about 50-100Mbps, so you're getting 2 percent of the speed you pay for when you're playing video games, and less for streaming music.

Unlimited Premium ups the ante a little, but it's still extremely slow. You can stream in 1080p but music streaming speeds are limited at 1.5Mbps, gaming streaming is limited to 8Mbps. You also get 15GB of LTE hotspot.

Sprint will throttle your speeds if you exceed more than 50GB of data in a month but, as you can see, your speeds are throttled from the get-go for most things anyway.

T-Mobile One includes 50GB of high-speed 4G LTE data. Once you go above that, as with other carriers, T-Mobile can drop this to slower speeds. Also, while T-Mobile includes hotspot tethering, it's capped at 3G speeds which means you're going to be sitting around for a while if you need to download a big file. Video streaming is capped at 480p, too.

You can pay T-Mobile more if you want to avoid some of these boundaries. T-Mobile One Plus adds support for streaming in HD, offers 10GB of 4G LTE hotspot data per month (3G after that), faster data speeds if you travel abroad and free Wi-Fi on flights equipped with Gogo.


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Mar 8, 2018
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Of the Army
interesting to see the future of gaming trying go change though it’s nothing new. wondering how this will actually play out.


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Oct 23, 2017
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interesting to see the future of gaming trying go change though it’s nothing new. wondering how this will actually play out.

Few main takeaways I got from stadia announcement:
  • The need for better internet connections especially mobile
  • It will be harder for people to cheat on when content is streamed. Cheating is not impossible for the requirement to do so must require very good reading of the image being sent. For example cheats on Apex legends, that were mentioned on one news article regarding being able to see through smoke cover with hack, would not work with streaming model.
  • Larger events with more players visible and active on screen. This is somewhat big for battle royale games as well as MMOs
  • Pricing model is not yet announced
  • Expect to see a whole lot more companies to announce similar offerings or have already announced.
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