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"Write the editorial" he says... it'll be easy! Ha!
I don't have a way with words the way SunKenRock does, but there's been a lot going on this week what with new gaming sections being added so have a read and see what piques your interest! Now on with the show!

I think kitty is just mad cause cats dont have thumbs .Guess i will have to dock her pay and only give half the amount of cat nip from now on.

Every person can be creative and never let anything limit what you come up with.

Also i would say Anthem stuff is coming ,but seems that others got in sooner than others but for a price. Less than 5 days to go for the full release.- SunKenRock


For those who haven't been able to cash in on the early Anthem release , be prepared for the full release to masses on Friday . It will be the 22nd of February along an event to cull together those getting the game (or have it already) . All together it will be a grand gaming experience. I hope everyone is ready to play and party together. Look for the rooms on discord as there is plenty of them for various groups.


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If you would like to help ensure your game's game nights, events, etc. are listed and want to have the ability to post them on the calendar, or your game nights do not appear on this calendar over the next few days, please contact Violet. She will get them squared away.

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Important Openings In Job Positions

In an effort to help support immediate needs by the different departments and companies, the following list has been generated. It will be updated on a monthly basis. Please reach out to the contact personnel for more information about the roles.


Misc Shooter : Anthem Origin IGNs

Apex Legends : Defeat Caustic Traps

Path of Exile : New League Events

Ghost Recon Wildlands : Whose Playing?

Open Discussion :
Fortnite VS Apex Legends


Winky / beerfriends / Nitshft / belleauwood / wargodsr

Moxx / Stoneyz / Cato / Scryris / Rama Pratama

apat / Shard406 / JoseyWales / hawk1019


Razer to close its digital games store

Bad news for fans of Razer's digital game store, which the gaming hardware manufacturer only launched in April. As part of the company's "realignment plans," it's shutting the Razer Game Store on Feb. 28," according to an announcement on its storefront that PC Gamer noticed Saturday.

"It's been a privilege for us to recommend and deliver great digital game deals to you," the Irvine, California-based company said. "We will be investing in other ways to deliver great content and introduce game promotions through Razer Gold, our virtual credits system."

The store, first launched in the US and Europe markets and later Southeast Asia, offered exclusive game deals and discounts on peripherals.

The company will still honor any preorders made through the store. Games that have already been purchased will work, but you'll have to retrieve the Steam or Uplay product keys before the store closes.

Link : cnet

Nvidia suffers dismal Q4 as Turing GPU sales fail to meet expectations

Although it performed better than some had expected after lowered its earnings projections last month, the firm posted $2.21bn in fourth-quarter revenue, which marks a 24 per cent year-on-year decline and a 31 per cent slump compared to the previous quarter.

Worse, the company made $294m in operating income, down a hefty 73 per cent year-on-year and 72 per cent from the previous quarter.

Nvidia's gaming unit took the biggest hit with revenues sinking 45 per cent year-on-year, which the company blamed on "weakness in gaming GPUs and a decline in shipments of SoC modules for gaming platforms."

The firm admitted that sales of its Turing RTX 2070 and 2080 graphics cards came in below company expectations, which Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said could be due to the GPU's high-end prices; lower-priced cards based on the new flagship architecture didn't arrive on shelves until months later.

The finger of blame was also pointed in the direction of the RTX 2060, which Nvidia was forced to delay due to the "oversupply" of GTX 1060 cards created by waning cryptocurrency market.

"The inability to launch [the] 2060 was a big inhibitor for us, but we did so at CES," Huang quipped, according to Tom's Hardware, adding that the company expects GPU channel inventories to stabilise by the end of the first quarter.

It wasn't all bad news for Nvidia in Q4, though. The firm's data centre and automotive businesses saw growth of 12 per cent and 23 per cent. And while it's quarterly earnings were a disappointment, the firm earned $11.72bn in revenue for 2018, a 21 per cent increase year-on-year.

"Despite this setback, Nvidia's fundamental position and the markets we serve are strong," Huang said in a statement.

"The accelerated computing platform we pioneered is central to some of world's most important and fastest growing industries -- from artificial intelligence to autonomous vehicles to robotics. We fully expect to return to sustained growth." µ

Link : theinquirer


Grit, and Gritty, lead Philadelphia Fusion

In a concoction of traditional sports, esports, general pop culture and whatever genre the Philadelphia Flyers' Gritty falls under, the Philadelphia Fusion opened Overwatch League 2019 with a statement.

The Overwatch League is a weird and frequently wonderful place where all facets of culture collide. On opening day, Philadelphia took center stage with a bang of an entrance and a squeak from Gritty's palms that echoed hamster main tank extraordinaire Wrecking Ball, who also made his Overwatch League debut.

The Fusion faced their 2018 finals opponents, the London Spitfire, in a revenge match to start the season. The Spitfire walked to the stage carrying the Overwatch League trophy they raised above their heads at Barclays Center in July. The Fusion brought grit and Gritty.

And Philadelphia won.

The result was not shocking, but it was certainly unexpected to most at the Blizzard Arena with the exception of the Philadelphia players themselves. Immediately after the match, DPS player Lee "Carpe" Jae-hyeok said he was sad they hadn't swept the Spitfire 4-0 as he had expected.

"We forgot the composition we wanted to play," fellow DPS player Josh "Eqo" Corona admitted in his team's post-victory media conference, attributing this mistake to a few of his team's in-game hiccups.

Next to him, Isaac "Boombox" Charles cracked a small smile. Even in victory, the Fusion might not always have it all together, but with a year of professional play and a finals appearance under their belts, this roster is just a bit more confident with no small amount of swagger and strong coordination.

Whatever criticism you have for them, they've heard it already and will either refute it or shrug it off before moving on.

Like the tradition of sports teams in their home city and, yes, even the Flyers' mascot, the Fusion have adopted the chip on their shoulder and an us-vs.-the-world mentality. What started with Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid has trickled into the Overwatch League lexicon, too, and although other teams have merchandise proclaiming it's them "vs. Everybody," no OWL team quite matches the look like the Fusion do.

Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty leads his city's Overwatch League team, the Philadelphia Fusion, out to the roar of the crowd at Blizzard Arena on Thursday in Burbank, California. Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Philadelphia Fusion began the inaugural Overwatch League season about as slowly as possible on nearly every front. From several offseason social media gaffes to forfeiting the preseason because of "logistics issues," Philadelphia was a bit of a mess. The Fusion made a statement by unexpectedly beating the Houston Outlaws in their Overwatch League debut but were quickly swept by the London Spitfire in their second match, a harbinger of the up-and-down nature the team has become known for.

As Philadelphia continued to play and grow as a team, it cultivated a small-but-fervent fanbase. The players were skilled but, by their own admission, were too emotional at times. Harnessing that momentum-fueled playstyle, coupled with the team's firepower, led Philly to an unlikely appearance at Barclays Center for the league finals last July.

The Fusion hope they can make better use of those same strengths in 2019.

Emotion isn't always a bad thing, the players said: It just needs to be controlled sometimes and allowed to take over at others. And as support Alberto "neptuNo" González said, momentum can be a bad thing, too. The Fusion could become too arrogant, the way they did at times throughout a lengthy 2018 season where they nearly missed qualifying for the playoffs.

It will be up to the players to rely on their experience together and recognize when they can use their streaky nature as a tool.

"We are a momentum team," flex tank Gael "Poko" Gouzerch said after his team's 3-1 win against London. "We were pretty confident to win today and show what we prepared for. I'm pretty happy about that. I think we're going to keep this momentum for the whole season -- I hope so."

Yet what was most impressive about Philadelphia was how the Fusion kept their heads even after making mistakes, grinding their way to victory for a 2-0 opening weekend. This attitude was crucial in their Map 5 win over the Atlanta Reign, and the, well, gritty mentality is a staple of Philadelphia's success in the inaugural season as well. Their victory Sunday marked their 12th total tiebreaker map win, the most of any team in the Overwatch League.

Over a third of Philadelphia's matches have gone to map five, and they're a league-best 12-5 in those scenarios.

After the initial 3-1 win over London, Poko tweeted a simple, "They thought they knew us." It echoed Philadelphia's season 2 hype video: "You think you know us? You don't."

The slogan had already spread in weird and wonderful ways in Burbank to the outnumbered Philadelphia faithful, who carried two large Philadelphia Fusion flags and a sign with the character Sans from Undertale. At Blizzard Arena, traditional sports meets video games meets pop culture, or simply becomes it. On Sunday, Philadelphia fans were sometimes outnumbered by the fresh fervor for the Atlanta Reign and their popular DPS player Daniel "dafran" Francesca. After the Fusion ground out their victory on Ilios in a series that went all five maps, Philadelphia fans were hyperventilating but happy.

With the new franchises taking center stage in the Overwatch League, the opening weekend quietly belonged to Philadelphia.

Link :


After Latest Minecraft Update, Fans Are Creating In-Game TVs

Minecraft’s latest snapshot update, 19w07a, changed the way paintings work which has allowed some crafty players to create in-game TVs. The new update, which also added adorable foxes into the game, breaks paintings into multiple textures. Before this update, paintings in Minecraft were created using a single texture. This new change has allowed modders to create working in-game TVs and computer monitors.

Reddit user Hopeabandoner created a monitor allowing him to watch a pixelated Minecraft YouTube video while playing Minecraft. I believe the kids call this “meta”.

Another Reddit user, ShaneH7646, put the entire Bee Movie into Minecraftusing the new feature.

The best looking in-game TV in Minecraft I’ve seen so far belongs to user destruc7i0n. Using multiple painting frames they were able to play a high quality copy of the Gravity Falls intro. One user commented “Better picture quality than my TV.”

While this new trick is cool, it does take up a lot of resources to pull off. One video made up of 30 frames could take up over 100 MB of space. Too many of these bigger files on servers could cause performance issues.

Maybe in the future, if Minecraft has better optimized this feature, we could see some servers or worlds create short in-game videos explaining rules and guidelines to new players.

Link :
EA Reveals More About Anthem's First Major Update

Act 1, Echoes of Reality, is coming in March:

Electronic Arts has revealed a little bit more about what it has in mind for the post-launch future of Anthem, which will see the expanded and enhanced by three new "acts." The first, set to go live in March, is called Echoes of Reality, and will be made up of three separate updates: Evolving World, Stronger Together, and The Cataclysm.

EA laid down the basics about this a couple of weeks ago, but the new page at ea.com offers a little more of a closer look at what's what, and also seems like a handy way to stay on top of upcoming changes.

"Our Evolving World updates will change the game to reflect the savage, dynamic environment the Freelancers call home. In-game events vary in size, from minor ripples in reality to monstrous firestorms tearing across the sky. Regardless of their size, the danger is worth the rewards," it says.
"As the chaos grows, more teamwork, sharper tactics, and cooperative brilliance will be required to counter the menace. Our Stronger Together Update centers around improving social interaction and social competition between the Freelancers in the world of Anthem."
The big payoff will be The Cataclysm, "the pinnacle of challenge and aspiration for the freelancers." Some sort of big nasty has emerged in the game world—that sort of thing happens when the Anthem of Creation is left lying out for anyone to mess with, I suppose—and freelancers will have to band together to take it down.

The slots for acts 2 and 3 are locked, but the background image for act 2 is a trio of Scars, one of Anthem's bad guy factions, while act 3's is kind of a frieze of proto-freelancers shanking a Kilrathi. Something like that, anyway.

Anthem is live now for folks who preordered and Origin Access Premier subscribers, and so far it seems to be going pretty well. If you're part of that crew, you should probably check our helpful tips on microtransactions and tweaking the updated PC flight and swimming controls. If you're waiting for the full release, that happens on February 22.

Link : pcgamer

No Steam, No Problem: The Division 2 Already Has More Pre-Orders Than Original

It appears that Ubisoft's decision to keep The Division 2 off Steam is paying off.

It was quite the surprise when it was announced that the game would be released on the Epic Games Store and not on Steam back in January, with future PC titles to possibly take a similar route. But, so far, things are working out quite well.

Ubisoft promised that Epic would "deliver a smooth journey" from the pre-ordering stage to the actual release, claiming that they were getting behind the latter's effort to shake up the industry.

As it turns out, the choice was a great one, as PC pre-orders for The Division 2have already surpassed the numbers reached by the first game. Ubisoft's plan to attract more profits away from steam have apparently been realized.

Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft's CEO, explained their reasoning behind the store change this week during an earnings call, also revealing that pre-orders from the Ubisoft Store are six times higher than the first game in the series.

"There is a growing number of distribution platforms fighting for great content. With this deal, we saw an opportunity to increase player's exposure to our own store, while at the same time supporting a partner that greatly values our games and provides materially better terms," Guillemot said, per PC Gamer.

"Early indications are supportive, as PC preorders are higher than for the first Division, and preorders on the Ubisoft Store are six times higher. We believe this deal is a long-term positive for Ubisoft."

Guillemot stressed on his point during a follow-up Q&A session, declaring that being on the Epic Store "really helped to actually do more of our business on our own store, and to have a better revenue per unit sold via the Epic deal."

"So altogether it's really helped us to go smoothly from Steam," he added.

The company hasn't released an official forecast for The Division 2 - which launches on March 15 - but Guillemot claims that the game has the potential to be a bigger overall seller than the first installment.

Link :

What the hell happened at Activision Blizzard?
On Tuesday afternoon, Activision Blizzard told approximately 800 employees they were being laid off.

The company, which is comprised of Call of Duty publisher Activision Publishing, World of Warcraft and Overwatch developer Blizzard Entertainment, Candy Crush maker King Digital, Major League Gaming, and more did not have a bad year. In fact, it “achieved record results in 2018,” Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick said during an investor call.

Activision made $7.5 billion in sales and $1.8 billion in profit last year. But in the eyes of management, the success wasn’t enough to keep the entire company employed.

Record results. 800 employees out of work. Those facts are more than just a recipe for cognitive dissonance, they create cerebral friction that could spark a forest fire. (And it may have done just that, as the layoffs have fueled the conversation around game unionization and executive pay.)

As the call went on, it seemed that executives were largely remorseless, with the exception of Blizzard president J. Allen Brack, who expressed regret at the layoffs.

Social media became a hotbed of anger as Activision Blizzard employees came out of meetings that signaled the end of their work, steady pay, health insurance, and stability.

Where players and developers saw people, Activision referred to “costs” and “headcount” in relation to cutting 8 percent of its workforce. Even on an earnings call focused on the business, long-term financial health, and shareholder investments, there is room for compassion. Executives, instead, spoke about hundreds of now-jobless people in cold, dehumanizing terms.

So, how did Activision Blizzard get here, what went wrong, and what can other large publishers take away from the tragedy of this week’s massive layoffs?

Priorities At Odds

Bobby Kotick has become the villain in this story. Kotick drew a $1.75 million salary plus another $26 million or so in stock and other equity awards in 2017. Dennis Durkin, who recently returned to the CFO role and was also put in charge of “emerging business” (figuring out where the company will make its money in the coming years), was given a $3.75 million cash bonus and another $11.3 million in as yet unearned, performance-based equity. The disparity between bottom line executive compensation and what the 800 people laid off were making is staggering.

A number of people have pointed to former Nintendo president Satoru Iwata taking a pay cut to preserve the jobs of developers after the company had massive shortfalls in 2014. The sentiment is understandable, but the situations at Nintendo and Activision Blizzard are drastically different.

As CEO, Kotick’s job is to deliver ever-increasing value to shareholders. He accomplished that task, and as far as investors are concerned, Kotick’s doing a good job.

Kotick could have cut his own salary (a small piece of his overall compensation package) or waved off some of the stock incentives he earned, but it would have been performative. It wouldn’t have saved jobs. The gesture would have been symbolic, as 800 people likely still would have found themselves out of work.

One of Activision Blizzard’s problems is that the company is terrible at handling rebuilding years without firing people. When Bungie and Activision divorced, employees that had been working in public relations, communications, customer care, and other support services for Destiny 2 suddenly lacked a game to support.

There is no Skylanders team to move them to. Once-hot Activision properties like Guitar Hero are now dormant franchises. The publisher’s licensed game business is a dusty creekbed. High Moon Studios, which made two great Transformers titles, has been supporting Destiny 2. Vicarious Visions, one of two studios on Skylanders, has been working on Destiny 2, also. Toys for Bob, the studio that created Skylanders, developed the Spyro the Dragon trilogy that came out in 2018.

From the outside, Activision’s pipeline is a trickle. The earnings call this week backed that up, as sales estimates are significantly lower for 2019.

The Blizzard side of the business is looking similarly stark this year. While we’re likely to seeWarcraft 3: Reforged (a remake) and World of Warcraft Classic (a revival of the game’s “vanilla” state), the studio has no new major releases on the way in 2019. The company also canceled its Heroes of the Storm esports effort and has moved a number of developers away from the free-to-play MOBA and onto other projects.

All of this amounts to more people on hand than work to give them. Activision Blizzard has been building staff for years. The company suddenly finds itself without the product to back up that need.

According to a report on Kotaku, Blizzard had split its publishing into North America and Global arms. This has now been deemed a failed experiment and re-combining them means multiple people may be doing variations of the same job. Not enough work for too many people.

It’s a problem Activision Blizzard leadership created over years, and now rank-and-file employees have paid the price.

The best workers in the industry can hope for is that Kotick, Durkin, Brack, and the rest of Activision Blizzard’s executives internalize how the these layoffs are playing out in the public square. Activision executives failed to make smart investments that allowed for nimble adjustments along the way instead of the sweeping layoffs we’re now seeing. There is a place for humanity in business, especially when livelihoods are affected, and it starts with making smarter bets on product and people.

But What About Unionization?
Over the past year, the movement to unionize game developers has been picking up steam. But unionization, which would no doubt create safety nets and give employees a louder voice, may need to extended beyond game developers to protect some of the roles impacted by the Activision layoffs.

It’s unlikely that a union, operating in the short term, would have stopped the layoffs at Activision Blizzard. It’s also unclear if a union for game developers would cover the entirety of the positions impacted by the layoffs.

The company offered a severance package, but a union would be able to make a counter offer, leveraging public opinion to improve the package. Contractors, on the other hand, are reportedly not receiving any kind of payout. This begins to raise question of who a potential game developer union would include and protect.

Activision Blizzard chief operating officer Coddy Johnson drew a line down the middle of the company’s staff, creating two pools. On the earnings call this week, he said that Activision is “reducing certain non-development and administrative-related costs across our business,” while the company would be “investing more in development.”

The message seems clear. Artists, programmers, animators, sound engineers, and level designers are “developers.” Those who help bring the game to market like public relations staff, community developers, and customer support staff are “non-developers.” It’s a convenient and calculating way to put people in boxes for investors, conveying a shift in resources toward the narrowest definition of “game developer” and away from what is otherwise considered “administrative.” It also ignores that the entire operation is necessary to bring games to market (and afterward, to get people to spend money on them over and over).

If a union is going to assist in situations like this, it would need protect as many roles and the people in them as possible. A holistic view of publishing and development is required to provide the safety net that many espouse as the goal of unionization.

The sad truth is that the die was cast at Activision Blizzard months, if not years, before these layoffs were first hinted. What makes this so exceptionally painful is that there is an understandable mental link between layoffs and poor financial performance. It’s nigh impossible to rationalize or justify 800 people being shown the door as a company reports record sales.

And yet, here we are. Poor planning, a failure to adapt to current market conditions and consumer desires, and too much investment in trends (like toys to life games) has left Activision Blizzard in a place where it needs to make drastic cuts. That’s a thin blanket against the cold reality that executive pay is broken and now hundreds of people are out of work.

Link : polygon

The Epic Games Store has finally received an offline mode

What just happened? Epic's new store is causing some division in the PC gaming community. Some argue that anything that challenges Steam is worth supporting, while others say Epic's store must top Steam's features to earn their hard-earned cash. The latter group will be pleased to hear that one of the Epic Store's most-requested features has finally arrived - offline mode.
Though it does not appear to be a toggle-able feature as it is on Steam, Epic's game launcher now lets you "skip sign in" to play your games if your internet is down.

Right now, the only way to access this feature manually is to simply close the Epic Launcher, temporarily switch off your internet connection, and launch the program once more.

This could change in the future, but for now, it's better than nothing - always-online requirements are typically not something avid PC gamers are fans of. However, this "mode" alone probably won't be enough to persuade Steam diehards to make the switch.

To that end, we're looking forward to seeing how Epic expands upon its store's feature set moving forward.

Link :

Here's Everything From Last Week Nintendo Direct

Nintendo held its first Direct of the year this afternoon, and while it was primarily focused on Fire Emblem, it was also full of lots of other news. Super Mario Maker is making its long-awaited debut on the Switch, a new co-op Boxboy is coming soon, and Dragon Quest XI is finally coming to Nintendo’s tablet. We’re even getting a surprise new Zelda game. If you missed the live stream, here are all of the biggest announcements.
Super Mario Maker is Happening

It’s finally happening: Super Mario Maker is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The game, dubbed Super Mario Maker 2, will include some new features (though they remain mysterious), and it’s also launching very soon. It’ll be on the Switch in June.

BoxBoy Goes Co-op
The beloved — and adorable — Boxboy series for the 3DS is making its way to the Switch. The game will include more than 200 stages but, most importantly, will introduce co-op play. It’s launching on April 26th.

Dragon Quest XI Is Coming To Switch
Dragon Quest XI was a high mark for the long-running series when it debuted last year on the PS4 and PC, and now it’s finally coming to the Switch. Like the rest of the series, it’s a huge, sprawling role-playing game dripping with charm, and those turn-based battles should be a great fit for Nintendo’s tablet. This edition will also include the option to switch to classic 16-bit visuals. It’ll be available in the fall.

Tokyo Rpg Factory Returns

Square Enix’s retro-focused studio Tokyo RPG Factory is back with its third release, following I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphear. Called Oninaki, it will ask players to “travel beyond the veil of death and rescue lost souls from a terrible fate.” It’ll be out this summer.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 3.0

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is getting a huge update this spring... but that’s all we know. Nintendo teased version 3.0 of the character fighter, but is keeping the actual details under wraps for now.

Fire Emblem New Trailer , But Gets Slight Delay

We got our first long look at the next Fire Emblem in a five-minute-long trailer that shows just how anime the upcoming strategy game is. There’s even a dash of Harry Potter. Three Houses has also been delayed slightly: it was originally slated for a spring launch, but will now debut on July 26th.
Tetris Mass Battle

Tetris is coming to the Switch — and it’s a battle royale. The new competitive game is called Tetris 99 and it pits 99 players against each other, with one player coming out victorious. No word on whether or not there will be emotes. In even more surprising news, the game is out today, but it’ll be exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

Link'S Awakening Returns

Beloved Zelda adventure Link’s Awakening is coming to the Switch, with a full-on 3D remake. It looks like a more charming take on the top-down style of A Link Between Worlds.Though it’s not clear when it’ll be out, it will be sometime this year.

Platinum Has New Action Game Working

Renowned action studio Platinum — the team behind Bayonetta and Nier: Automata — has a new game called Astral Chain, and it looks wild. “As part of a police special forces unit in a multi-cultural futuristic city, players work together with a humanoid special weapon, Legion, in a synergetic action system of battle and exploration,” the developer explains. It’s coming to the Switch on August 30th.

Link : theverge










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So the Epic Store is now offering an "Offline Mode", but only if you fake your network connection being down. I wonder what (or who) brought that on? Bigger question: Why?

A thought exercise...
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