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May 5, 2016
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Issue 343

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Oh shoot , its another week again and also summer has begun here. Its that type of weather i dislike more than the cold. Its easier to stay warm than to get cold.Im not sure what could be worse really. The high amounts of snow that may fall and need to be shoveled. Or the sheer growth of grass and plants that need to be maintained.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
- SunKenRock

Diablo 3

3 hour Split Bounty event for Diablo 3 this Saturday! Share the pain, and the love, with this extended event.


Cards Against Humanity

Have a free night ? Like to play CAH ,and love the limitless responses to cards that make even the weirdest people question you ? Maybe you want to help DivineKitty out. Well , whatever the reasons there are to volunteer they are always welcome.

As a host for additional cards against humanity game night is needed and its open to all.

Game Nights:


If you would like to help ensure your game's game nights, events, etc. are listed and want to have the ability to post them on the calendar, please let Linessah/Mr Cruz know.

If your game nights do not appear on this calendar over the next few days, please let Linessah, MrCruz , Demonya , or Aussietye know. They will get them squared away.All can be found on discord as well.

To convert the times to your timezone, use the following tool: Time Zone Converter. Please check the Discord Events channel for reminders about events. Also with some game nights being made up for that day due to the people whom are on.

*Please contact SunKenRock/Linessah for mention of upcoming event*

Clan Jobs:In and out of gaming​

Fever Clan Job Roster Master List

This link will take you to everything Fever and provides a table of contents to direct you to what you may seek.If you do not see anything for game that you are looking for ,(Or might be interested in starting a group in) contact

Head - @Thundernut,@Kimenu
Deputies - @MrCruz,@Daddy

Zaraxy / Apinakapina / KrazySketchy / momspaghet / HikaZee

Bagel / Kilerien / Amunrah / brettboy555 / PittsburghAdam

RammingSpeed / Holyphok / Perseverance / Waffilios / Papermoney

Brawson / portiabell / Godlike / DedRekoning / Darkseven

Siegwyn / Dual / Zyser / KNOCONTROL / Veritas™

Last week's winner was Fallen87 - please congratulate him!

This week's nominees are:



Miss Joker




Bot Doc



Trixie Lulamoon







Please vote for them here -> PoW-06-25-2018

I poked and proded and this is what i got..ted. A fellow friend stuck in this roller coaster weather ,tax ridded state. Though we have yet to cross paths, who knows what the future holds. Here is a little something i squeezed out of him.

SunKenRock: How did you find out about Fever?
codenamesparks: Leo was in a Hero's of the storm server and gave me an invite to the clan. I accepted and came on

SunKenRock:What do you enjoy most about fever ,in your time here.
I enjoy that there is a diverse selection of people and games. I may not enjoy all of them but we are a community

SunKenRock:What's the origin of your gaming name?
codenamesparks: Long ago I selected codenamesparks as my AIM name and it's stuck as almost every user id i've made since then

SunKenRock:Who or what got you into gaming?
codenamesparks: My friends got me into gaming long ago on a game called Planetarion

SunKenRock:What games do you activity play these days. More single or multiplayer?
codenamesparks: Planetarion, Heros of the storm and random games that tickle my fancy really

SunKenRock:Do you have an all-time favorite game? Adding on , are you Pc all the way or do you dabble in console?
codenamesparks: All time favorite game would be a tie between Final Fantasy 7 and Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

SunKenRock:What kind of things do you enjoy outside of gaming.
codenamesparks: I enjoy working , Testing firehose and keeping fire departments safe

SunKenRock: Being a fellow resident of Connecticut , what can you say about our lovely (sometimes not) state.
codenamesparks: The weather sucks but we have a few good spots to eat. Blackies and Frankies Hot Dogs are tops of my list

SunKenRock: If you didnt live there , would you prefer anywhere else in the US ? Or maybe the world.
codenamesparks: I'd prefer to live just about anywhere where there weren't snakes... That's about my only fear in life

SunKenRock: I think the best way to end this interview is telling the readers whats going on for you , and maybe if you are looking for fellow members to game with
codenamesparks: Right now I'm in between living my life and trying to do what's right in the world. Sometimes the right thing is easy to do and others it's the hardest to do

SunKenRock: Though we dont always get time to talk,thank you for providing your time and answers.
codenamesparks:Thanks for taking the time to ask me the questions. I'm not usually a talker but I am open to any and every question from fellow Fever members​

Heroes of Storm:Looking for a team

Warframe:Who plays?

Open Discussion:Steam summer sale

Hearthstone:Finally did it !

Fortnite:Wanna Play Some FORKNIFE!!??

Microsoft and Razer might be working on an Xbox keyboard and mouse partnership

Microsoft has been teasing keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One for years now, but it’s finally becoming a reality soon. The software giant has partnered with Razer to enable its Chroma RGB lighting support in Xbox games. Chroma allows players to have an assortment of colors light up on a keyboard, and it’s also useful for spotting ability cooldowns in games like Overwatch. Windows Central reports that Microsoft started briefing developers about the upcoming support earlier this year, and The Verge can confirm the partnership is genuine.

Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans tell The Verge that Microsoft and Razer presented their plans at the annual Xfest event for developers earlier this year. Razer is planning to allow game developers to tap into its API to bring Chroma lighting effects to games. If all goes according to plan, Xbox One users will start to make use of this later this year with Microsoft’s fall update for the Xbox.

Xbox gamers will welcome the addition of keyboard and mouse support, but some will question the impact on multiplayer games. Microsoft is allowing developers to detect whether a keyboard or mouse is present on an Xbox One, and games could potentially only match keyboard and mouse users with similarly equipped players. Balancing games will be down to developers, and Microsoft is offering up all the tools required to ensure games can implement the support in a variety of ways.

Microsoft will be supporting a variety of USB mice, including ones with wireless dongles. Bluetooth and custom mouse drivers won’t be supported initially, though. Microsoft is also on new game APIs that will allow developers to detect and block keyboard and mouse accessories like the Xim that currently unfairly mimic controller behavior.


Overwatch League All-Star Game starting lineups revealed

For me, all-star games are fun to watch because they enable a break from much of the hyper-competitive seriousness that permeates pro sports: You'd never see Larry Walker turn his helmet around to face Randy Johnson, for instance, or watch Patrick Kane and John Scott not-fight following a goal in a "real" game. I hope to see something similar happen in the Overwatch League All-Star Game, which will feature the league's top players doing their thing in a two-day special event set for August.

12 players have been selected by fans for the starting rosters:

Representing the Atlantic Division:

Seong-Hyun “Jjonak” Bang, New York Excelsior, Support
Jong-Ryeol “Saebyeolbe” Park, New York Excelsior, Offense
Do-Hyeon “Pine” Kim, New York Excelsior, Flex
Yeon-Jun “Ark” Hong, New York Excelsior, Support
Jae-Hyeok “Carpe” Lee, Philadelphia Fusion, Offense
Jae-Hui “Gesture” Hong, London Spitfire, Tank

Standing for the Pacific Division:

Chan-Hyung “Fissure” Baek, Los Angeles Gladiators, Tank
Scott “Custa” Kennedy, Los Angeles Valiant, Support
Seyeon “Geguri” Kim, Shanghai Dragons, Tank
Byung-Sun “Fleta” Kim, Seoul Dynasty, Offense
Je-Hong “Ryujehong” Ryu, Seoul Dynasty, Flex
Brandon “Seagull” Larned, Dallas Fuel, Fle

12 more players from each division will be chosen by players, coaches, casters, and league staff to take part in the "skill games" exhibition on August 25, and the All-Star Game itself on August 26. The full rosters will be revealed on July 10, while other details including the All-Star Game format, custom game modes, ticket availability, and other "fan experiences" will be announced soon.


Immortals acquires Brazilian esports brand

Global esports team organization Immortals said it has acquired the Brazilian brand MIBR and hired the team roster for the Brazilian SK Gaming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) team.

In addition, Immortals is announcing sponsor partnerships with dating app Tinder and online gambling site Betway. Such sponsors could go a long way toward making esports teams financially sustainable. Global esports revenues will grow 38 percent to $906 million in 2018 and further grow to $1.65 billion by 2021, according to a new annual report on esports by market researcher Newzoo.

Competing under the MIBR brand is a roster of established CS:GO players and champions: Ricardo “boltz” Prass, Marcelo “coldzera” David, Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo, Fernando “fer” Alvarenga, Jacky “Stewie2K” Yip, and their coach, Ricardo “dead” Sinigaglia.

As has been previously announced, the general manager is Tomi “lurppis” Kovanen. The team will relocate to Los Angeles to train and practice at the Immortals campus. MIBR will first appear in competition July 3 to July 8 at the ESL One Cologne event.

“Brazil is incredibly passionate about esports, and this acquisition allows us to foster further esports growth in what we believe is still a relatively untapped market in Brazil and throughout South America,” said Noah Whinston, CEO of Immortals and MIBR, in a statement. “The MIBR brand creates a direct link to Brazil’s national pride and sports and entertainment culture. We are eager to invest in the Brazilian esports scene and to create a platform for the region’s amazing professional esports talent to continue to excel and dominate.”

MIBR will be working with Tinder to bring together Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans in Brazil and around the world through several digital and live campaigns and activations focused on Tinder’s premium subscription services, Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold.

“We know that gaming is a passion among many of our users all over the world, and we are excited to be the first dating app to enter the esports space with Immortals as our partner,” said Levi Nitzberg, director of global business development for Tinder, in a statement. “Tinder’s global presence and highly engaged user base provides us with a unique platform which, just like esports, brings millions of people together to connect over shared interests.”

Immortals owns a bunch of teams across games, such as Rainbow Six: Siege and the Overwatch League. Immortals was founded in 2015, and its investors include Lionsgate, AEG, and the Milken Family.

Immortals said that MIBR is the most popular and competitively successful Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team in the world. Founded in 2003, MIBR established itself as a brand synonymous with competitive excellence and national pride, becoming the first Brazilian team to win a major esports world championship.


Ubisoft launches Rainbow Six Siege US Nationals

The US Nationals commence on July 14th with any and every American team welcome to compete. The program will be split into two divisions – the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference – with both conferences hosting teams in open, online qualifiers.

The top teams in each conference after the open qualifiers will advance to another stage on the following Friday, playing their conclusive matches live on an official broadcast. The National Finals is the culminating event for the program and will take place in December of this year with eight teams being invited to compete at a live event.

Robb Chiarini, Esports Associate Director at Ubisoft said the following in a statement: “The phenomenon that is Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege esports has been truly amazing to witness firsthand. With the US Nationals, we have entered into a new and exciting time for our community’s growth. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive esports ecosystem that offers our players and ever-growing community opportunities to participate, watch and aspire to. The US Nationals expands this initiative by offering another layer of activity for all players across the United States.”

The top placing team in each of the three Stage Finals, alongside a Wildcard team from the Last Chance Qualifier in October, will be invited to compete in December. Players are able to sign up to participate in the US Nationals program now.



Studio Wildcard has revealed the first gameplay details, and release date, for it's upcoming expansion to ARK: Survival Evolved.


The expansion, titled ARK: Extinction, releases November 6 on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and will be included in both the Explorer's Pack and the Season Pass. It will also be available as a standalone expansion and upgrade.

The first trailer for Extinction was also revealed, so be sure to check it out below.

Extinction pits players against wandering Titans, who have dominated Earth; a planet which has long been infested by Elements and filled with "both organic and technological" creatures.

In the months leading up to the release of Extinction, Explorer Notes related to it will begin appearing throughout ARK and its other expansion packs. When collected, these notes will unlock new skins, as well as "powerful Tek-themed dinosaur variants." The first of these notes was released last Friday, alongside the first Extinction-themed skin, "Corrupted Helm."


Friday the 13th: The Game Development Permanently Cancelled

About a couple of weeks ago, Friday the 13th: The Game creators Gun Media and IllFonic officially announced the cancellation of all future DLC for the asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror title due to a recent legal dispute. Now, the publisher and developer have revealed that not a single asset can be added to the game no matter which party comes out on top in the litigious proceedings related to the horror franchise.

This much was divulged in a recent post on Friday the 13th: The Game‘s official forums, with Gun Media founder and president Wes Keltner explaining that there will be no more content of any kind to come despite the legal spat’s outcome. As stated by Keltner, “Development on games can’t just pause indefinitely and pick back up again; it doesn’t work that way. Especially when you have no idea when that future date will occur. We can’t keep building content that may never see the light of day. That’s bad business.”

In order to more clearly elucidate exactly what kind of situation Friday the 13th: The Game‘s developers and the title itself are in, Keltner then explained that original locations or Camp Counselors aren’t the only things that can’t be worked on, as even mundane assets such as environmental details can’t be added. The Gun Media founder said, “We can’t add any content, whatsoever. Nada. Not even a new tree or rock. We can only focus on console dedicated servers, bug fixes, and maintenance.”

Without a doubt, this will likely be extremely disappointing to hear for many Friday the 13th: The Game fans, as the player base that remained dedicated to the title since its less-than-stellar debut due to myriad technical issues and server problems won’t be rewarded further down the line for their loyalty. Of course, this is not something that can be blamed on Gun Media or IllFonic, as the companies only obtained the rights to develop a Friday the 13th game with little to no knowledge that the entire franchise’s future would be in question.


Free Pillars of Eternity 2 DLC

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire's latest free DLC, called the Scalawags Pack, allows you to beef up your ship with seven new potential crew members and a number of new upgrades to sails, anchors, and cannons, which are available at shipwrights across the archipelago.

The DLC also adds a new personality setting called Savage, which I can't wait to play around with. Alongside the DLC, an update also fixes crashes, quest-specific bugs, and ensures that crew members heal properly when you rest them with adequate medicine, which is long overdue. The full patch notes are here—you can recruit the new crew members at taverns across the world.

It comes on the back of an even bigger update earlier this month that rebalanced ship combat, class abilities and weapons. The ship changes were the most meaningful, and could drastically alter the way your party does battle at sea.

Ship health was reduced by 20%, which should make fights faster. Ramming now deals more damage to both the aggressor and defender, but closing the distance to board is now easier because you'll take less damage to your hull, sails and crew while doing it.

Cannons have been changed, too: accuracy penalties have been "adjusted to scale gradually"—no more detail there, unfortunately—while the accuracy boost you'll gain at each rank of cannoneer has been reduced, which could make it harder to land your shots, especially early on in the game.

If you want to dig into the changes from earlier this month in more detail to see what's happened to your favourite class or weapon, then read the full patch notes.


Life Is Strange 2 Will Begin This September

We know very little about Life is Strange 2 but we do know the release date thanks to this handy video. Episode one will land on September 27th, and further details about the game will be revealed during August.

Before then we will be treated to The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, a free episode set within the LIS universe, and one that may give hints to the second game. Fortunately we don’t have to wait long for Captain Spirit as it launches in just a few days on June 25th.



GAMESTOP officially confirms buyout talks

GameStop just confirmed that it’s in discussions about a “potential transaction.” This follows the Reuters Monday exclusive, which indicated GameStop holding talks with private equity firms after getting buyout interest.

With the increase in digital video game transactions and competing against a digital competitor like Amazon, GameStop has suffered in sales. Although video game company has expanded into used video games, devices, and digital products, it is no different from other brick-and-mortar retailers in this aspect.

While the used-game strategy helped the company, it has been challenged by developers like EA, Sony, and Microsoft. These companies have their own plans that offer gamers streaming services for older titles that they own.

Back in May, Michael Mauler, Gamestop’s previous chief executive officer, left his post after only three months. Gamestop said the sudden departure was due to personal reasons. Also in May, GameStop said it received a letter from Tiger Management LLC, and stated that it valued investor input.

Fast forward to June, the company hired Shane Kim as their interim CEO. Kim was the former Microsoft Xbox executive and board director.

Over the last 12 months, GameStop’s stock has slid over 32 per cent, which brings its market capitalization to $1.42 billion. This is a big decline from the $9.4 billion in 2007.

In GameStop’s latest press release, it states that the company has no intention of making additional comments about its discussions “until it is appropriate to do so.”















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Thank you for reading and have a nice week!
- The Fever Weekly Team



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The funnies had me in TEARS. The Venom one is just...amazing lmao.

I haven't touched or played Ark in MONTHS (makes me motion sick, sadly), but that new DLC is looking pretty bomb. I like the addition of massive behemoths and Bio-Organic environments.
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