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May 5, 2016
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Issue 331

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I would say happy April Easter fools day ,but that was Sunday. So i guess welcome to the second of April(That is if this comes out at the precise date. (NO complaining EU and beyond). If you noticed around the web yesterday many areas did there own rendition of April fools. Though it was more than i could ever fit into this weekly of course. I suppose i am sort of dry with a witty comment for the editorial ,so i guess ill go back to far cry 5 .

Yet it seems the editorial was not of use due to the release time of the weekly. Much Sad

Thank you for proof reading and eat my shorts
- SunKenRock

To bring this up again , now that April had officially begin

April Activity Pandemic Contest!

Come participate in a clan-wide contest and promotion to promote recruiting, game section activity, and social media support for Fever Clan.

Starting now! All of April (April 1-30 EST)

What is it?
Point system - Collect points for various tasks/activities (see below)
Weekly updates on standings - see how you are doing compared to your friends and competitors.
Exclusive Twitch streams at Twitch
Reinstatement bonus - Reinstate to Fever as PFC and earn points
End of Month Raffle - Cash in your points, more points means more chances to win!​

In depth details :Contest Info

Note: If there are any changes or events not listed, please contact any of the Fever Weekly staff.

Game Nights:

To convert the times to your timezone, use the following tool: Time Zone Converter. Please check the Discord Events channel for reminders about events.

- Overwatch = 8pm to 10/11pm (EST) | Host : Chronubis
- Diablo 3 = 8pm to 10pm (EST) | Host : Aussietye-Event will vary from week to week

- World of Warcraft (Horde Raids) = 9pm to 12am (EST) | Host : Aisper, Ataerus

- CS:GO = 7:30pm - 9:00pm (EST) | Host : Monkeyworm
- World of Warcraft (Alliance Raids) = 9pm to 12am (EST) | Host : Cardinalsin

- Overwatch = 9pm (EST) | Host : TBD
- Heroes of the Storm = 6pm (PST) | Host : KingCatNip
- World of Warcraft ( Horde Raids) = 9pm to 12am (EST) | Host : Aisper, Ataerus

- Dota 2 = 3pm to 5pm (EST) | Host : Thundernut
- League of Legends = 8pm to 10pm (EST) | Host : Sixxed17
- Diablo 3 = 8pm (EST) | Host : VioletShadow-Event will vary from week to week
- Path of Exile = 8pm (CST) | Host : Menicejw86
- Cards Against Humanity = 9pm (EST) | Host : Members
- World of Warcraft (Alliance Raids) = 9pm to 12am (EST) | Host : Cardinalsin

- CS:GO(Competitive) = 6:30pm to 8:30pm (EST) | Host : Zerox
- World of Warships = 8pm (EST) | Host : LordsShield
- Path of Exile = 9pm (EST) | Host : arjunaji
- Starcraft = 9pm (EST) | Host : Proteggiore
- League of Legends = 9:30pm (EST) | Host : macho001
- World of Warcraft (Horde Alt Night) = 9pm to 12am (EST) | Host : Aisper

- League of Legends = 9pm (EST) | Host : Batman

All game nights are held in Discord, so please join Discord to get in on the fun!


Hosts to contact
@VioletShadow || Diablo 3 - Friday

@Aussietye || Diablo 3 Game Night - Monday

@Ghist || Diablo 3 Game Night - Saturday or Sunday

@Monkeyworm || CS:GO - Wedensday

@Zerox || CS:GO - Saturday

@KingCatNip || Heroes of the Storm - Thursday

@Menicejw86 || Path of Exile - Friday

@arjunaji || Path of Exile - Saturday

@Aisper, and @Ataerus || World of Warcraft - Tuesday/Thrusday/Alt Night Saturday

@Cardinalsin || World of Warcraft - Wednesday/Friday

@macho0001 || League of Legends - Saturday

@Batman || League of Legends - Friday

@Chronubis || Overwatch Game Night - Monday and Thursday

@LordsShield || World of Warships Game Night - Saturday

@Proteggiore || Starcraft 2 Game Night - Saturday

-No Events at this time-

In-Game Sections:​
In addition to recruiting, games need staffing to help them run efficiently so all members can have a great time. These tasks can be Recruiter , Game night Hosts, Coach , Content Creator.If you are interested please contact:
Head - @Thundernut
Deputies - @Kimenu , and
Assistants - @Baum, @Daddy

Company Commanders

League of Legends - Vacant(person to contact @Sixxed17)
Dota - Vacant
CS-GO - @WolfishGG with deputy @Zerox
Diablo 3 - @Linessah
Starcraft 2 - @Shiva
Overwatch - @-Nameless , @Aussietye
World of Warcraft - @Aisper
Path of Exile - @Axle
HOTS - Vacant(Person to contact XO @KingCatNip)
PUBG - Vacant
SMITE - Vacant
Misc - Contact @Grant ,@BruC0Ndr


Gwent - @BruC0Ndr
BDO - @Ian
Wargaming - @LordsShield
SMITE - @Grant , @Loyalbdog
Battlefield - @1Jake1
Fortnite - Vacant
Paladins - Vacant
Warframe - @Nefarious
PUBG - @Asterian
Elder Scrolls online -
They are also looking for people who'd like to officially form a gaming section. For further info on the state of gaming , check out this post: State of Gaming.

Out of Game Section:​
With the various jobs with in game ,there is also another end of helping out fever in various out of game jobs. Its a way to keep in contact with Social media ,helping out the forums and maintaining , and assisting out on the graphics end.
Public Relations:
Are you an out-going person who would like to represent our clan and get in contact with others?
If you answered 'yes', then consider contacting...
@Kimenu, @BruC0Ndr, @Chaves and Coordinator -Nameless who is looking for new public relation members to join the team. You can also contact them if you are interested in becoming a Streamer or Host.
For social media, feel free to contact anyone from the team. In order to help represent or promote Fever.

"We're looking for more YouTube content creators, and people experienced with YouTube editing/ video editing contact BruC0Ndr if you're interested"
Master of the Forums:
The Master of the Forums Team is currently looking for any and all officers to assist in the upkeep and monitoring of the Fever Clan forums. Our day to day tasks is making sure all stickies are being updated with current information, monitoring the forums for spam/junk/clutter, as well as ensuring all rules and standards are being kept by all members and guests. For more information contact:
If you are interested in creating content for a forum section, including games, please contact either of them.
Graphics Team:
The Graphics Department is searching for members who like to exercise their artistic and graphic design skills. Their goal is to support all departments of Fever through the creation of any necessary graphics - from award ribbon/medals, tournament banners, game banners, and youtube graphics. If this sounds like something you would like to contribute to, please contact @Granthttp://feverclan.com/forums/members/grant.html or @Slyhttp://feverclan.com/forums/members/sly.html


Dursto / will495 / Scarebear / Arlen1000 / KFP_Insanity

Shadic / shaenie / AsheS / Hansrutger / LachimusPrime

Last week's winner was GHOST_AQC - please congratulate him!

Last week's FNG was a tie with two winners. BigNFluffeh , ThenamesKyle - please congratulate them!

This week's nominees are:




Please vote for them here -> PoW-4-2-2018[/COLOR]

Hello Fever! Shiny here, welcoming you all to another edition of Member Spotlight. This week we have MrCruz! Hes a 2nd Lieutenant who can be commonly found playing Diablo 3. Let's see what he had to say:

Shiny: How did you find out about Fever?
MrCruz: It has been while back in 2013. While I was playing Dota 2. Got sick of playing alone. Found the thread from Shiftie.

Shiny: Which clan jovs do you have and what are your responsabilities?
MrCruz: Awards Council Assistant Director - Helping and assisting [MENTION=78540]Damien[/MENTION] and [MENTION=67628]Linessah[/MENTION] in everyday tasks.

Stats Dept. Member - Collecting data for clan statistics.

Fever Imagineer - In Imagineering team we are trying to find new stuff to make the clan better place, along with improving stuff that we already have.

Game Night Coordinator - in process of setting up new game night's, finding new game night hosts. Helping Company Commander and admins. Trying to improve member retention.

Shiny: What's something you think Fever does really well? What's something you think it needs to improve?
MrCruz: Having a good core of ppl bringing ppl around to have fun, and the thing that we have to work on is member retention.

Shiny: Let's talk gaming. Whats your main game? Where can Fever members find you?
MrCruz: Currently my main game is Diablo 3. People can find me on Discord or Bnet ( MrCruz#2956 )

Shiny: What's the origin of your gaming name?
MrCruz: To be honest I'm not sure actually. Remember playing with my friends and we were discussing how we gonna make new chars for farming.
And then MrCruz was born.

Shiny: Who or what got you into gaming?
MrCruz: Friend of mine was the person who got me into gaming.

Shiny: What another kind of games is you playing nowadays? What roles/class/character/etc do you prefer to play in them?
MrCruz: Abit of overwatch. Junkrat is my fav.

Shiny: Is there a game that you've either played/beaten many times or that you will never get tired of playing no matter what?
MrCruz: the Good portion of my life was spent on Silkroad Online an online MMORPG. After 10+ years I can still play and beat ppl there

Shiny: What's your all-time favorite game? Why?
MrCruz: Silkroad Online. Reason? Spent so much time on it, meet so much amazing people, meet a bunch of new friends. And most important played it with my rl friends.

Shiny: Aside from gaming, what do you do in your free time? Any hobbies?
MrCruz: In my free time in volunteer firefighter.

Shiny: Do you watch any tv shows?
MrCruz: I love watching tv show's related to self survival and ppl living off the grid.

Shiny: Where were you born? Where do you live now?
MrCruz: Was born in Zagreb, Croatia. Living on the country side near Zagreb.

Shiny: What's your favorite thing about where you live? What's your least favorite?
MrCruz: Area, where I live, has a huge history behind it. The thing I don't like? Even we are few miles from the main capital of Croatia it takes ages to get to it with a bus hehe

Shiny: I think the best way to end this interview is telling the readers how they can reach you if they want to group up and play some games with you.
MrCruz: If anyone needs any help or just wanna catch up and game, they can find me on discord or on my battle net ( MrCruz#2596 ).

Shiny: Thanks for your time!
MrCruz: Np, it was fun.​

Path of Exile:Community Showcase

Smite:Smite Pro Team Thoughts

CS:GO:Release Notes for 3/29/2018

Overwatch:Widow strategies?



TERA (PS4, Xbox One) – April 3


Extinction (PC, PS4, Xbox One) – April 10


Bombslinger (PC, Xbox One, Switch) – April 11


Yakuza 6: The Song of Life (PS4) – April 17


God of War (PS4) – April 20


The Swords of Ditto (PC, PS4) – April 24


Battletech (PC) – April 24


Hearthstone – The Witchwood (PC, Mobile) – April 24


Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption (PC, PS4, Xbox One) – April 25


39 Days to Mars (PC) – April 25


The Thin Silence (PC) – April 27


Not really news , but a piece of tech that happened recently.


Andy Serkis and Unreal teamed up at GDC to showcase what may just be the future of video game motion capture technology.

It began with a video of Andy Serkis performing a monologue from Macbeth. The original performance is certainly captivating - it is Serkis, after all - but didn't seem to have anything to do with video game technology. However, Unreal then showed how a new technological concept known as "Project Spotlight" is able to project Serkis' facial expressions onto the face of a digital alien creature:

While the visual of that technology is impressive, the truly amazing aspect of the demonstration is the implication that the rendering was done in real-time. See, you could theoretically achieve similar effects using modern technology. The problem is the number of resources that such an effect demands and how you kind of have to shape your entire game around it. That's the issue the revolutionary L.A. Noire encountered. With Spotlight, though, developers are potentially able to render such effects without having to compromise the performance of the game itself. That's a literal game changer.

Before you get too excited, though, this technology is still in what should probably be considered a "developmental" stage. That means that it's not quite ready for primetime and may not become commonplace for a generation or so (if it becomes commonplace at all).​


Telltale Games The Walking Dead: The Final Season Coming Later This Year

Telltale Games announced The Walking Dead: The Final Season will launch later this year.

Get your first look at The Walking Dead: The Final Season at our PAX East panel next Friday, April 6 at 12:30pm ET. You can also stream it from home on Twitch.

Get all the details here: http://thewalkingdeadgame.com


Fortnite passes Minecraft to become the biggest game on YouTube

Fortnite racked up more than 2.4 billion views on YouTube in February alone.

We all know that Fortnite is big: The biggest game in the world by some measures. Ninja's recent Fortnite livestream with Drake crushed Twitch's concurrent viewer record with more than 630,000 people watching simultaneously at one point, a mark that was beaten just this week by a Spanish-language stream on YouTube that pulled in nearly 1.1 million concurrents.

Those are impressive moments by any measure, but according to "influencer marketing platform" Matchmade, Fortnite has now surpassed an even bigger milestone—Minecraft—to become the most-viewed game on YouTube. Minecraft has long dominated YouTube's videogame scene, accumulating billions of views per month. It's been in a slow decline since last summer, however, and while Fortnite has yet to hit Minecraft's lofty peak heights, it has now pulled ahead of it, breaking 2.4 billion views in February and climbing even higher this month.

Fortnite is also leaving leaving its more direct competitors in the dust. Clash Royale, the biggest mobile game on YouTube since March 2016 (minus a brief Pokemon Go interlude) has entered an accelerating decline since Fortnite showed up, and PUBG viewership has leveled off as well.

"The pace of Fortnite’s growth is astonishing. Between January and February, Fortnite’s viewership grew a whopping 151 percent," Matchmade wrote. "During the past 6 months, The average month-to-month growth rate of Fortnite viewership on YouTube is +97 percent. Content creators are on board, and we’ve seen the number of Fortnite videos jump from 9945 (Feb 1st) to 12762 (Mar 1st) in just one month—an increase of 28 percent."

Matchmaker cited a few possible factors behind Fortnite's spectacular YouTube growth. Some are obvious: Fortnite is free and available on just about every relevant platform while PUBG is restricted to PC and Xbox One and will set you back $30, and Fortnite is shiny and new, something Minecraft definitely is not. But YouTube also made changes to its algorithms in August 2017, "which changed how content is discovered" and also coincides with the beginning of Minecraft's and Clash Royale's decline.​



Robot Entertainment has let go 30 members of staff in a strategic decision that sees the studio shift its focus from two projects to just one.

"Over the past 18 months, our studio has had two teams working on different projects," said the studio's CEO Patrick Hudson. "Today, the company is making a strategic shift to focus on a single internal game project.

"Unfortunately, that means we need to resize our team to fit only one project. We've made the very difficult decision to let go of over 30 of our very talented and dedicated developers."

According to the company's LinkedIn profile, the studio has 65 members of staff, meaning the layoffs will see almost half its employees cut.

The studio initially expanded during development of Orcs Must Die! Unchained, which hit PlayStation 4 last year after its initial PC release.

Despite the layoffs, the studio says it will continue to support the title, as well as its most recent game, Hero Academy 2.

Robot Entertainment plans to unveil its newest offering "soon."​


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Testing Smaller Map

PlayerUnknown’s promise that PUBG Corp. would be bringing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ next map to test servers as soon as could be managed has come to fruition. The online multiplayer shooter’s social media accounts revealed today that the game’s highly anticipated 4×4-kilometer map, 1/4 the size of a standard map, will have a closed test starting next week.

Codenamed “Savage,” the smaller PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds map will only be available for a limited time. This first closed and limited test for Savage will run from April 2, 7:00 pm PT, through April 5, 4:00 am PT. Players who are interested in trying the map out will have to find a keycode. So far PUBG Corp. has implied that there will be a sign-up page going live soon, but it’s unclear if everyone who signs up will gain access.

PUBG Corp. initially announced its first 4×4 map as part of the reveal of its 2018 development roadmap less than a month ago. In the post from PlayerUnknown/Brendan Greene, he dedicated the company to deliver the map to fans for testing as soon as could be managed.

Just a week ago, the next step was taken and PUBG Corp. showed a first look at the map, a tropical island map filled with small villages and palm trees. Now we know that just two weeks after the map was first shown, it will be featured in a closed test. So far, so good regarding PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds development roadmap.

While frustrations with the game continue within the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds community, PUBG Corp. marches forward in development. Additions including weapon skins, the game’s Event Mode, and the briefly available counter-cheat patch show that the team is hard at work. 2018 will prove a definitive year for PUBG, for better or worse. But it’s definitely going to make it interesting either way.​










For honor

Platforms:pc, Xbox 1, Ps4

Minimum Specs
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions only)
CPU: Intel Core i3-550 | AMD Phenom II X4 955 or equivalent
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660/GTX 750ti/GTX 950/GTX 1050 with 2 GB VRAM or more | AMD Radeon HD 6970/HD 7870/R9 270/R9 370/RX 460 with 2 GB VRAM or more
Resolution: 720p @ 30 FPS
Video Preset: Low
VSync: Off

Recommended Specs
CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K | AMD FX-6350 or equivalent
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 680/GTX 760/GTX 970/GTX 1060 with 2 GB VRAM or more | AMD Radeon R9 280X/R9 380/RX 470 with 2 GB VRAM or more
Resolution: 1080p @ ~60 FPS
Video Preset: High
VSync: Off​

For honor is 3rd person fighting game with some rpg aspects, it allows you to customize your warrior to fit what ever theme you are aiming for. They give you the option to fight among several other players or to duke it out in a 1v1 sitution. For honor is set in the medieval era where brutal fighters clash on the battlefields, There are the knights who fight with plated armor, vikings who attack with pure brute strength and Samurais who fight with grace and elegance.


This game will give you the adrenaline rush that you seek, it matches you against players of equal skill to make every fight a challenge but none a all out stomp. While playing this game you will feel like you are swinging that flail and making contact with the viking scum on the receiving end of this wrecking ball, and will give you the satisfaction of chopping off the limbs of your enemies in there brutal mortal kombat style executions.


-Great gameplay
-Smooth animations and sleek character design
-Dlc content available through in game currency
-Nice ranked latter to climb along side tournements
-Beautiful maps to fight on


-Death balls (people running in groups making games less enjoyable)
-Long wait time depending on time of day
-Limited customization in outfits


The graphics are a nice 3rd person mortal kombat feel, while it is a more gruesome scene the devs still gave it a touch of civility and beauty

Interface is clean/non existent, no real clutter what so ever


Music fits the theme of each map and does a good job hyping the player up for each blood bath


Game runs very smooth and all of the animations have a great feel behind them, alongside having a wonderful combat system


No real worry on this department, the game runs perfect on console and isnt incredibly computer intensive

My final conclusion is this game is well worth the try if you ever enjoyed a fighting style game, this will serve as a breath of fresh air. The combat will feel rewarding and the characters are easy to obtain and very smooth to get to learn






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Thank you for reading and have a nice week!
- The Fever Weekly Team



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Jul 19, 2016
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Of the Army
lol "I think I know how to beat the boss" I loved that part. Plus the wasted anime one was great.


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Apr 1, 2018
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Holy crap I had no idea that this clan put so much work into these sort of things (I'm a newbie member). Well freaking done, keep up the good job! Very enjoyable reading (especially the meme's, love it!). Cheers! :D
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