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May 5, 2016
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Issue 330

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Now while this wont be to Easter themed, the fact remains that the first of april does in fact happen on the same day. A little reminder ,but also at this stage easter is more for the kids and getting little gifts with hunting for eggs or coloring. While for other (non parents) it is great to get discounted candy.If nothing else , enjoy the days off ! Unless you are like me and work regardless :D

Thank you for reading and have a day!
- SunKenRock

Diablo 3
This will be a rolling-schedule, all-day event where all players, regardless of squads, are encouraged to come run Greater Rifts.

Be prepared with an appropriate number of keys to keep the event centered on greater rifts.


Saturday, ALL DAY on March 31, 2018

April Activity Pandemic Contest!

Come participate in a clan-wide contest and promotion to promote recruiting, game section activity, and social media support for Fever Clan.

All of April (April 1-30 EST)

What is it?
Point system - Collect points for various tasks/activities (see below)
Weekly updates on standings - see how you are doing compared to your friends and competitors.
Exclusive Twitch streams at Twitch
Reinstatement bonus - Reinstate to Fever as PFC and earn points
End of Month Raffle - Cash in your points, more points means more chances to win!​

In depth details :Contest Info

As some of you may have noticed, the home page has gotten quite the facelift! Linessah has worked quite diligently to provide us a new layout and theme that better suits the nature and atmosphere of Fever as a gaming clan.

However, she needs a few helping hands to help pull some of our stellar content from the forums, Fever twitch streamers, and youtubers to the front page.
The ideal candidates for the job will understand how WordPress works, or is absolutely willing to learn. They must also possess the ability to type concise sentences using proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

So go have a peek and check it out!​

Note: If there are any changes or events not listed, please contact any of the Fever Weekly staff.

Game Nights:

To convert the times to your timezone, use the following tool: Time Zone Converter. Please check the Discord Events channel for reminders about events.

- Overwatch = 8pm to 10/11pm (EST) | Host : Chronubis
- Diablo 3 = 8pm to 10pm (EST) | Host : Aussietye-Event will vary from week to week

- World of Warcraft (Horde Raids) = 9pm to 12am (EST) | Host : Aisper, Ataerus

- CS:GO = 7:30pm - 9:00pm (EST) | Host : Monkeyworm
- World of Warcraft (Alliance Raids) = 9pm to 12am (EST) | Host : Cardinalsin

- Overwatch = 9pm (EST) | Host : TBD
- Heroes of the Storm = 6pm (PST) | Host : KingCatNip
- World of Warcraft ( Horde Raids) = 9pm to 12am (EST) | Host : Aisper, Ataerus

- Dota 2 = 3pm to 5pm (EST) | Host : Thundernut
- League of Legends = 8pm to 10pm (EST) | Host : Sixxed17
- Diablo 3 = 8pm (EST) | Host : VioletShadow-Event will vary from week to week
- Path of Exile = 8pm (CST) | Host : Menicejw86
- World of Warcraft (Alliance Raids) = 9pm to 12am (EST) | Host : Cardinalsin

- CS:GO(Competitive) = 6:30pm to 8:30pm (EST) | Host : Zerox
- World of Warships = 8pm (EST) | Host : LordsShield
- Path of Exile = 9pm (EST) | Host : arjunaji
- Starcraft = 9pm (EST) | Host : Proteggiore
- League of Legends = 9:30pm (EST) | Host : macho001
- World of Warcraft (Horde Alt Night) = 9pm to 12am (EST) | Host : Aisper

- League of Legends = 9pm (EST) | Host : Batman

All game nights are held in Discord, so please join Discord to get in on the fun!


Hosts to contact
@VioletShadow || Diablo 3 - Friday

@Aussietye || Diablo 3 Game Night - Monday

@Ghist || Diablo 3 Game Night - Saturday or Sunday

@Monkeyworm || CS:GO - Wedensday

@Zerox || CS:GO - Saturday

@KingCatNip || Heroes of the Storm - Thursday

@Menicejw86 || Path of Exile - Friday

@arjunaji || Path of Exile - Saturday

@Aisper, and @Ataerus || World of Warcraft - Tuesday/Thrusday/Alt Night Saturday

@Cardinalsin || World of Warcraft - Wednesday/Friday

@macho0001 || League of Legends - Saturday

@Batman || League of Legends - Friday

@Chronubis || Overwatch Game Night - Monday and Thursday

@LordsShield || World of Warships Game Night - Saturday

@Proteggiore || Starcraft 2 Game Night - Saturday

Starcraft:The sign ups for FSL April 2018 are now open!
If you'd like to participate, please post your battle tag below.
As with the January sign ups; please post your league as well (Of the race you intend to play), as if there is enough sign ups again; Link

In-Game Sections:​
In addition to recruiting, games need staffing to help them run efficiently so all members can have a great time. These tasks can be Recruiter , Game night Hosts, Coach , Content Creator.If you are interested please contact:
Head - @Thundernut
Deputies - @Kimenu , and
Assistants - @Baum, @Daddy

Company Commanders

League of Legends - Vacant(person to contact @Sixxed17)
Dota - Vacant
CS-GO - @WolfishGG with deputy @Zerox
Diablo 3 - @Linessah
Starcraft 2 - @Shiva
Overwatch - @-Nameless , @Aussietye
World of Warcraft - @Aisper
Path of Exile - @Axle
HOTS - Vacant(Person to contact XO @KingCatNip)
PUBG - Vacant
SMITE - Vacant
Misc - Contact @Grant ,@BruC0Ndr


Gwent - @BruC0Ndr
BDO - @Ian
Wargaming - @LordsShield
SMITE - @Grant , @Loyalbdog
Battlefield - @1Jake1
Fortnite - Vacant
Paladins - Vacant
Warframe - @Nefarious
PUBG - @Asterian
Elder Scrolls online -
They are also looking for people who'd like to officially form a gaming section. For further info on the state of gaming , check out this post: State of Gaming.

Out of Game Section:​
With the various jobs with in game ,there is also another end of helping out fever in various out of game jobs. Its a way to keep in contact with Social media ,helping out the forums and maintaining , and assisting out on the graphics end.
Public Relations:
Are you an out-going person who would like to represent our clan and get in contact with others?
If you answered 'yes', then consider contacting...
@Kimenu, @BruC0Ndr, @Chaves and Coordinator -Nameless who is looking for new public relation members to join the team. You can also contact them if you are interested in becoming a Streamer or Host.
For social media, feel free to contact anyone from the team. In order to help represent or promote Fever.

"We're looking for more YouTube content creators, and people experienced with YouTube editing/ video editing contact BruC0Ndr if you're interested"
Master of the Forums:
The Master of the Forums Team is currently looking for any and all officers to assist in the upkeep and monitoring of the Fever Clan forums. Our day to day tasks is making sure all stickies are being updated with current information, monitoring the forums for spam/junk/clutter, as well as ensuring all rules and standards are being kept by all members and guests. For more information contact:
If you are interested in creating content for a forum section, including games, please contact either of them.
Graphics Team:
The Graphics Department is searching for members who like to exercise their artistic and graphic design skills. Their goal is to support all departments of Fever through the creation of any necessary graphics - from award ribbon/medals, tournament banners, game banners, and youtube graphics. If this sounds like something you would like to contribute to, please contact @Granthttp://feverclan.com/forums/members/grant.html or @Slyhttp://feverclan.com/forums/members/sly.html


Ryewist / Hastyb / Succuboy / Fitzer / Munzy

Krypto / Snagiloohpb / Drakaz / Tech Simulator / PenguinBear,


Last week's winner was memequeen - please congratulate her!

This week's nominees are:




Please vote for them here -> PoW-03-26-2018

This week also includes a FNG:




Please vote for them here -> FNG Edition-03-26-2018

Hello Fever! Shiny here, welcoming you all to another edition of Member Spotlight. This week we have Madredz! Hes a Corporal who can be commonly found playing Path of Exile. He also recently joined the Fever Weekly team and has been releasing some pretty good game review so definitely check them out if you havent! Let's see what he had to say:

Shiny: How did you find out about Fever?
Madredz: I found out about Fever through a Path of Exile reddit forum made my madeslane. I came in that night and had Baum interview me.

Shiny: Do you have any clan jobs?
Madredz: i currently have 3 jobs here at Fever. My first is Imagineering, where i team up with a few other members on projects to help improve Fever how ever possible. My second job is Weekly Team game reviewer, where I basically review a game every week. And my third job is Recruitment, where I try to lure in civilians and entise them to join.

Shiny: What's something you think Fever does really well? What's something you think it needs to improve?
Madredz: Something i think Fever does amazingly is having higher ups who are helpful and kind. I love how open and approachable our officer + members are.
Something I'd love to see improved is bringing in more of those members who just hangout. Not sure how it would happen but it'd be great to see an equal amount of members to guests.

Shiny: Let's talk gaming. Whats your main game? Where can Fever members find you?
Madredz: My main game is Path of Exile but i have been playing a lot of Warframe and For Honor on the PS4.

Shiny: What's the origin of your gaming name?
Madredz: My gaming name came from Madreds Bloodraiser in League of legends. Its an item from like season 2 when I began playing that game. Its more of a way to keep the good times from those days.

Shiny: Who or what got you into gaming?
Madredz: I got into gaming when I started playing the N64 when I was growing up. Super smash brothers was my first gaming love. Then it was a spiral from there

Shiny: What other games are you playing nowadays? What roles/class/character/etc do you prefer to play in them?
Madredz: I'm trying to get into the Mmorpg scence again. I played a lot of Wow, Neverwinter, and Gw2. I mostly played the assassin/Dps role. I love seeing those numbers on my screen and I love teleporting on an assassin class as a side note

Shiny: Is there a game that you've either played/beaten many times or that you will never get tired of playing no matter what?
Madredz: Honestly any classic game such as Pac man, Dk, mario, bomberman. I love those games and i dont think ill ever not enjoy them

Shiny: What's your all-time favorite game? Why?
Madredz: All time favorite game has to go to either League of Legends due to being around since season 2, or the original Guild Wars since I played that game with all of my friends and even my uncle.

Shiny: What was your first gaming console?
Madredz: First console was Sega but I have had N64, Game Cube, ps1-4, a xbox and xbox 360

Shiny: Aside from gaming, what do you do in your free time?
Madredz: Lately i have been working so thats been taking up all of my time but football was a sport i enjoyed greatly in highschool

Shiny: Do you read or enjoy movies or TV shows?
Madredz: Movies have to be my favorite hobby to just enjoy. I love sitting back with my girlfriend and dogs and just enjoying any kind of film.

Shiny: Where were you born? Where do you live now?
Madredz: I was born in Michigan and still live here. I'd love to move though

Shiny: What's your favorite thing about where you live? What's your least favorite?
Madredz: Favorite thing about where I live is mudding on back roads and the late night bonfires. My least favorite is the weather, people and roads.

Shiny: I think the best way to end this interview is telling the readers how they can reach you if they want to group up and play some games with you.
Madredz: Discord has to be the best way to reach me. My username is Madredz, feel free to message me at any time.

Shiny: Thanks for your time!
Madredz: No problem!

PC: Sea of Thieves


Elder Scrolls Online: AddOns

League of Legends: Shaco WIP Guide

Path of Exile: The Fire and Ice Mystery Box Microtransactions


Spending bill paves way for 5G

It looks like 5G deployments in the states will be getting a kick-start.

The $1.3 trillion US government spending bill signed into law Friday includes a bipartisan effort to speed the rollout of 5G: the Ray Baum Act, named in honor of the late Energy & Commerce staff director who died last month. The legislation folds in language from the Mobile Now Act, which identifies more spectrum that can be used for 5G.

The legislative package also clears the way for wireless spectrum auctions and reauthorizes the FCC for the first time in 28 years.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai applauded the legislation's passage.

"Today's action by President Trump and Congress will help America lead the world in 5G," Pai said. "It is also noteworthy that this constitutes the first reauthorization of the FCC in decades. Reauthorization helps our agency steer a path forward in our work on behalf of the American people."

The news comes as regulators and wireless companies talk up the benefits of 5G, or the fifth generation of wireless technology. The tech promises to be significantly faster and more responsive than previous generations of wireless technology. It's expected to usher in innovative applications in self-driving cars, telemedicine and the trend in net-connected devices called the internet of things.

While the promise of 5G has been hyped, actual rollouts have been slow. Regulators at the FCC have been pushing policies to ensure the US maintains its leadership in wireless. On Thursday it voted to relax requirements for 5G small cell radio deployments in order to speed deployment.

Industry watchers expect US wireless providers to make significant headway in 2018. Verizon and AT&T plan to launch limited mobile 5G service this year, while T-Mobile and Sprint are setting things up now for a commercial launch early next year. Handset makers and chipmakers are working to get devices ready for 2019 as well.

Pai announced in February, at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, that the FCC is planning a series of auctions starting this year in midrange and higher frequency radio bands to feed demand for 5G wireless service.​



BY TOM MARKS At GDC this week, I got an up-close look at the Atari VCS. Atari’s upcoming home machine, originally referred to simply as the ‘Atari Box’, is very different from what I was expecting, and it’s likely not what you think it is either.

It’s not Atari’s version of the NES Mini, it’s not a console trying to compete with the Xbox One or PS4, and it’s not really an Atari-Ouya. Put as simply as possible, the Atari VCS is a Linux-based living room PC, similar to Atari’s take on a Steam Machine. The version I saw was just for display, but I got a rundown of what to expect in the final product.

Running a custom version of Linux, the VCS will have a console-like interface aimed at being accessible and inviting to a wider, non-gaming audience. It will also come with some classic Atari arcade games (though we don’t know exactly what) and have its own store to buy games that aren’t just retro, but modern titles as well.

That said, the VCS is targeting a significantly lower price point than most modern PCs, between $250 and $300, and will have no dedicated GPU, meaning it will likely also be substantially less powerful. Atari Connect COO Michael Arzt compared it to “a good laptop without a keyboard” — though exactly how good is an unanswered question, and when it comes to modern games there’s a big difference between powering Into The Breach and Assassin’s Creed Origins.

Despite having its own streamlined interface, game store, media apps (like Netflix and Hulu), and internet browser, Arzt says they are more interested in calling the VCS a computer instead of a console. I asked if it was then closer to a Steam Machine than the NES Mini, and he said “yeah, but I don’t think it’s as ambitious as a Steam [Machine].”

Artz explained that “it’s a much more casual device.” Atari wants this to be a system that anyone can easily plug in, understand, and start using right away. He gave an example explaining that they want moms to be able to turn on the VCS and easily find Netflix, but they also want to attract a younger audience that might only know of Atari’s veteran reputation.

The Atari VCS likely won't have access to Steam, unless you install your own OS in its sandbox mode.

And for the more hardcore audience out there, there will be a sandbox environment built in that will allow you to run and modify the Linux operating system, making it a more traditional PC if you have the know-how to do so. Since it’s marketed as being usable for modern games too, I asked Artz if you could access your Steam library with it as well, and he said the sandbox mode would likely be the only place to do so unless they strike a deal with Valve.

Honestly, all these different factors have left me wondering who the heck the Atari VCS is actually for. It’s not trying to compete with consoles, but has features and a price point similar to them. It’s less hardcore and ambitious than Valve's already failed Steam Machines experiment, but invites PC gamers to control and customize its OS despite likely having an underpowered and unchangeable hardware configuration. And it wants to be a casual, easy to use entertainment system option for the masses like a ChromeCast or Roku, but is selling itself as a full PC under a gaming brand.

It’s hard to make any real judgments until we know the final specs of what will actually be inside the VCS' admittedly lovely shell. It could be that Atari manages to strike some miraculous balance of price and power that makes it a desirable living room PC, but that seems hard to believe. Even if they do, you’ll be beholden to whatever apps, games, and custom UI Atari has made available unless you install your own Linux OS, which isn't exactly a friendly process.​


Boomer, the Far Cry 5 dog, can be healed by rubbing his tummy

The problem with dogs in videogames is that their presence inevitably changes the parameters of the mission. No matter what The Sarge says in the briefing, it's your second priority: Job number one is always—always—ensuring that your canine companion doesn't get smoked.

This is a problem compounded by the fact that AI-controlled dogs are even dumber and more aggressive than their real-world counterparts. Dogmeat of Fallout fame was notorious for driving players absolutely berserk with his penchant for charging powerful enemies and environmental hazards with great and reckless enthusiasm, usually forcing a quick reload no matter how well the fight was going.

Digital doggo deaths were so heartbreaking/enraging that Bethesda made Dogmeat unkillable in Fallout 4, and Ubisoft has elected to do the same thing with Boomer, the furry friend of Far Cry 5. He will go down when things get hairy, but PR rep Alex Monney said on Twitter today that a little bit of affection will bring him right back.

The crusty old man in me wants to make Ned Stark noises about coddled gamers these days—"If they die, you'll bury them yourselves"—but really, it's an elegant way to handle a sticky problem. Animal companions are always going to be more trouble than they're worth, but an awful lot of players just can't seem to leave them behind. The result is a huge, not-at-all-fun headache, especially in shooters, where bullets are flying and tactics rarely extends beyond hiding behind a rock while your health recharges.

Far Cry 5 comes out on Tuesday, March 27th​


'Fortnite' Made $1.5 Million USD in 4 Days From In-App Purchases

Fortnite hasn’t been available for long in Apple’s App Store, but that hasn’t stopped it from already topping charts. The game is still only out on an invite-only basis at this time, but it’s already made $1.5 million USD worldwide in just four days. The first three days saw Fortnite make $1 million USD from in-app purchases alone.

Users typically spend money on IAPs, which improve the characters with better weapons, outfits or transport, such as gliders. But even more impressive than that is the fact the game is currently invite-only on apps, so the amount of money it makes is set to increase once it’s open to the general public.​


Ark: Survival Evolved coming to Nintendo Switch

Just days after Studio Wildcard announced that it’s bringing prehistoric survival game Ark: Survival Evolved to mobile devices comes new of another port: Ark is bound for Nintendo Switch too.

Studio Wildcard announced the Switch port, which is being co-developed with Abstraction Games, at today’s State of Unreal presentation at the annual Game Developers Conference. Ark: Survival Evolved will come to Switch sometime during fall 2018.

The developer said the Switch version of Ark: Survival Evolved will include “the complete contents and features of the original game; from the massive and mysterious ARK island, to the more than 100 prehistoric- and fantasy-inspired creatures such as the T-Rex, Giganotosaurus, Rock Drake and Reaper.”​


Major game companies are teaming up to combat toxicity in gaming

It's no secret that online games like Overwatch, League of Legends, and many others suffer from toxic communities. From raging over sub-optimal team compositions or under-performing teammates to slinging insults steeped in racism, sexism, and homophobia, it's a problem that has plagued gaming pretty much as long as we've been connecting our computers to play with and against each other online.

Now, more than 30 major gaming companies, including Blizzard, Riot, CCP, Twitch, Discord and Epic are teaming up to tackle the problem collectively through an organization called the Fair Play Alliance. The hope is that by sharing research, lessons learned, and best practices, the companies will be able to develop a better understanding of why toxicity happens, how to deal with toxic players, and most of all, how to stop toxicity from happening in the first place.

Many of these companies are not new to tackling toxicity. Riot has had established teams in place fighting toxicity in League of Legends as far back as 2013, to varying degrees of success, while Blizzard discussed at BlizzCon last year that it now has a team in place addressing toxicity across all of its games. With the Fair Play Alliance, those teams are now collaborating with each other, too.

"A lot of these challenges today are super intimidating," Riot senior technical designer Kimberly Voll told Kotaku. "These are big cultural shifts. As an industry and as a society online, we’re trying to find our way. Having to be a company that steps out and says 'We're gonna be the ones to do this' is kinda scary. This is an opportunity for all of us to say 'What if we walked together as an industry?'"

Voll and many other designers from the Fair Play Alliance hosted a day-long summit at GDC this week, mostly sharing insights from the work they've been doing so far. In a series of talks, for example, Blizzard research scientist Natasha Miller discussed Overwatch's player report system, and how incidents of abusive chat went down by 25.4 percent after instituting a system that warned players (and suggested they act nicer) when they were exhibiting inappropriate behavior.

Beyond the GDC summit, plans for the Fair Play Alliance are still unclear. Voll told Kotaku that the organization is still working out how to share resources and set up an easy way for developers to get help dealing with harassment-related issues. A long-term goal is to create a standard set of rules and expectations that can be enforced across multiple games, but getting multiple massive corporations, many of which are competitors, to agree on anything will be quite the challenge.​

















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Thank you for reading and have a nice week!
- The Fever Weekly Team

Sorry to pick holes but...

...to help with the new forum page it states "They must also possess the ability to type concise sentences using proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation."

Well, that's wrong for starters, you never put a comma before 'and' and as for the editorial, where do you start? I'll just highlight the errors I've spotted as it's easier.

"Now while this wont be to Easter themed, the fact remains that the first of april does in fact happen on the same day. A little reminder ,but also at this stage easter is more for the kids and getting little gifts with hunting for eggs or coloring. While for other (non parents) it is great to get discounted candy.If nothing else , enjoy the days off ! Unless you are like me and work regardless"

...Sorry to be so picky.


Clan General
Aug 5, 2016
Clan Rank
Lt. General
Lt. General
Sorry to pick holes but...

...to help with the new forum page it states "They must also possess the ability to type concise sentences using proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation."

Well, that's wrong for starters, you never put a comma before 'and' and as for the editorial, where do you start? I'll just highlight the errors I've spotted as it's easier.

"Now while this wont be to Easter themed, the fact remains that the first of april does in fact happen on the same day. A little reminder ,but also at this stage easter is more for the kids and getting little gifts with hunting for eggs or coloring. While for other (non parents) it is great to get discounted candy.If nothing else , enjoy the days off ! Unless you are like me and work regardless"

...Sorry to be so picky.

I mean its ok , i just write it out and just leave it at that.It is mostly written on the whim .
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